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8 Effective yet Practical Ways to Develop Healthy Fitness Habits

by Nancy Moore

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It is very easy for anyone to say “I will eat right and work out more”. However, sticking to a healthy fitness plan is hard. If it were simple, we would all be in shape. The fact is that you are not lazy, and forming new habits can be challenging but not impossible, so you just have to suck it up and make it work.

If you know how to engage your mind, you just need patience, persistence, and planning; then prepare yourself to be healthier and fitter for life!


1. Do Small Exercises Often


lifting weights girl


Ensure you do simple exercises such as lifting a kettle ball daily for three weeks. When you do something time and again for about three weeks, it is likely to become a habit. It may take a while for some people, but if you start small exercises frequently, you will form a habit within time.


2. Fall in Love with Strength Training


Strength training is essential for individuals at any age. It will help you build larger lean muscle mass, increase your metabolism and make you feel and look better. When performed well, it can alleviate back pain, reduce the risks of diabetes and assist you to have a better night's sleep.

Strength training aids in enhancing your bone density, and as a result, it lays a base for your optimal health as you age. Another important part of strength training is cardio exercises and you can totally perform cardio before or after lifting weights.


3. Drink Water


drink water


According to various studies, around 75% of the US population is always dehydrated. Most of us do not drink sufficiently, and when we do it is mainly through sweetened drinks.

Drinking water is vital, it helps manage your calorie intake, therefore assisting you to retain a healthy weight. Water can also help your muscles to function properly, protect your skin by making you look younger and it ensures your kidneys are in good health.

According to proven studies, dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, difficulties concentrating and a weak emotional condition. Drinking water is one of the healthy habits which are very hard to begin, but once the habit is formed, it gets easier. Develop a habit of carrying a water bottle around and take small sips even when you are not feeling thirsty.


4. Vary Your Exercise


Do not concentrate on the same old workouts, try some new stuff! Every workout activity has some benefits and some potential shortcomings. Various activities have a broad range of advantages. By developing healthy fitness habits of distinction, it will be possible to maintain good health by performing all the exercises you love.


5. Sleep


sleeping habit


Skipping sleep is one of the things most of us do when we get caught by a tight work schedule trying to still please our bosses. What we are not aware is that sleep is a crucial part of sticking to all your healthy fitness habits. Lack of enough sleep leads to some grave problems:

  • Increases the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart diseases
  • Reduces your cognitive capabilities
  • Can lead to depression
  • Results to aging of your skin
  • It weakens your capacity to study and remember.
  • Can cause weight gain
  • Reduces the levels of your testosterone
  • Can also lower your sex drive.

Regardless of your age, stick to healthy sleeping habits and you will have yourself to thank later.


6. Refuel Properly Post-Workout


Your body requires a combination of proteins and carbs 30 minutes prior working out. The carbohydrates provide you with energy, while proteins assist in repairing worn out muscles.

An excellent choice is low-fat chocolate milk, which is a good combination of carbs and proteins that refill your body after sweating a lot during the workout.


7. Learn to Take Rest Days


resting from work


Sometimes you can feel indestructible, and once you start exercising you may overdo it. It is essential to take rest days as it gives your body the chance to repair and recover, so when you get back to your workout you will be as good as new.


8. Make Your Workout a Part of Your Day


You know you have to shower daily, right? And you cannot also forget to eat. It is because these things are a part of your daily routine. Make your workout a part of your day, schedule it in day-to-day activities so that you will not have a reason to forget. Eventually, it will be like your 5 pm meetings or that favorite TV show that you can never miss.


Final thoughts


Since you have the knowledge on how to develop healthy fitness habits, a good way of know your progress is to track it. Seeing your daily improvement is an excellent way to encourage yourself to stick to your fitness plan. We are all very different, identify what's healthy for you and let go of all the unrealistic goals for your body.


*Read more of Nancy’s articles at Fitnessgrams.

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