We work like robots. We are afraid we can’t achieve the things we truly need anymore. We forget how to say “no” to protect ourselves. Instead of building our own boundaries we let everyone stamp them to the ground. We want to be loved by everyone and that, combined with the noisy cities we live in, causes stress and pressure.

So how can we get back to our inner voice?

There are lots of good and useful options in big cities such as yoga classes, stress management courses and spiritual communities.

If you feel like you are burning out or becoming mentally stressed, sometimes it’s better to have a break and start all over again. The perfect combination for enjoying silence in nature and working on your consciousness is a yoga retreat in a foreign country.

Read these five important reasons for booking a yoga retreat as burnout prevention.


1) From Individualism to Guidance

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Nowadays we have to make each and every decision on our own. The tradition of having our families as a tribe who help in making our future plans falls more and more apart. The decision already starts in school when we have to choose our later profession. That causes immense pressure and stress. We start doubting and fearing our whole lives, reality and dreams.

Booking a Yoga Retreat abroad allows you to be guided for a while. This does not mean you will have a guru for life. You can relinquish a great deal of responsibility and pressure while in the hands of lovely people who care for you. And what can your mind do without responsibility and pressure? It calms down and creates new ideas and ambitions. In the beginning you might search for every WIFI spot you can probably find but little by little you forget about your mobile, your work and your to-do list at home.


2) From Noise to Nature

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Changing your whole environment for a while will increase your inner peace and silence. Sometimes we are barely able to hear, smell, see, taste or feel because we are surrounded by endless attractions and noises. A yoga retreat is normally held in a calm place, absent of these distractions, with lots of nature and silence.

Combined with consciousness and yoga exercises, you will be able to use your senses more intensively. You will soon focus and appreciate the simple things again like the beauty of colors, the fragrance of flowers, the soul of music or the touch of a person you love. 


3) Body Boost

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By practicing asanas every day at your yoga retreat, you will get an ultimate body boost, which is not about reducing fat or getting rid of anything. Instead your strength, beauty and charisma will blossom. Physically you will softly train your muscles. You will experience your own body detoxing without any supplements from the outside. You will feel fitter, healthier and more resistant to bad influences from the outside. A fit and healthy body prevents burnout and depressions by itself.


4) Mind detox

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An intense practice of meditation will clean your mind. In tough times our ‘monkey mind' starts focusing on negative things and prefers negative thoughts. We start judging ourselves and others for meaningless things. By trying to fight against these negative thoughts and behaviors in our ordinary environments it might happen that you become more and more frustrated and anxious.

With daily stress and tasks you can't focus on yourself and flow back into the river of self love. On a yoga retreat abroad you leave the daily business and tasks behind for a while at a healthy distance, knowing that you will come back to handle them in a softer way. Meditation quiets the mind, giving you the power to think clearer, fearless and realistic thoughts. Combined with asanas and pranayma you will have a detoxed mind that helps you continue your self love practice when you come back and see the world full of positive opportunities again.


5) Charging for your daily life

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Booking a Yoga retreat does not mean throwing everything you have away and becoming a love praying hippie. We all know that mental issues, burnout and depression are increasing illnesses in our western world.

Many problems can be solved by focus and self-love. The first act of focusing is the idea of preventing serious affects of stress before it’s too late. The first step of self-love is to let go of your daily grind for a while and book a yoga retreat. Afterwards, you can go back, fully charged with new ideas, solutions and a calm and fresh mind. After the yoga retreat, you will have a perfect base to integrate yoga in your life at home. You are worth it.

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