Top Yoga Destinations to Visit in June

by Cris Puscas

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June is one of the few months that are perfect for visiting Europe. If you want to head to the Mediterranean, it’s not yet too crowded or too hot, whereas the Northern regions offer pleasant weather. And although it’s still technically spring, the temperatures are summery, and many large cities see peak travel season just about now. 

But where should you go if you have yoga on your mind, too?

We’ve done the legwork for you and searched for the top yoga destinations to visit in June that our customers have inquired about in the past three months, where you can book retreats of all kinds and if you’re lucky, you might even find a cheap flight.

Yoga and tapas in Spain

barcelona spain

Small in size, full in flavor and available to nibble on while you are enjoying an evening out in Spain. We are talking about tapas, of course. No matter your dietary preferences (or restrictions), you will be able to find something to please your taste buds.

June is a great month to visit Spain - although the temperatures start to be hot in the south-, it is warm in much of the rest of the country. The weather is quite reliable, with glorious sunshine.

The average temperature is 20.7C in Madrid, 20C in Barcelona, and 23.9 C in Seville.

June is the perfect time to explore Madrid and Barcelona. You can attend events such as a flamenco festival or a dance music festival.

We recommend:


omshanti yoga retreat barcelona

This is a home providing yoga retreats, where families meet and share their own beautiful contributions to a better world. You can choose among yoga teacher training programs (Yoga Alliance certified) and yoga, meditation, and relaxing retreats in nature. All retreats take place in Barcelona.

Premier Yoga Holidays

premier yoga holidays alicante

They offer the perfect combination between a holiday and yoga. If you are not looking for a strict retreat, then you will find it here. They offer two retreats, both in Alicante.

Yoga and Game of Thrones in Croatia

dubrovnik croatia

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that Game of Thrones is a major hit and that the Croatian city of Dubrovnik doubled for King’s Landing. So why not join the crowds – literally – and make your way to Croatia this June?

Boasting a lovely Adriatic Sea coastline, Croatia benefits from the microclimate the sea creates. The days are sunny and warm in June but bring some warmer clothes for the evenings and nights. In and around the capital of Zagreb, the summers are hot.

The average temperature is 19C in Zagreb, 21 C in Dubrovnik and Hvar.

Head to Dubrovnik and soak up the 12 hours of sunshine a day that it is blessed with. And while you’re at it, explore the Old Town and don’t forget to take the Game of Thrones tour. There are some spectacular beaches to check out, as well as lush national parks.

We recommend

5 Elements Retreats, Yoga and Adventure

5 elements adventure yoga retreat in dubrovnik

They offer knowledge about the five elements and conduct unique yoga and adventure retreats in Rovinj. You can try drumming combined with meditation and yoga. Or maybe you like kayaking, hiking, biking or windsurfing alongside your yoga classes?

BeActive Montenegro

be active montenegro yoga retreat

This is organized by a group of young enthusiasts based in Serbia who offer a retreat in Dubrovnik. They are in love with nature, adventure, and healthy living. The retreat mixes yoga with outdoor activities.

Yoga and Hiking in France

view of french alps and log cabin

While it may be quite tempting to head to the amazing beaches France has to offer, why not head to the mountains and enjoy the fresh spring air this June? You can choose among light, moderate and hard walk in the country.

The weather is mostly warm, but you can expect hot days as well as colder ones. Pack layers and you should be fine, especially if you head to the mountains or the beach.

The average temperature is 18.3C in Paris, 20.9C in Nice, and 19.8C in Toulouse.

June is peak season for the capital of the country, Paris, so if you don’t mind the crowds, add it to your itinerary. It is bustling, busy, and with loads of things to do. Not a fan of the capital? Then Nice or the Alps are waiting for you!

We recommend:

The FrogS’ House

frogS's house yoga retreat france

Benoit and Corinne created The FrogS’House, offering bed and breakfast in the historic and peaceful village of Saint Jeannet in the South of France. Their retreats combine yoga with cooking and hiking, offering an amazing experience.

Alpine Yoga Retreat

alpine yoga retreat hike

They offer a retreat that mixes yoga with hiking in the beautiful French Alps. This is one of the most popular retreats our site offers in France. Oh, and you get to sleep in an eco-chalet!

Looking for a place to join a yoga retreat this June? Check out our yoga retreats in Europe, many combining yoga with meditation, hiking, and detox.

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