Are You Actually Resting or Just Tumbling into Bed? (Relax Your Tiredness Away)

by Sarah Jones

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Relaxation doesn’t just happen; you have to work for it. But let’s not confuse relaxation with tiredness. These are two different beings. Often, we are so busy trying to accomplish all we need to do, that we don’t even realize how tired we are. We also may fail to realize at the end of the day that we are not actually relaxing; we’re just pausing, simply tumbling into bed at night from pure exhaustion, mentally, physically or both.

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What’s The Difference?

Being tired happens when we don’t get a proper healthy sleep. Here’s a surprise for you, most people don’t. Running around, too much to do, too many commitments; something has to give in, and unfortunately that is usually sleep. If you work, have kids, a household to run, volunteer work or outside family and social commitments, you just start to function on less sleep.

One of my co-workers told me the other day she only gets about four hours of sleep. I found this shocking. I asked her what she did to relax and she replied, ‘drink coffee.’ In a word, Yikes!

Relaxing, on the other hand, is allowing yourself to let go. It’s a state of awareness where you allow the day’s stress to slowly seep out of your mind and body to become less tense, less anxious and as a consequence, unknotted.


How to actually relax?

Many ways will work, the trick is to find something that you enjoy, something that actually works and that you can find the time for. Avoiding excessive alcohol, noise, television or other blue light devices will be a great start.




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Let’s start with an obvious one. Sounds silly but it’s true. A full healthy night of sleep will work wonders for you. It clears the mind and body, helps you think and focus, and gives you the energy you need to get through your busy day. It’s very important to treat your sleeping schedule like you would anything else. It will do wonders if it becomes part of your full routine. Getting yourself or the whole household on a sleep schedule will allow all your lives to be healthier and to function smoother.




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There’s a reason you see all those beautiful people all over town carrying yoga mats. It works. Light stretching and practicing yoga, even at the beginner stage, will make a world of difference. It stretches your muscles to open them up and allows them to get more oxygen, thereby relaxing them and giving them the ability to work better for you. It reduces stress in your mind and body, teaches you to breathe properly and will help you sleep deeper, sounder and wake feeling more refreshed and alert.


Yogic Sleep


yogic sleep

The more things in our world advance, the more we seem to want to move back. More and more, people are looking for less complicated ways to get on in life and looking at ancient practices that are still used today. Yogic sleep is one of them, also known as Yoga Nidra. This is a deeply relaxing method of meditation that will calm your busy mind. It’s simple but it achieves maximum results. It can be done by the whole family and once you get used to it, the knowledge of the practice will be there for you whenever you need it.

Relaxing is a way of life and should be treated so and incorporated into our lives as regular as everything else. When we learn how to relax, everything else around us seems to slow down as well; and when we are relaxed, people around us will feel it and relax with us. Relaxing is just as contagious as stress. Learning how to get there is only a few steps away!

Learn more about sleep and its impacts on life at Sleepy Deep, where Sarah shares her experience.

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