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5 Ways to Help You Get Back in the Groove of Your Yoga Practice

by Carolina

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It’s that time of the year again: The flowers are blooming, summer is on the horizon, and your New Year’s resolutions may have finally gone all the way out the window – namely, the resolution to set aside more time in your day (consistently) for your yoga practice. If this sounds like you, fret not! For many, coming into the middle part of the year can cause a return to old routines, and between that and the increasingly beautiful weather outside, it’s understandable! 

To help remedy your possible slump, we’ve added our five favorite ways to get you back in the groove of your yoga practice:


1. Take advantage of the beautiful weather!


practice yoga outdoors


We all know the trademark empty yoga class on a beautiful day. It’s gorgeous out, and no one wants to stay indoors! So, what do you do? Take your practice outside, of course! Find a grassy park in your area perfect for a few downward dogs on your Mysore Practice Rug, or take a look in your local area for outdoor yoga classes. This is a great way to keep your commitment to your practice while enjoying nature.


2. Meditate




Meditation and yoga often go hand-in-hand. If you’re feeling a bit unmotivated to unroll your mat, try pulling out your Zafu cushion and meditating for 10-15 minutes beforehand instead! The act of simply sitting and meditating can sometimes feel less labor intensive than doing yoga, and the act of taking time for meditation will remind you how awesome that self-care feels – invigorating you with the energy needed to take the step from cushion to mat!


3. Eat and drink well



Without the necessary nutrition and hydration, it’s easy for pretty much anything to seem nearly impossible! Check in with yourself: Did I eat breakfast this morning? When was the last time I drank a glass of water?

During a busy day, taking a few minutes to hydrate or eat can seem like a low-level priority. But, actually taking those moments can have a huge impact on your energy level for the day, making it easier to accomplish what you need to do and what you want to do. Try preparing your food for the next day the night before, or simply keep some easy and healthy food on hand. Some quick and super healthy options we love? Almonds, bananas, and cheese sticks! Also, make sure that you have a lightweight, reusable water bottle that’s easy to grab and go wherever your day takes you.


4. Make a list of why you started your practice


make a list


Making a list of the reasons and ways that you value your yoga practice can be helpful for truly acting on them. Try expanding this by also listing the reasons other self-care actions (such as meditating, eating well, or making sure you get a good night’s sleep) are of value to you. This helps us to become more aware of the ways in which those actions feel positive and valuable, and in turn helps make it easier to set aside time in our schedule for them.


5. Get out of your normal routine



If you’re feeling stuck in your practice, there’s a chance you may be feeling stuck in other ways, too. Whether it’s feeling overwhelmed at work, or having another paper to turn in at school, try getting out of your normal routine! Whether it’s just for a day, the weekend, or a whole week, it’s important to take time for yourself, and going on a spontaneous hiking trip, or taking a sojourn to a yoga spa retreat, can help refresh and reinvigorate your body and mind.


Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Do you want to change the routine and help you stick to your practice with a yoga retreat? Click here for the biggest offering of yoga-focused travel and training courses available on the web!

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