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6 Healthy Habits that Will Change Your Life

by Angela Mackenzie

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Modern life is full of stresses and frustrations, most of them caused by the repetitive patterns we often find ourselves trapped in, as well as the many prejudices and stereotypes we must face. Letting go of all these modern issues if far easier than you might think. 

A better, healthier and happier life is a daily process. The first and most important step is to develop healthy habits that will make you more successful in your everyday life, from your workplace and career to the passions in your life. Doing something every day is a wonderful way to form a new healthy habit. After all, the greatest things start small. The healthiest of people begin with little steps that they take each day. Here are a few steps that will help you form daily habits for a healthier and happier life:


1. Plan your action items for each day




Plan your tasks for each day. You can plan them ahead of time, even a month before you have to finish them. It is also advised that you should plan them the night before. Plan each task, including your yoga routine.


2. Mix in whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats to your meals




Whole grains, lean protein, and lean fats make a healthy diet. After a certain number of days of eating meals that contain these things, your life will improve. It will become a lot better. You will look more beautiful, you will be stronger, and you will be happier. You will do your work faster and better. You will also have better friendships with the people around you.


3. Take a break every hour at work and do a lap around the office or stretch out




Taking a break every hour at work refreshes your energy. Also, doing a lap around the office or stretching out improves your blood circulation. After being stuck at your desk, most of your blood returns to their normal flow and reaches the important parts of your body. Blood flows up to your brain, improving its functions and helping you think more efficiently for your next group of tasks.


4. Do 5 minutes of exercise every day




Just because you commute to and from the office and shop for groceries and other necessities regularly doesn’t mean your body has made enough movements not to need an exercise anymore. You still need to do exercise. Do 5 minutes of exercise every day. Jogging is one of the best exercises out there that helps us stay fit and healthy. Yoga is another excellent and efficient workout you should consider incorporating into your daily routine.


5. Have a glass of cold water with lemon




Lemon is extremely nutritious. It has citric acid, which is one of the most powerful nutrients in protecting your body against most forms of inflammations and other sicknesses. Nothing beats good old water when it comes to staying healthy, though. It cools your body down, especially when it’s warm. It also washes away unnecessary things in your body. Mixing lemon with cold water makes one of the best sources of nutrition ever.


6. Take a daily vitamin




We tell our kids to eat their greens, but we, as adults, should also pay attention to our nutrition. Vitamins C, D and A are some of the most important vitamins in our bodies. Vitamin C comes from the fruit above, lemon. It can also come from other citrus fruits. Vitamin A comes from bright-colored fruits like oranges, mangoes, and bananas, and is responsible for the health of our skin and making your eyesight clearer. Vitamin D comes from natural sunlight. You should be careful in exposing yourself to the sun, though. Too much sunlight causes skin cancer. The sunlight that shines at noon and in the afternoon is too harsh for your skin. You must cover yourself with sunscreen if you ever have to be outdoors during those hours. To get Vitamin D from natural sunlight, go out at sunrise and during the hours before 9 am. 


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Angela is an editorial assistant at Kratom Crazy, a premium supplier of kratom extracts that are sold for research and educational purposes. Connect with Kratom Crazy through Facebook and Twitter.

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