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BookYogaRetreats.com's Top 50 Favorite Yoga Blogs

by Elaine Clara

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When it comes to yoga blogs, we are aware that there’s an abundance of options to choose from. There are those that have great images and provide useful, practical tips we can instill unto our daily practice to those with little to no updates and/or confusing, difficult-to-digest information.


Long story short, the web is packed to the brim with all kinds of blogs relating to yoga and we know all to well that sorting through them can be a pain. Nevertheless, the team at BookYogaRetreats.com decided to tackle this challenge once and for all. We’ve scoured through countless yoga blogs in effort to compile a list of our top 50 favorites which we are more than happy to share with you. So what are you waiting for? Read on and prepare to be inspired!

The Journey Junkie

       Image credit: The Journey Junkie

No matter our backgrounds, we all have one journey to take, and that’s life. The Journey Junkie is a blog that is all about living life to the fullest – making the best out of it, together. On The Journey Junkie, you will find vast and interesting information on everything to do with yoga – the practice, the history and the tradition. But more than that, you will find inspiration on how to live your life with love and light!


Daily Cup of Yoga

The Daily Cup of Yoga is a delightful blog that documents its creator’s (Brian’s) yoga journey. He began with tight hamstrings and a Rodney Yee yoga video, and the rest just fell into place. His blog is a personal account of his experience over the years and includes great yoga tips for fellow yogis and yoginis!


Anacostia Yogi

Sariane Leigh is a modern day revolutionary. She teaches yoga and wellness in her neighborhood in Anacostia, Washington DC, USA (hence her blog’s name!). Sariane recognizes that her practice is a revolutionary act of service, inspiring others to commit to change. This exceptional blog is set out to create a wellness movement, offering a variety of yoga videos, personal anecdotes and useful (yoga-related) tips for yogis of all levels.


Semperviva Yoga

Semperviva Yoga blog’s tagline is “The Ultimate Blog” and indeed, it is the ultimate! Once you’ve found yourself on its homepage, you will find yourself scrolling through a wealth of information to do with all aspects of yoga, including nutrition, yoga perspective on current health trends, interviews and many more. “Freedom From Food” happens to be one of our favorite posts shared on this awesome blog. Be sure to check it out!


Yoga Baby Mama

Yoga Baby Mama is a wellness blog by a cool mama wanting to inspire other mamas out there. On Yoga Baby Mama’s blog, you will find plenty of healthy recipes to try out with your kids and the rest of the family. We particularly love Mantra Mondays because everyone needs a pick-me-up when battling those nasty Monday blues.


Starr Struck

      Image credit: Starr Struck Yoga

Yoga teacher, Mary Catherine, once found yoga to be a practice that is too slow in pace. However, after suffering from a hip and back injury, she was reacquainted with yoga and started practicing regularly. Mary Catherine hopes to inspire her readers to start living a more creative, simple, joyful and purposeful life. Her blog is a ecclectic mixture of delicious, healthy food recipes, yoga, personal sharing and design tips.


My Five Minute Yoga

Got five minutes to spare? Then hop on to My Five Minute Yoga for great tips on how to cultivate a home yoga practice five minutes at a time! As an Iyengar Yoga teacher, Eve believes that cultivating a practice is the best way to live well (we agree!). If you’re always pressed for time, try out Eve’s five-minute yoga practice.


Yoga Hub

Want information about meditation, yoga for men, or veganism without feeling overwhelmed? Then YogaHub is just the place for you. Here, they break down useful tips into bite-sized information (read its “3 Things to Know Before Starting Meditating” or “3 Simple Tips To Start A Home Yoga Practice”) so you don’t feel discouraged or intimidated.


The Everything Yoga Blog

The Everything Yoga Blog is as its name would suggest – offers just about everything to do with yoga! Its author, Diane, writes in depth and heartfelt posts sharing her knowledge on life and wellness. She also includes useful everyday tips like a holiday gift guide!


Yoga Curious

Curious about yoga? If so, then Yoga Curious is the place to be for you! Filled with all sorts of yoga facts including yoga gear, yoga and technology as well as yoga deals everywhere on the Internet, you’ll be spending hours on end scrolling through this website. Have a burning yoga question that is still unanswered? Why not write to the awesome team at Yoga Curious, they’ll be able to help you out!


Cowgirl Yoga

Image credit: Cow Girl Yoga

Cowgirl Yoga is the musings of Margaret, a former city girl fashionista turned Montana cowgirl who has been transformed by yoga and motherhood into an eco-conscious individual. Her unique blog is a must read as it offers interesting insights and anecdotes on yoga, motherhood, food and horses. As she says it, Yeehaw and Namaste!


