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How to Stop Procrastinating and Regain Control of Your Life

by Jack White

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Over the years, procrastination proves itself to be the worst enemy of our productivity. 

Practicing yoga and meditation is one of the tried and tested ways of gaining more focus and motivation, but the vast majority of people are not meditating, or at least not regularly. For this and an entire host of other reasons which we still don’t understand fully, people are procrastinating more and more.

Even as early as in the 90s, scientists (research from 1995) were concerned that over 20% of American adults are chronic procrastinators, and you can probably imagine how the numbers increased over the years. 

A more recent study from 2014 shows that 87% of a large group of students are procrastinating and half of them reported that procrastination has a negative impact both on their lives and grades.

The phenomenon of procrastination has become, without a doubt, a universal problem in the past few years and it doesn’t show a sign of stopping.

What Is Procrastination?

procrastination vs action line chart

Image source: James Clear

Many people find themselves procrastinating, but they don’t really understand what is happening in their brains. But, of course, understanding is the first step towards defeating or solving a problem.

As Maxwell Hanks, the HR manager at Essays.ScholarAdvisor explains, “To simply put it into words, the phenomenon of procrastination is a battle between the limbic system – the unconscious part of the brain / what makes you pull your hand away from the fire, and the prefrontal cortex – the voice of reason.”

Every time you encounter an activity that is associated with effort and hustle we start procrastinating. So, the battle begins and as our unconscious is usually stronger, the voice of reason will obviously loose. And this is the moment when we to decide to let that activity for “another time”. It’s just that that time may never come, or it will come too late and by then the consequences of postponing important tasks are already set in.

With no more further ado, in today’s post, we’re leading you towards 5 mental tips on how to stop procrastinatingPracticing yoga regurlarly will also help with this, but first you need to set your mind straight on the goal, or you may risk postponing the yoga practice as well.

1. Accept Your Life as It Is

acceptance feeling painting

Image source: Mindful.org.

Our life isn’t supposed to be perfect. So stop wasting your time waiting for everything to be according to your expectations, because it will never be so. You’ll only live in a continuous disappointment.

The first step towards happiness is accepting your life as it is. If you succeed to reach the point where you are at peace with your life, there will be no way for your prefrontal cortex to win the battle when you attempt to procrastinate.

2. Be Grateful

gratefulness concept photo with sunset sky and lake

Most people fail to appreciate all the things they have in life. They are blinded by all the things they don’t have and by wishes to have what others have, all based on their false beliefs that owning those things will make them happy.

To get out from this trap, you must start embracing all the things you do have and stop worrying for what you don’t, as those things will come if you really want them and if you take enough action to get them. That is one of the most valuable and beautiful lessons we can find in the deeper layers of yoga practice: that joy comes from moderation and mindfulness and caring for the little things.

When you reach this point, procrastination will have no power to influence your decision as your voice of reason will be stronger and louder.

3. Be Truthful

I am what I am self acceptance concept photo

Photo source: Nayan Gupta.

Yoga serves as a truth serum and this is exactly why it works. For instance, let’s imagine that you’re in a one leg balance pose.

If your mind is in a million places, if you’re focusing on your struggle for staying in that pose and you actually wish to quit doing it, you’ll obviously fall out of that pose, for your body doesn’t lie.

You must take the things as they are. If you haven’t practiced yoga in the past several months you can’t expect to master any pose. Furthermore, your muscles will respond at the effort by shaking along with the feeling of pain.

Keep in mind that you can easily succeed in almost no time if you continue your practice if you’re perseverant. Don’t give up when things get hard.

Otherwise, giving up means that you’re in fear, and only in fear, you can allow your brain to procrastinate and bring a negative impact in your life.

4. Take Your Life as a Journey

life as a journey concept photo silhouette on bike sky

This one is very important to keep in mind. Your life is nothing more than a journey controlled by your mind according to your beliefs. Unfortunately, most of the people fail to see it as it is.

Some of them, for example, are perfectionists and they keep rehearsing to reach their ideal perfection. Unfortunately, they never reach it. This type of person will never truly live and fell his or her achievements, as he’s too focused on improvement.

This leads my mind to a beautiful and very true quote: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon.

5. Remember You Are Not Alone

you are not alone overcoming challenges concept photo

It would be foolish to truly believe that there’s no one in this universe to share your beliefs and passions. You just need a glint of hope and ask the universe for help.

Unfortunately, many people feel so lonely in this big, big world. And this loneliness it goes hand in hand with fear, the fear to have to do everything alone. And as we explained above, procrastination is caused by a small fear at the back of your mind, which tells you that even if you do the task you have before you, your efforts will not matter.

Just say no to fear and procrastination and ask the universe for help. If you’re patient enough you’ll start to see how everything aligns in your life, and there will be no excuses left to keep your yoga appointments regular.


To end this article on a high note, I’ll let this motivational quote inspire your beautiful day:

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

Want to give yourself a fresh start and a chance to do everything better? Book a stay in a restorative yoga retreat and learn to give yourself a break, but also how to challenge yourself when needed. You’ll come back as a stronger, but also more authentic version of yourself.

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