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Yoga poses that serve to strengthen the shoulders are great to relieve back pain, because more often than not, it is a full body workout. While you strengthen your back, you also strengthen your core and legs – both areas that are essential for a strong back.

This sequence is more challenging than the previous few videos and will have your arms burning by the end. Don’t feel discouraged if you need to take breaks in between. Give your body some time to adjust to the work it has to do during this sequence and take it easy at all times!

I begin this sequence with a Sun Salutation as warm up. Feel free to do more than one Sun Salutation or even vary your salutation sequence if you have other preferences. The idea is just to get your muscles nice and loosened before you start the real work.

As always, do end your practice in Savasana to give yourself time to recover and relax. Have fun and see you tomorrow!

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