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8 Steps to Easing Back into a Fitness Routine after Birth (#3 is the best)

by Barbara Davis

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If you’re under the impression that getting back into your fitness regime post-delivery is going to be an easy task, you’re wrong. But you’re at least in the right place to change that opinion. In this post, I’m going to discuss 8 steps to easing back into a fitness routine after birth.

The thing about childbirth is that it’s tough on the body, as I’m sure you’re already aware. So, the chances of getting back to your pre-pregnancy form quickly are not great. Weak pelvic floor muscles, sleep deprivation, and destruction of core strength are some of the main causes.

The result of all this is general fatigue, an aching body, bad posture, and atrophied muscles. So, in such a physical state, you might take a long while to return to your normal fitness routine.

But there are ways to speed up the process. Time to discuss them all below!

The 8 Steps to Getting Back into a Fitness Routine after Giving Birth

#1 Keep a Check on Postpartum Bleeding

postpartum bleeding concept photo, woman with baby on lap

Photo credit: pregnantchicken.com
Postpartum bleeding is normal after childbirth, even in the case of a C-section.

The heavy bleeding after delivery tends to taper down over time. But in some cases, due to overstressing the body, the bleeding might get heavy again. So take this as a sign that your body requires more healing time before performing strenuous exercises.

#2 Start Slow

woman pink jacket running exercise plan

Photo credit: kinetic-revolution.com
Moderate exercise like walking is the best way to get started.

Wait for the bleeding to reduce or stop before you incorporate the postpartum exercise plan. Cesarean deliveries take a longer time to heal than normal ones. The former demands at least six weeks of rest before you decide to rejoin the gym or yoga class.

Pushing yourself during this time only causes unwanted elongation of the recovery period. Although six weeks of rest doesn’t necessarily imply being stuck at home for that long! You can always head out for a short and light walk. It’s one of the most effective ways of easing back into your fitness routine

#3 Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Nothing beats this particular method when it comes to easing back into your regular fitness routine.

Performing crunches or doing pilates is not such a great idea for your weak pelvic floor muscles. What you’re doing at such times is putting unnecessary pressure on your abdominal region. And, in turn, what this does is inhibit healing. In fact, it might also lead to organ prolapse. If you’re also looking to shed a few extra pounds, yoga poses are ideal for losing weight in a natural and balanced way.

With that in mind, here’s the best solution to the problem. Now that you know all the exercises to induce labor, it’s time to learn how to strengthen those pelvic muscles. You can perform the Kegel exercise. It’s the safest way to re-familiarize your body with the muscles located in the pelvic floor area.



#4 Don’t Neglect Wobbly Joints

postpartum workout plan

Photo credit: thebump.com
Pregnancy softens the joints, so avoid physically challenging movements.

During childbirth and pregnancy, your body releases relaxin. It’s a hormone responsible for softening joints and ligaments. This particular component remains in the body for six months post-delivery. So don’t expect your wiggly joints to provide high levels of stability. With that in mind, opt for activities that don’t involve jerky movements.

#5 Repair the Diastasis Recti Muscles

Separation of abdominal muscles is quite common after childbirth. So it’s advisable to have your rectus abdominals examined during the 6-week routine checkup. If the condition is severe, you might need a physical therapist. They can help you work on drawing those muscles back together.

This means that if you want to exercise after delivery for flat stomach, avoid overdoing it. Focus more on the plank position and plank variations, instead of performing crunches. It’s highly advisable to drop deep twisting exercises, as they inhibit abdominal muscle repair.

#6 Rest

 woman with baby lying down

Photo credit: health.usnews.com
When your baby sleeps, you should be sleeping too.

Any post pregnancy workout plan should come only after a considerable amount of rest. The best time to rest and sleep is when your baby is doing the same. Do you find it difficult to adhere to such wise words? If so, then you should incorporate a few relaxing yoga poses into your daily life.

Once your body feels restored and rested, you’ll be able to regain your strength, for all kinds of tasks and activities.

#7 Hydrate

Out of the 8 steps to easing back into a fitness routine after birth, this one’s the most important.

Keeping your body well-hydrated is beneficial in more ways than you can imagine, especially when breastfeeding. So don’t forget to carry a water bottle when you’re heading out for a stroll with your newborn.

#8 Choose Mild Cardiovascular Exercises

women swimming for exercise

Photo credit: diabetes.org.uk
Swimming post-childbirth strengthens pelvic floor muscles.

It’s not essential to join a class if you want to return to your normal fitness routine. As mentioned earlier, you can start with short, brisk walks. Don’t underestimate the power of walking. It is considered to be a gentle exercise for cardiovascular training. Avoid any high impact workout, as it tends to cause severe issues in the pelvic floor region.

In that case, it’s best to take up swimming. The most appealing part about swimming is that the activity is easy on the pelvic floor and joints. Plus, it’s perfect for strengthening those core muscles.

That’s It, Mommies!

These are the 8 steps you need to remember and comit to in order to ease back into a fitness routine after birth. The methods discussed in here are quite simple to follow. They aren’t unrealistic or unachievable in any way.

Just remember that even a single step forward means a lot, irrespective of how small and tiny it might seem at the beginning. Slow and steady does win the race. With time, you’ll see it too.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found the post useful and informative.

Do visit BookYogaRetreats again soon. Have a wonderful day!

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