Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and up to one hour prior to your hot yoga practice.



To get your energy level up, be sure to eat plenty of greens, veggies and proteins throughout the day. Do not practice Bikram Yoga on a full stomach, it will increase your nausea. Have your last meal at least two hours before class.



If you need an extra boost of energy during class, mix a packet of Emergen-C in your water. It will also help prevent nausea. FYI: Some Bikram Yoga studios actually sell single packets of Emergen-C.



Are you suffering from cramping during the floor exercise series? This is a sign that your body is lacking potassium. Eat a banana an hour before class to prevent this from occurring.



Lastly, coconut water will help replenish some of the nutrients you may have lost during your vigorous workout. It is also very refreshing and will quench your thirst!


Never ever push yourself. Listen to your body. As long as you do your best, your body will receive 100% the benefits. Namaste!

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