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Couples Who Do Yoga Together Stay Together

by Andrea Visone

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As a guy in a relationship with another guy, sometimes I have often heard that it must be easier for us to get along as we must share a lot of interests, passions, and have a similar mindset.

It couldn’t be more wrong. We do share some passions, that’s for sure. We both like to follow a healthy and active lifestyle and we also appreciate videogames and reading but the list of interests that we don’t share is way larger.

I love spending time in nature, hiking, trekking, camping. I also love diving and surfing and I am much more comfortable being alone than in a big group. My partner, on the other hand, is a social animal that loves art, fashion, city-life and has always been a huge yoga practitioner and lover.

Still, this is what I love the most about being in a relationship – being pushed to discover new things and interests and doing things outside one’s comfort zone. In some cases, I also found out passions that I didn’t know I had and yoga ended up being one of these.

Yoga classes? Not for me thanks

man and woman doing yoga classes

My favorite kind of work out has always been weight-lifting and running I have always avoided all kind of classes at the gym. Yoga was no exception for me as I always thought of it as a waste of my “work-out time”. Also, not seeing many guys practicing this kind of thing, it ended up giving me the (wrong, I know) impression that this wouldn’t have helped much my fitness journey.

Even if my partner has always invited me to do yoga with him, I always declined. Then one day I accepted his proposal as my muscles were feeling very stiff. My first class was a Hatha Yoga class. My first impression has been positive, but I didn’t feel in love immediately with this discipline. Still, during the lesson I realized how stiff my entire body was and how much one single hour helped my flexibility. It did shake something inside me and lighted my interest.

My partner explained me that there are different styles of yoga, so after a while he invited me to an Ashtanga class that I enjoyed way more than the first one. My love then finally bloomed when I tried Bikram yoga.

I slowly become a regular at my boyfriend’s yoga classes. Soon, I started to also appreciate the philosophy and the culture behind it. 

Big city life

man and woman doing yoga legs up

When I first fell in love with yoga, I was living in London. The amount of opportunities that this city has to offer for the lover of this discipline is incredible. We have had the opportunity to try a different yoga center each week and after months we still had the option to try several new ones. It is also an amazing method to get in touch with like-minded people and hear about other individuals’ stories and how they all got connected with yoga and their inner self.

For us, it has been a way to spend few hours at a slower peace in one of the fastest-moving cities in Europe. London is definitely one of the best places I could think of to start a yoga journey.

Meditating by the Ocean

canary islands

After five years in London, my partner and I decided to move to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. On my blog I wrote extensively on how moving from a big city to an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean impacted on my lifestyle, both on my daily personal life as well on the workplace.  In many ways this change also affected my yoga routine.

From one side, I found myself lacking the options I had before. Tenerife is a bit behind on the game and there are few yoga centers available. The timetable of those centers was not always working with mine. Also, at normal gyms, I found myself unsatisfied with the level of yoga classed and I ended up not attending these anymore.

On the other side, the mild climate all year around allowed me and my partner to practice yoga in an open space way more often.

An inner journey in the journey

man doing yoga very flexible

I found out that yoga shares some similarities with hiking and surfing. In all disciplines I manage to find some deeper connection with nature and reach a status of inner peace and connection with one’s self and the natural surroundings.

Having a yogi as partner also led me to practice yoga outside of normal classes, doing our own ones on our terrace, in the middle of a forest or (my favorite one) just by the ocean.

I have pushed him to hike longer distances to practice yoga on the top of a mountain or on a paddleboard in the middle of the ocean, pushing each other to reach new goals. Being in full harmony with nature during those moments, doing the poses that we have been practicing together is a magical experience that could only come out as a result of my opening to other’s passions.

I am now getting deeper and deeper into yoga, I look back at the person I was before starting this journey and I see a completely different self. 

Where do we go from here?

man and woman doing yoga on mats

Three years ago, I would have never imagined living in the Canary Islands and practicing yoga on a regular basis. So far, both for myself and my partner, yoga has always been just a passion but we have now decided to take it a step further and are planning to attend a 200 hours yoga teaching class in India together.

I’m not sure where this experience is going to lead us. Unlike my partner, I would have never imagined this experience for myself neither I ever considered the idea of thinking of yoga as my main profession. However, I’m discovering a brand new myself the more I get involved into this - so I’m driven by the idea of learning more and more about this discipline and experience the country where it was born.

It’s definitely going to be exciting to start this new chapter with my partner, the person who first initiated me to this discipline and who pushes me to always improve myself.

Do you want to experience the kind of connection that yoga can bring between you and your partner? Why not book a stay in a yoga retreat for couples and become closer?

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