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Bulgaria: Land of Treasures, Beauty and Spirituality

by Elena Kemileva

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You have all heard about the the magnificent temples of India, the serene Tibetan monasteries and the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. Perhaps many of you have also felt the intense energy that those places posses. 

However, you probably have never heard that a country in Eastern Europe named Bulgaria has all of that as well. This place is so full of such magical spots that it is believed to be one of the most important spiritual centers in the world.

What Makes Bulgaria a Special Destination?

bulgarian monastery

It has been dubbed the country of treasures because it carries thousands of years of fascinating history. The multiple remains of necropolises, antique cities, tombs filled with amazing golden and silver treasures continue to mesmerize archeologists.

A number of ancient discoveries have sparked serious international interest and carry crucial significance to the history of human race. All these ruins are sources of important information about ancient and still little-known civilizations, which have occupied the present Bulgarian lands.

All of the historical and cultural background is perfectly complemented by stunningly beautiful nature. While visiting Bulgaria, you will enjoy breathtaking natural sights, tasty and organic food, thermal springs, a pleasant climate and much more.

bulgarian black sea

Furthermore, the country is one of the special European destinations where you can choose between multiple types of settings. Do you fancy the seaside? Then the world-renowned Golden Sands beaches on the shores of the Black Sea will soothe all sea longings in your soul. The Bulgarian sea shore boasts of multiple resorts and port towns, including the jewel town of Balchik.

Are you more of a mountain person? Bulgaria also has stunning mountain landscapes and resorts perfect for a vacation up above.

The Rila mountain range is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Home to the famous Rila monastery, founded in the 10th century, it is also offers visitors multiple glaciers and hot springs to enjoy. A stay in a mountain resort here will recharge your batteries, both physically and spiritually.

And why is Bulgaria ideal for yoga travel?

bulgarian field of poppies

Surprisingly or not, Bulgaria has a very long history with yoga as well. The roots of yoga in Bulgaria are very deep, originating in the distant past. Bulgarian ethnicity rose in the Far East, somewhere at the border of modern China and India. Till the present day, there are still plenty of preserved religious and cultural customs from far before Christianity.

Some yogic practices had been used by the Christian ascetic monks in the mountain monasteries as well, owing to the Sanskrit roots of the culture. Officially, it is considered that the beginning of the yoga culture in Bulgaria was at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. That is when scientists developed an interest in the effects of yoga on physical and mental health.

This has set the starting point of a lasting interest, continuing in the present day cultural, scientific and educational exchange between Bulgaria and the other countries where yoga is valued.

Nowadays, yoga is super popular in Bulgaria and there are hundreds of yoga schools all over the country. It would be correct to say that going on a Bulgarian yoga retreat and visiting the country’s mysterious sacred places is a true yoga pilgrimage.

The Most Important Spiritual Sights of Bulgaria

bulgarian rodope mountains

Speaking of special places that will recharge you spiritually, it’s time to look at the destinations that make Bulgaria a preferred destination for all those who look beyond common attractions.

The Rodope mountains are believed to host many places with unworldly energy. For example, the ancient Thracian city Peperikon, or Petrovaradin, which happens to be the largest megalithic structure in the Balkans, is said to hold a supernatural passage to another dimension.

You should also visit the sanctuary near the village of Tatul. It was built thousands of years ago, in full compliance with the principles of so called sacred geometry that inspired all the major ancient civilizations.

In the past, people used to call Rila Mountains the Nose of the Earth because it stood high above everything, as God. Till the present day, the mountain still stands pretty close to God, since many of its wonders are still preserved so well. The marvelous Seven Rila Lakes are both a natural and spiritual sight. Every summer thousands of devotees of the White Brotherhood New Age movement gather here for spiritual union and cleansing.

Rupite is another place that people believe to have a cosmic energy. The area is famous also for the mineral springs which are believed to have healing properties, curing all kinds of physical and mental illnesses.

bulgarian stonehenge

At the beautiful coast of the Black Sea there is the ancient temple of Beglik Tash, home to a structure built from large blocks of stone, not unlike Stonehenge. The temple also protects a fascinating sun dial in a cave, which doubles as an altar. Widely considered to be a Thracian sanctuary, it dates from 1500 BC. That’s at least two millennia and a half of uninterrupted sacred history!

These are but a few of the spiritual attractions that make Bulgaria a great destination to all those interested in mysteries and the energy of special places. The rich history of pagan and religious worship of all these places is enough to humble anyone into mindfulness and serenity.

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