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Coaching and Yoga for a Powerful Personal Transformation

by Rebecca Watson

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Coaching and yoga can work together as a powerful personal transformation tool.

Take this Yoga & Coaching Test to see if you would benefit from coaching alongside your yoga practice!

  1. Do you practice yoga to gain a window of mental relaxation but then go back into your normal life and have the usual stresses build up again?
  2. Have you ever experienced an emotion (anger, sadness, anxiety etc.) during or shortly after a yoga practice?
  3. Do you feel unhappy with an area of your life (career, relationships, healthy, body image) and get a moment of relief from self-questioning when you practice yoga?
  4. Do you notice a pattern in your yoga practice that you could be replicating in your life e.g. pushing yourself too hard, comparing yourself to others and your mood being affected by whether you feel ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than others

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you would benefit from working with a conscious coach alongside your yoga practice. That’s why Clear Mind combines powerful yoga with powerful coaching:


1) Yoga as Painkiller


In the west we often use yoga as a way to relax or a way to get a moment of reprieve from our own negative inner thoughts and feelings. This is a great start because at least we get an hour or two when we are not running the same old thoughts and we can gain a state of calm contentment at the end of an hour or two of practice.

However, yoga then becomes more like a painkilling tablet that we might take for a bit of relief, but ultimately we need to address the cause of the pain.

Coaching is a way to get a better understanding of how we are creating this ‘pain/stress’ in our lives.

When we work with a conscious coach, we begin to become aware of how we’ve mistakenly been viewing ourselves, or a particular situation, or a decision we can’t seem to make, or a relationship, or the state of the world…we begin to become aware of how else we could view this and how much better that makes us feel.

We then become aware of how much more energy and power we have to make a positive difference, instead of feeling upset, confused, angry etc.


2) Hidden Emotions and Memories in the Body


Another great combination for yoga and coaching is when you experience a strong emotion or memory in a yoga pose but don’t know how to process what this means to you.

We hold unprocessed emotions in the tissue of our own bodies. So if for example someone makes you angry but you never show that anger, your body will have no choice but to store the energy of that anger inside itself. It is believed that this can lead to physical pain, illnesses (such as cancer) or emotional instability (eventually leading to nervous breakdown)

With the use of coaching, the emotion can be safely released or the memory can be processed rather than being ‘stuck’ in the body. This will lead to more flow inside your body, better balance within your own ecosystem and overall much better health and happiness!


3) Getting Answers from the Wisdom of The Body

Have you ever tried to remember the name of a film or actor and the more you focus from the mind to remember, the more you can’t? Then when you have relaxed and stopped trying toremember (maybe on the train home, or just as you get into bed) the answer comes to you?

Well this is a good example of how trying to find an answer from our conscious mind sometimes doesn’t work. In this case, when we relax the conscious mind and relax our body, the answer just seems to come from no-where.

A lot of us want answers to questions that we keep churning in our conscious mind, but don’t seem to come to an answer that feels right e.g. If I don’t want to keep doing my job, what do I really want to do instead and how can I earn money from that?

Yoga prepares us to relax the conscious mind and the body. We are then in an ideal state for a skilled coach to help us answer these deeper questions for our lives.


4) Spotting Psychological Patterns

Often when we have a regular yoga practice we begin to know our bodies well and we can see where our bodies are inflexible, painful or stuck, or even when we push ourselves too hard and cause our bodies to suffer.

Coaching is a way to help us become more consciously aware of our psychological patterns e.g. If we have a pattern of pushing ourselves too hard, or telling ourselves we are ‘useless’ when we can’t do something perfectly for the first time.

With the support of coaching, we can begin to truly be kind and compassionate to ourselves – not just in our yoga practice, but in every area of our lives. This has huge ramifications for our personal health and happiness. It also benefits our relationships because once we can be accepting of ourselves (with all our flaws) we can do the same for other people in our lives.



If you practice yoga you are preparing yourself to ‘hear’ or understand these deeper truths about yourself – even if we don’t know what to do with this new understanding! You are beginning the first phase of becoming ‘conscious’ and that is really exciting to me as a conscious coach. That is why I formed my yoga retreats - to work with people like you who are already bravely walking this path of self-awakening!

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