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The Law of Attraction: How to Turn Our Lives Around

by Eryl McCaffrey

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Broke. Stuck. Struggling. This is how I described myself for years and years. These words not only played through my head on repeat, they made it into my throat and out of my mouth to the rest of the world on a daily basis. I had a script and I stuck to it.

Although Plato knew that “likes tend toward likes” as early on as 391 BC, I didn’t really ‘get it’ until last year. I was at my rock bottom: exhausted, overworked, severely in debt and losing relationships left, right and center.  

I felt a sense of lack in my brain, expressed lack in my words and then saw the lack in my life.  I recognized that I was trapped in a cycle of limitation and suffering but I didn’t know how to get out of it. I didn’t understand that the darkness I energized within me and focused on outside of myself only attracted more of it to me. Suffering attracts suffering.

I felt a depression creep in that I wasn’t familiar with — a darker depression than what I’d experienced before — one that told me I was unquestionably hopeless, helpless and worst of all… worthless.

So, I had nowhere to go but up or out. This is how I found the Law of Attraction. I was running out of fuel for blaming others for all of my woes. I got sick of complaining. I couldn’t exist in my life as it was anymore. Not for one more second. And at -- what felt like -- the perfect moment, I found yoga (again). Suddenly, hope floated back to me.


The author doing a yoga pose


Yoga is an extremely powerful tool for connecting human beings with the abundance of this great, wide world. That’s what drew me to it as a 10-year-old, goofing around on my mat beside my yogi Dad, and then again as a new university graduate who was lost in translation… and now as a yoga teacher and perpetual student of existence.

The practice asks us to accept what IS, to be grateful for our gifts, and to focus on the light within and around us—all of which are at the very foundation of the Law of Attraction. Acceptance. Gratitude. Love.

Whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both bright and dark influences our way. This doesn’t mean that we deserve to suffer if that’s what we’ve experienced or are experiencing now.  It just means we have allowed it.  

In order to manifest anything, we have to first think it, believe it and then allow it.  


Eryl at a crossroad between an easy path and a hard path


We have the power to manifest our ideal realities through practicing the Law of Attraction.  We really CAN create whatever we want to for ourselves, but we need to commit to a life of self-observation, self-inquiry, growth, and gratitude.  We can only wield the magic of “like attracts like” if we’re aware of our mental and physical processes.

So, we start with cultivating mind-body awareness. We meditate, go for quiet walks, journal, jog, sing, cry or do whatever it takes to FEEL again. Really feel. All of it.  The good, the bad and the downright ugly.

We observe our thoughts and then watch how our bodies respond to them. We observe our bodies and notice what thoughts come up. We strengthen this vital connection. We become whole human beings again, so we can welcome abundance with strong, but open arms.

Once we have awareness around the content our thoughts and our body’s reaction to them, we can start to do some spring cleaning. The statements that start with “I AM” are important. Look at them first and always.

Listen to how you talk about yourself in your head and out loud. Have you already given yourself the label of a loser? Are you sure you’re destined for debt? Consider that these ideas are just that: ideas. They can only hold as much power as you give them. Stop listening to them? They may get louder for a little while, but they’ll die out eventually without attention.

If we spend our days focusing on the silver lining, we’ll live amongst the stars. If we spend our days wallowing in regret or worry, we’ll live in the gutter.


 ”The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that it affords us a great deal of individual power and freedom. It tells us that we do have control over how we live and who we are. And like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.” 


The more we practice being grateful, by making ‘thank you’ the staple of our internal and external vocabulary, the more things we’ll have to be grateful for. Don’t leave it to chance. Set a goal and create an action plan for taking on a gratitude practice right now. If you’re a busy bee like me, you’ll want to actually create reminders on your phone or computer to get grateful every day with meditation, mantra, walk or whatever else works for your heart.


The author meditating and smiling


If I can leave you with nothing else, let it be that we are never alone. The universe is here and it’s listening intently. It wants to give us the joy, love, freedom and bliss we all innately own and deserve but it can’t do that if we resist it. 

So, we stand together with courage and the knowledge that we are WORTHY of all that is divine. We allow it to come to us. We think it. We talk about it. We believe it. We live it.



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