1) Your Mat


Your mat is your space, and your space alone. You are dedicating one hour of your time daily to practice yoga, while never leaving your mat. It is your safety, it is where your thoughts are being captured on, no one else can occupy this space except for you and you alone. Familiarize with it and make it an extension of yourself during practice. 


2) The Poses


Throughout the sequence of your yoga practice, you get to explore the depth of yoga by practicing different kinds of poses and postures. These help to illustrate your character. You might find yourself better at holding one pose than another. Just like in life, we are more capable at some things than we are at others. Don’t sweat it. That is the beauty of what makes us unique from one another.


3) Your Voice. 


While you practice yoga, you are constantly talking to yourself. Maybe not out loud, but there is a voice going off inside of your head, it might even be your subconscious. You might not even realize it at all. It is important that that voice is speaking words of alacrity and encouragement. The fonder it is, the more vigorous you will become. Push yourself, because you know you can.

Do you know yourself? Does your daily routine work for you? If you are constantly driven throughout your day and in good spirits, you are doing it right. Yoga will help you to know you in the ways not only listed above, but in many other emotional and physical manners. So, go on, take that first step and dive right in. The best time to find out who you are, is right now!


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