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Green Tea: The Best Beverage to Enjoy After Yoga (7 Benefits)

by Amelia Johnson

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Following a session of yoga, the body becomes invigorated as inner peace settles in. Nothing probably beats the rejuvenation that comes with a successful yoga exercise.

After your yoga practice, you need to get back to your routine schedule. The reality of life and its demands sink in, and all you need is a body that is physically and mentally ready for the tasks at hand.

However, after yoga, it is not uncommon for the body to experience difficulty when moving from the yoga studio to real life. Therefore, it is essential that your body is prepared to complete this transition.

While there could be many alternatives to help your body, green tea is a great way to make it. You might be thinking how green tea could be part of this equation. Well, read on and check out the seven reasons why green tea is the best drink after yoga.


1. Green Tea Eases Physical Pain


green tea

The best way of managing physical pain is through yoga followed by a cup of green tea. Whether you are suffering from joint aches, chronic pain, or muscle stiffness and soreness, yoga and green tea make the best therapy for a fast healing process.

A yoga session could often result in sore, stiff muscles and physical pain. Such pain can be relieved through the consumption of green herbal tea. The anti-inflammatory properties present in green tea help to relax your muscles and relieve all the tension caused by tough yoga poses.


2. Improvement of Body Hydration


Dehydration can limit the benefits of your yoga sessions. In the worst scenario, dehydration can result in cramps, and it may trigger unusual tiredness during and after your yoga workout.

Among the most significant and popular physical benefits of green tea are its hydration properties. Drink it with no sugar and stay hydrated for yoga!


3. Green Tea Increases Endurance


Did you know that green tea also enhances your endurance? Perhaps, this is the reason why a cup of green tea is recommended in the morning when you wake.

Worth noting is the fact that green tea possesses a perfect antioxidant, caffeine, and water balance. The essence of endurance in yoga and other physical and mental tasks cannot be downplayed. Yoga workouts burn you out, and green tea not only stands as the best form of physical and mental restoration but it also increases your endurance in completing other tasks after yoga.

The caffeine present in green tea gets into your bloodstream and stimulates your perception, leading to improved endurance. Thereby, green tea after yoga enables you to concentrate on your work for longer.

You could also add a pinch of salt to replenish the electrolytes in your body.


4. Relief of Stress


Isn’t every one of us stressed? While the levels of stress might not be chronic, we always have some anxiety, be it from worrying about getting late for a given appointment, or even being stuck in traffic that seems not to move.

Green tea enhances your inner peace as it offers an efficient transition from reflection to the reality of life. Green tea ensures that you retain your calmness by relaxing your muscles. Just choose a good tea and experience a soothing aroma and flavor letting your body get rejuvenated.


5. Green Tea Enhances Circulation in Your Body


With yoga, you can be confident that your blood will keep flowing in a relaxed and healthy manner. This kind of circulation is not possible even with intense physical exercise.

The potent green tea antioxidants get to flow with the blood. This has the benefit of spreading green tea’s nutrients throughout the body. The spread of these antioxidants is better when you drink green tea after your yoga session as compared to drinking it at any other time of the day.


6. Green Tea improves the Quality of Sleep


herb tea

If you practice yoga, then you know the potential that lies within yoga for better sleep. While yoga improves the quality and quantity of sleep, you can sleep even better by replacing your cup of coffee with a cup of hot decaffeinated green tea after yoga. It will help calm your mind and body to give you a high-quality nighttime sleep.


7. Improved Immunity


With its muscle strengthening and body stretching abilities, yoga triggers improved circulation, which translates to easier movement of the white blood cells. Green tea has similar immunity effects as yoga, ensuring better movement of green tea’s antioxidants which help in the fight against disease-causing pathogens. This results in a more robust immune system.




Green tea is your ultimate beverage after yoga. Drink this tea for a robust immune system, improved management of arthritis, high-quality sleep, relief of stress, easing of physical pain, and improved circulation and body hydration. Find the brand that you like the most and drink it after your yoga sessions to experience its therapeutic properties!

Want to complement green with a good meal? Go on a yoga and cooking retreat and learn how to do it!

Read more by Amelia on stayhealthyways.com.

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