Sadie Nardini

TV host, author and social media expert Sadie Nardini is the founder of core strength vinyasa yoga. Her blog is a fun space of lifestyle, travel and yoga. She’s giving away a free online yoga practice so do check her out now and be ready to rock on your yoga practice!


Elsie’s Yoga Kula

Based in Pittsburgh, Elsie shares her personal yoga journey on her blog. She also shares delightful podcasts of her yoga classes that are suitable for yogis ranging from beginner to advanced practitioners. You will also find product reviews and wellness tips on her site so hop on over!


My Yoga Blog

My Yoga Blog documents an Ashtangi’s daily Ashtanga practice as well as providing information on what’s in and out of the Ashtanga yoga community. We all know how confusing Ashtanga might be to a beginner so if you’re thinking about doing Ashtanga yoga, Ursula’s blog is a great place to start!


Bernadette Birney

Bernadette’s blog covers her personal yoga journey. She tells it like it is – that each individual’s yoga practice is his or her own and therefore no two practice is the same. For Bernadette, alignment is key, and as it should be!


Post Ashtanga (Vinyasa Krama)...at Home

If you are intrested in deepening your study of yoga beyond just the asana practice, then this is the blog for you! Post Ashtanga shares and explains many yoga teachings that will surely enlighten you and help you gain a deeper understanding of the practice. Here, you can also download a free Vinyasa home yoga practice guide to help you cultivate your practice right at the comfort of your own home!


Curvy Yoga

       Image credit: Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga is a wonderful site for yoga students of all shapes and sizes who are looking for a body positive practice. The site emphasizes body acceptance – something that we all tend to forget in our quest for perfect asanas. Yoga does not discriminate, and through its thoughtful content, Curvy Yoga beautifully reminds us of this!


Yoga By Candace

Yoga by Candace is run by international yoga instructor and healthy living blogger, Candace. Her blog focuses on the modern yoga lifestyle. What we really like about this blog is that it’s incredibly organized. There is a tab for you to look up recipes, ask a yoga questions and also see common yoga mistakes. Great for on-the-go yogis!


Claudia Yoga

If you’d rather watch a video on how to get into an asana rather than reading it, then we urge you to hop on over to Claudia Yoga. Claudia creates yoga sequences on demand (handstand please, Claudia!) for people who wants to get started in yoga or face a specific issue in their practice. Some of her videos have a Spanish option too!


Yogini From Manila

As the title of her blog suggests, Jane is a yogini from Manila, who started practicing way back when only a handful of people practiced in the Philippines. Her blog chronicles her personal yoga journey starting with her first experience in the practice to her certification as a Yin yoga teacher. Her blog also shares reviews for yoga and wellness books and healthy products.


Ishta Yoga

Ishta Yoga’s blog provides great answers to life’s big questions (Our personal favorite post: “The Yoga of Finance”) and does so with great sincerity and humility. Ishta means that which resonates with the individual spirit, and it certainly does resonate with us! Each article on this blog is both engaging and thought-provoking. 


Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive’s blog focuses on individuals as they interview numerous yogis whose stories are captivating and unique yet humbling and relatable.  Other than interviews, Radiantly Alive is a space filled with all things yoga, wellness and inspiration. This lovely site is certainly informative and fun.


Rachel Brathen

    Image credit: Rachel Brathen

If you’ve been on the look out for a yoga lifestyle blog that is easy on the eyes, this blog may be just what you’re looking for. The creator of #YogaEveryDamnDay, blogger Rachel is a Swedish yoga teacher living in Aruba who uses her blog as a platfom to offer and to share a wealth of great advice and opinions on yoga, meditation, mindfulness and overall health. If you haven’t already been doing so, you’d definitely want to check it out on the regular!


The Yoga Blog

An ultimate platform for authentic self-expression, the Yoga Blog seeks to create meaningful conversations on yoga. This simple yet beautifully designed blog is a platform where yogis from all over the globe can openly share the joys and pains of their personal (yoga) journeys. What we love about it is that since its contributors come from a spectrum of backgrounds, genders and skills, here, everyone can easily find stories they can very much relate to.


Spoiled Yogi

Former online editor for Yoga Journal, Erica Winters is the writer and yoga teacher behind Spoiled Yogi. Her pregnancy yoga posts are informative and engaging with lots of good information for soon-to-be mamas. And for all you moms out there, might we recommend for you to check out Erica’s post on “Yoga Practice for Mommy Brain?”


