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Hridaya Yoga: How to Live With an Open Heart

by Luna

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Almost daily, a new type of yoga is born. What is it about the Hridaya Yoga style that makes it different? Why should you believe it would provide you with the depth of yogic understanding and the coherence of the practice that you are seeking? Read on to find out more!

What is Hridaya Yoga?


In Sanskrit, hridaya means "heart", so with that in mind, Hridaya Yoga is the "Yoga of the sweetness of the Heart" — or "The Heart of Yoga", as Sahajananda, the founder of Hridaya Yoga, would say.

Basically, Hridaya Yoga is a spiritual path whose purpose is the revelation of our true self and the Spiritual Heart, developed from traditional spiritual principles and visions from classical yoga based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, and Kashmiri Shaivism. 

It teaches you how to open the limitlessness of energy. What you have considered to be just your "energies" will then be revealed as universal. Not only that, it also opens your heart and brings the vision of Oneness. 

The practice of Hridaya Yoga allows us to live in the very core of existence, to feel the heartbeat of every moment of life, and to know intuitively the eternal dimension of every moment, thus creating the conditions for you to transcend your mind and anchor yourself in the Awareness of the Present Moment.


Immerse yourself in a Hridaya Yoga retreat


Hridaya Yoga’s practices include Hatha Yoga, meditations for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart, and techniques for cultivating awareness in daily life. Going on a Hridaya Yoga retreat is an excellent way to immerse yourself in these teachings. For example, the Intensive Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 is a holistic course based on traditional Hatha Yoga practices that create the conditions for the revelation of your real nature, your spiritual heart. 


living with an open heart

Preparing for the final ceremony of the intensive


"It will change your life, without a doubt," says Jennifer Ludders, a Hridaya Yoga teacher. "Even if [this intensive retreat] just plants a seed that gets watered, later on, I don't believe someone could take [it] in its entirety and not be deeply affected by it or have it touch their lives for the better."


Course content


Facilitated by a highly experienced group of yoga and meditation teachers, the Intensive Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 course consists of three daily classes for 20 days and participation in a three- or ten-day Hridaya silent meditation retreat, which helps you to delve deeper into the essence of meditation and set forth on a journey to reveal your true nature. 

The classes, meanwhile, will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions that include yogic theory, hatha yoga practice (asana and pranayama), and short meditations. The good news it that although these classes take place for over 20 days, you are welcome to join any day and complete as many days as your heart desires. In essence, the whole course is a life-transforming journey in which fundamental spiritual topics are introduced in both a practical and theoretical way. 

“Theoretical understanding and practice have been described as being like the two wings of a bird: you can’t get far if you only have one or the other, but if you have both you can soar! This course will have buckets of both,” shares Jennifer, reflecting on how this retreat will deepen her students' understanding and practice of yoga and meditation.


beautiful scenery

The view from Hridaya Yoga International


Have you gone to a yoga or meditation retreat that has completely changed your life? If not, we urge you to book yourself a spot on a yoga and meditation retreat today!

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