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Choosing a yoga teacher training that is right for you

May 4, 2015

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If you feel like it is a good time to delve deeper into your Yoga practice by taking a Yoga teacher training, the first step is choosing which training to pursue. This can seem like an overwhelming task for most people. There are so many different trainings out there in the world, it's hard to know which one to choose. Since a training is an investment of time, money, and energy on many levels, making the right choice the first time is of great importance! Below is a list of some ideas to consider when making your choice. They aren't necessarily in order of importance. 

Your intention behind what you want to do with your certification will make it clear which points are of more importance to you, whether you definitely want to teach straight away, you simply want a much deeper knowledge of the science of Yoga, or you're somewhere in between.

4 things to consider in choosing the right Yoga teacher training for you:

1. The specific type of Yoga you want to learn more about

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One thing that can help you initiate the search is deciding what type of Yoga you want to learn more about. Do you have a regular practice in a certain type of Yoga? Some teacher trainings, such as the evolation hot yoga teacher training, are specifically focused on one style of practice - and you may end up quite surprised how different it is from your own practice.

Even if the name of the style is the same as the name of what you practice in your studio, talk with the course leaders to check that their interpretation of that style is close to what you either regularly practice, or what you desire to teach in the future.


2. Will you become part of a bigger community?

Image courtesy of Evolation Yoga

Taking a teacher training is as much a life experience as it is a yoga experience. The best trainings introduce you to a community of like minded people, and offer you ongoing support from the moment you graduate. Be sure to learn about the community behind each training you consider, and try to talk to some of the graduates to learn how connected they still feel with their teachers and also their fellow students.


3. Does the training fit your schedule?

Image courtesy of Evolation Yoga

Different yoga schools offer different ways to engage with their trainings. It goes without saying that you need to find a training that fits your schedule, but there are other things to have in mind when you look for a training to fit your needs. One of the key aspects for a successful training is to become fully immersed in the yoga and the teachings.

Even if you cannot go to a full 4 week or 8 week experience, try to find a course that will give you more than just individual days or weeknights with your fellow students. The evolation teacher training is usually offered as a month immersion program where you live and eat as a yogi the entire time, but you can take the course spread out over a longer period, as long as you are able to attend at least one week of the immersion part.


4. Is the location right for you?

Image courtesy of Evolation Yoga

Most students have to decide between a stunning exotic location or somewhere closer to home. Going abroad and disconnecting from the day to day aspects of life can be a fantastic option for a lot of people. Being in a training requires a lot of focus, and being away from home can decrease the distractions and allow the student to go deeper into the process. However, the training can also be an emotional and challenging experience and when you are away from loved ones, sometimes without internet or mobile phone contact it can be tough.

Staying closer to home has a lot of practical benefits. You can probably save money by making your own food, or not having to pay extra for accomodation. It can also be a good opportunity to learn to teach in the studio that you will actually offer classes in the future - but these benefits should be weighed up against how much harder it will be fully engage with the training, if every night after a long day of study you have to re-enter you normal world.

The best teacher trainings create the feeling of a yoga bubble - whether they are in a remote location, or connected to a city studio. It takes a lot of skill from the course leaders and self-dedication to maintain that level of connection wherver you study - so do your research before committing to a training.

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