The Vegan Asana

Lorin is a yoga teacher, university professor, scholar, spouse and mother of six. She is also a passionate vegan, and hence the name The Vegan Asana. On her blog, Lorin discusses both yoga and vegan food how they intersect. If you’re interested in one or the other, head on to The Vegan Asana!


J. Brown Yoga

J. Brown has been developing techniques to teach people how to practice yoga in a deeper and more fulfilling way for more than 15 years. The loss of his mother brought him to yoga, from which he experimented with Ashtanga and the Iyengar yoga. His articles are often insightful and thought-provoking as questions and debate the status quo of yoga. Our favorite article amongst the bunch is “Yoga is not stretching”.


Chelsea Loves Yoga

Image credit: Chelsea Loves Yoga

Dr. Chelsea Jackson’s approach to yoga is an eye opener to us. She works primarily with marginalized communities, with her latest research on the lived experiences of Black teen yoga practitioners who use yoga and storytelling mediums for critical literacy development. Chelsea aims to cultivate communities through yoga and uses her blog to tell inspiring stories about yogis in the community.


Yoga Tune-Up

What makes Yoga Tune-Up’s blog unique is its focus on physical injuries as well as the complications that may arise due to incorrect yoga practice or misallignment of the body. Here, you can find a vast collection of extensive tips and advice from seasoned yogis to help those suffering from injuries by offering practical solutions to alleviate various types of pains and to improve the overall well-being of the body.


Yoga Wiz

If you’re interested in the fundamentals of yoga, including its history, the many types of practice and asanas, Yoga Wiz is the place for you. The blog debunks some interesting yoga myths, provides insightful information on the yoga system as well as gives you a basic understanding of what a yoga class is like.


Lexi Yoga

Lexi Yoga shares yoga videos, poses and reviews in a succinct manner that is easy to grasp and understand. Its articles breaks down information into bite sized bits that don’t confuse you. Now don’t we wish all articles were written in that way? Check out its “6 Yoga Poses to Look Good Naked” post!


Ninie Ahmad

Ninie, a Malaysian based yoga personality behind the Ninie Ahmad blog, wittily dubbed herself as “an annoyingly optimistic malaysian yoga teacher”. Juggling the often demanding role of a mother and her yoga practice, Ninie enjoys writing and sharing anecdotes on her experiences on and off the mat and she often includes charming candid pictures that gives us a personal glimpse into her daily life.


Yoga Dork

One of the favorites amongst the yogi community, Yoga Dork instantly peaked our curiosity with its playful name. Once we’re on its pages, we were certainly not dissapointed as it easily kept us hooked and entertained for hours on end with its posts which focus on latest yoga news heavily sprinkled with humor, wit and wisdom. It comes to no surprise that it makes it unto the list as one of our most favorites!


Adam Hocke Yoga

             Image credit: Adam Hocke Yoga

Adam’s main message to take away from his blog is that yoga is possible for just about everyone. He leaves his readers with tips and answers common yoga questions such as where to look in a triangle pose or downward dog. He also creates helpful podcasts with practical short sequences for those who are constantly on the go!


Whole Life Blog

From interesting content on asanas to meditation to mysteries and dogs,  the Whole Life Blog pretty much covers it all it all. With her varied interests and passions, blogger Tracy, is also the creative brain behind the Downward Dog Mysteries books. If you too happen to be a lover of yoga, mysteries and dogs, you simply can’t miss out on her posts!


Ashley Josephine Yoga

We give much props to blogger Ashley Josephine has successfully created a blog that serves as an excellent resource for the modern day woman looking for a little more balance in life. Through her posts, she seeks to teach with a mind/body/soul approach to help you “Live the Life You Were Born to Live”. We are especially fans of her “bite-size” series of yoga videos to give you a taste of the studio in your own home.


Body Divine Yoga

Written by a certified yoga instructor and therapist, Body Divine Yoga is a wonderful look into yogic philosophy at work in the modern world, or as guru B.K.S. Iyengar put it, discovering that: “The needs of the body are the needs of the divine spirit which lives through the body.”. If you happen to have a deep passion for yoga and science, you’re in for a treat! Here, you’ll learn interesting insights to the blogger’s journey through the ancient traditions of enlightenment to rediscover the “body divine” in light of modern science.


Elena Brower

“Engage. Practice. Transform” is what blogger Elena aims to achieve through her the information and teachings that she shares on her blog.  As a busy, multi-faceted woman, she is also a mama, teacher, speaker, author and the founder of Teach. Yoga, who has been teaching yoga and meditation over 15 years. Here, she offers a wealth of content which focuses on yoga & meditation as a way to approach the world with realistic reverence and gratitude.


