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5 Days of Splendor at the International Festival of Yogic Heritage: A Transformation for Life

by Manmohan

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This October, India- the land of Yoga, is not just going to celebrate the exotic glimmer of Dusshera in Mysuru, there will be something more to it, something distinct, unique, something extraordinary. A truly one-of-a-kind yoga festival is set to create a memorable saga.

For five days – the whole world shall unite as one; the nation shall speak just one language and follow only one religion – YOGA. For the first time ever in history, India is all set to organize the biggest yoga fest ever under the epithet of the International Festival of Yogic Heritage (IFYH) 2017. The yoga festival shall bring together the greatest gathering of yoga legends like Shri Shri Ravishankar, Pilot Baba, Mooji Baba, Yogi Codoux, and the most coveted yoga sessions and workshops on its stage.  

The 5-Day Yoga Festival takes place on the holy grounds of Sri Suttur Math in the beautiful lap of Mysuru, Karnataka. Surrounded by lush green hills, Mysuru, the eternal gem of India is not just one of the most admired regions in the country, but also the divine birthplace of some of the most renowned yoga dignitaries like K. Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar, and many more. Sri Suttur Math is well renowned for its yogic lineage and yogic patronage. Some of the greatest yogis have found their solace at this very place. People, yogis, yoga aficionados from all across the globe will grace this fest with their presence.

If you are planning to be a part of this mesmerizing fiesta, then you are advised to go prepared for what lies ahead of you. Hence, let’s look at some of the key highlights you can expect from this glorious festival:


The First of its Kind: Experience a Distinct Life


guru yoga

For these five days, you can expect to be transported into a completely different world. This is a world of yoga, spirituality and an undivided society. The International Yoga Festival is being organized for the first time in the entire globe. It is the only gala that shall bring together the greatest luminaries of yoga on a single platform as they pay their tribute to the yogic science and art form. This experience is certainly going to be unique.   


Witness the Most Magnanimous Cultural Events of India


india dance

The fest is going to be aestheticized further with dramatic performances such as puppet shows, English play, Indian traditional dances like Kathak, Malakamba, Kodava Nrutya, intriguing theatrics and some of the most magnificent displays by ace artists from all over the country. Being a part of these cultural events would definitely encapsulate you and fill you with further awe when you shall witness and admire these performances with fellow yogis.   


Relish Mouth-Watering Vegan Food


vegan indian food

Indian and continental, both for the guests – and by India, we mean delicious flavors from all over the country, prepared by professional chefs, cooked to perfection. India, being multicultural and multilinguistic, is gifted with various assortments of traditional cuisines – each cuisine with a distinctive quality, and soul of its own. Your palate will taste and experience some of the most delectable vegan delicacies at this gala. Your taste buds shall only crave for more.


Liberate yourself with Soul Stirring Satsang and Music by the Greatest Yoga Patriarchs


yoga teaching

Immerse yourself into the yogic rhythm with enchanting Satsang and Mantra chanting by the great yoga gods and goddesses. Your soul shall harmonize itself with your body and your mind as you delve deeper into the rhythm of the Satsang. Beyond this, it is up to you for how long you can maintain the restored harmony between your mind, body and your soul as you go back home.  


Get Acquainted with Fellow yogis from Various Parts of the Globe


yoga class

Meet your fellow yogis, interact with like-minded people, get acquainted with fellow yogis from various corners of the globe. The gala brings together all those yogic souls yearning for the connection with a similar set of people with a shared interest, dwelling on other sides of the globe.  


Experience the Venerable Facets of Yoga and Spirituality with the Yoga Legends


yoga legend

Learn and experience yoga with the ancestors of yoga. Led by the great yoga visionaries, you shall be able to understand multiple styles of yoga from traditional forms like Hatha, Ashtanga, to styles like Yin Yang Yoga and Power Yoga. Alternatively, you’ll be able to explore various workshops on pranayama therapy, intense meditation styles, various hip-opening techniques, adjustment, and alignment, etc.

If your desire is to learn from the best, this is where you have to be! 

Rediscover life, a transformed life! Immerse yourself in the god-like presence where your mind, soul, and body unite as a whole. And, take back home a treasure of knowledge and some of the most priceless memories of your lifetime.

Ready to experience this amazing yoga festival? Make an inquiry and reserve your spot now!

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