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Useful Tips & Tricks to Help You Improve Your Posture

by Ian Pearson

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Having a good posture will make you look more confident, slim and tall. Yes, this looks like a simple thing to do, but most people have lost their posture over the years. 

Long working hours combined with sitting are affecting your spine making it strained and curved. Our daily routines tend to consume us to the level where we forget to think about health and to work on our well-being. Luckily, there are plenty of methods and guidelines to follow if you wish to improve your posture. Below, you will find some helpful tips and tricks for achieving it.


Benefits of a good posture




First of all, a good posture will facilitate your internal organs to work properly. Everything has to be aligned in order to function properly. Good body alignment will balance your body weight, so you won't feel back and neck pain anymore. Your lungs will have more space to expand, so good posture will ensure better breathing. Once you feel better, you’ll look better. Looking at your good posture, other people will recognize that you are confident and powerful.

Your mental performance and concentration will increase as well. With a better breathing, your brain will get more oxygen, which is crucial for its proper functioning. With all these improvements combined, you’ll start feeling much better and happier. Therefore, good posture will indirectly affect your self-esteem and improve your mood.


Achieve good posture while standing




In order to earn a good standing posture, you’ll need to align the ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. All of this points should make a straight line. The hardest thing to correct is the positioning of your shoulders. It can be difficult putting them back and leaving them there, especially if you didn’t do it for years. But don’t worry, all you need to do is put a little bit of time and effort into it.

You can align your shoulders with a simple move. Straighten your arms and let them fall beside your body. Your shoulders will be in the right position the moment your thumbs are facing forward. Another good exercise is standing against the wall. That way, you’ll get used to a good posture.


Achieve good posture while sitting





Improper sitting is the number one cause for bad posture. Long working hours, looking at the monitor and checking your phone will certainly do some damage. While sitting, people let the chair dominate their posture, and not the spine, as it should be. First of all, make sure to get up every 35 to 45 minutes and take a break. Walk a little bit, engage your spine by stretching and doing some light exercises. Another good way of keeping a good posture is to get yourself a standing desk. Be careful now, since standing all day is as bad as sitting all day. Try alternating between those positions.




While you’re sitting, just keep in mind to line up your ears and shoulders. You should hold this position the whole day, but make sure to stay relaxed. If you don’t do it that way, you’ll continue to feel the tension and that’s as bad as improper posture. At the end, try to keep your feet resting flat on the floor while keeping your knees and hips bent at an angle of 90 degrees.


Practice yoga to achieve good posture



Photo by Matt Madd

This ancient method will help you on so many levels. Yoga will strengthen your body and your mind. By practicing yoga, you’ll improve your focus and concentration, and your muscles will tighten up, leading to a better posture. There are a lot of asanas (postures) that will do miracles for your well-being. Don’t hesitate a minute, put your mat on the floor, get into your yoga tights and start stretching.

The first thing you’ll develop while practicing yoga is awareness. Needless to say,  awareness of your body and its position in space is the root of good posture. You should start with following asanas:

  • Mountain pose (Tadasana) – for correct standing
  • Cobra pose (Bhujangsana) – for opening up the chest and shoulders
  • All-direction back stretch – for strengthening your back muscles and lengthening the spine
  • Cat stretch (Marjariasana) – for spine flexibility
  • Child pose (Shishu Asana) – for relaxing shoulders and the entire back
  • Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana) – for relaxing your shoulder plates and massaging the lower back and knees
  • Chair pose (Utakasana) – for warming-up your knees, hips and lower back




Once you master these basic postures, feel free to continue expanding your knowledge in this area. Yoga started conquering western civilization, and it’s not by accident.


Final thoughts

Get started with the exercises mentioned above and you’ll soon be on the path to improving your well-being. Make yoga your daily routine. It will not only improve your posture, it will increase your overall health. Your focus and concentration will be better, and therefore your work productivity will escalate.


You too can improve your posture and say goodbye to back and neck pain. Join a yoga retreat and reap the many benefits of this ancient practice.

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