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Boost Your Career: 5 Ways Yoga Helps Your Professional Life

by Alice Berg

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Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul.” - Amit Ray

You probably know the positive impact of yoga on your physical health, mind, spirit and emotional well-being. But have you heard that it can be particularly beneficial for your career success as well? 

More and more companies and corporations are starting to practice yoga at the workplace in order to reduce stress levels, improve employee’s productivity, work performance and achieve the best results ever. Keep reading in order to learn how yoga helps you boost your career and cope with professional challenges.


1. Yoga helps to say “Goodbye” to depression and anxiety and say “Hello” to self-confidence




Many employees are under constant pressure at work and this takes a toll on their physical and mental health. They suffer from sleep deprivation, lack of concentration and anxiety. In order to get back on track and to restore emotional well-being, practicing yoga at work is imperative. It is a perfect way to control your mind and body, rise self-awareness (also called mindfulness), become more confident and have an overall positive attitude.

Yoga can improve your mood and get rid of the negative impacts of a tense work process. You will be able to face and handle all difficult situations in the office. You will feel much more relaxed. By the way, you can practice office yoga with your colleagues! It will be highly advisable to arrange office yoga challenges. You will relate with other co-workers and it will bring your team together and will help establish more friendly relationships and understand each other better.

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In addition, yoga can significantly boost your confidence. By practicing yoga, you will learn how to believe in your own abilities. Once you see that you are improving your technique, you will sense your strength and respectively become more confident. With yoga, you will become fit and more flexible. Improving your body shape is one more confidence booster.


2. Yoga helps to keep calm and reduces stress




Most of us encounter stress at work each day. According to studies, 90% of all doctor visits are caused exactly by constant stress.

Office yoga will make you more stress-resistant. You will learn how to deal with stress and how to stay patient even in the most nerve-racking situations. Therefore, it will increase productivity in the workplace and enhance your work performance.

Meditation, breath practices, yoga poses, and yoga retreats will positively impact your nervous system. Yoga will let you relax and will improve your mood, alleviate your tension, calm you down. It will be extremely beneficial during the busy season at work.


3. Yoga teaches you to be more self-disciplined and make time management your best friend




In order to achieve results, you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort. If you want to excel at yoga and see the real progress, you have to commit to regular practices. Therefore, you will learn to manage your time, to be more disciplined and mindful. You can transfer these skills to your professional life. Meditation can help you to be more goal-oriented and to keep your focus. Afterward, you will be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.


4. Yoga opens new perspectives and improves creativity




With yoga, you will increase your attention span, memory and learning abilities. It will be easier for you to concentrate and to focus on important tasks and not get distracted. James Carter, Career Coach at GoodHired said: “We encourage our employees to take 10 minutes to practice yoga. Nothing can better boost their productivity and maintain a positive working environment”.

In addition, yoga will improve your creativity. You will be able to open your mind to get fresh, creative ideas and think outside the box.


5. Yoga shows nothing is impossible




Now you see that yoga does wonders! In fact, nothing is impossible for you. You can practice yoga even at the office. You will manage to reduce physical pain in your back, neck or other ailments that hold you back from complete concentration at work and hinder your effective performance.

A few yoga exercises are capable of lowering your blood pressure, increasing serotonin (happiness hormone) and decreasing cortisol (stress hormone). You will feel relieved and refreshed. There are innumerous poses you can do at your desk like neck circles, fun pose, shoulder rolls, desk plan pose, seahorse pose, seated side bend, wrist and finger stretches, and many others.

The benefits of yoga are immense. If you want some quality changes in your professional life, start practicing yoga at the office! You will become healthier, more relaxed, self-aware, disciplined, focused and super-productive at work. Yoga gives you mental clarity and it is also a great way to get closer with your like-minded colleagues, which is also important for successful work performance. 

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