Yoga Untwisted

     Image credit: Yoga Untwisted

A self-professed “lover of all things yoga”, blogger Carissa first discovered the healing power of  yoga when she took up the practice after fracturing her knee on a mountain biking accident. From that experience, she seeks to use her blog to  inspire others to discover the joy and benefits of yoga. What makes her blog special is also offers wonderful posts on Minimal living, Paleo diet, Barefoot running, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Meditation, which all ties into her daily yoga practice.


Y is for Yogini

Y is for Yogini is a blog that aims to provide yogis of all levels a "keep-it-real guide spirit guide for life". Through an undoubtedly original and refreshing approach, the blog’s awesome creator seeks to help her readers to unearth their real self through her always entertaining and often humorous posts on yoga, meditation and wellness. We’re definitely a fan!


Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga’s blog provides you a wealth of information on everything yoga in an interactive way. From thorough examination of asanas, to the importance of breath as well as scrumptious healthy recipes, this platform has it all. Once you’re on it, you’ll most likely be hooked!


Eco Yogini

Sharing fresh and thought-provoking content which combine deep passions for sustainable eco-friendly living and yoga, the Eco Yogini is the"eco-holic guide to living yoga". Based out of Canada, the blogger behind this unique yoga blog uses her platform to share her insights, tips and anecdotes to all who seeks to live a eco-friendly lifestyle through yoga and beyond.


Yoga Healer

What makes Yoga Healer, the blog of Cate Stillman, stands out from other yoga blogs is its focus on not only on yoga but also Ayuverda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Here, she offers effective, practical life skills to achieve a vibrant health and how to move gracefully at any age.


Rachel Zinman Yoga

Blogger Rachel Zinman has been practicing yoga for 30 years and has taught it  for over 20. Hence, we can safely say that she has a whole lot of great tips and insights to share when it comes to the topic! As an avid writer, she often shares anecdotes of her daily yoga practice and is a contributor for Mind Body Green, as well as many other yoga related websites and blogs.


Daily Downward Dog 

         Image credit: Daily Downward Dog

With the tagline “Go from stressed out to blissed out”, The Daily Downward Dog is a blog that instantly draws you in. This blog serves as it’s creator’s (Maria’s) journal of cool yoga experiences as she journeys through the spiritual worlds of yoga and meditation. Through her posts, Maria strives to share the wealth of benefits of yoga for people over 40 and to help bring relief to the many back-pain sufferers of the world. 


Yoga Minded

A former investment banker, blogger Christy believes that her yoga practice has provided her with inner peace both in her work and in figuring out the answers to life’s most meaningful questions. Through her blog, Christy seeks to share the gifts of yoga that would hopefully help others to do the same. With 20 years of study and teaching yoga under her belt, she is especially passionate in teaching yoga to teenagers who are setting their lifelong habits. 


Kathryn Budig

Blogger Kathryn had trained and taught yoga in LA for 8 years and now she is traveling the globe and telling her story. Her blog is a collection of anecdotes of her traveling yogi lifestyle where she shares her zeal for life, yoga and good food! Kathryn is a woman of many hats as she is also Women’s Health Magazine’s yoga expert and the co-founder of “Poses for Paws”, an organization dedicated to raising money for animal shelters through yoga.


It's All Yoga, Baby

With a mission “to spark investigation into the relationship between yoga, the body and popular culture”, It's All Yoga, Baby created and managed by a yoga teacher, Roseanne Harvey. From insightful interviews, useful product reviews, yoga practice tips, to smart discussions on yoga culture and everything in between, this quirky and informative blog is one-stop destination when it comes to yoga. If you have yet to check it out, we definitely urge you to do so!


One With Life

Created and managed by Stephanie Spence, a California based blogger, One with Life is an expression of the love of yoga and the love of life. A writer, adventurer, yoga teacher, an athlete, a screenwriter and a mother of two her blog chronicles the tales of her daily life as a traveling yogini and much more. We especially adore her “Yoga - Wisdom of the Day” a brief yet powerful yoga wisdoms which she shares on a daily basis.


Alive in the fire


Image credit: Alive in the Fire

Inspired by careful asana practice, living wholeheartedly, giving hugs and letting go, Rachel, the blogger behind Alive in The Fire believes that when we are quiet, we begin to see everything with love. Here, she shares with her readers a variety of content on yoga, health and wellness that she hopes to bring positive energy, joy and inspiration on and off the mat.


Thanks for taking your time to read this post. We hope you enjoyed all these fabulous blogs. Click here to keep reading more interesting stories on BookYogaRetreats.com blog.

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