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BookYogaRetreats.com’s Yoga Challenge to Relieve Back Pain Day 1: Standing Poses

by Elaine Clara Mah

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For most of us, back pain is a natural occurrence in our lives, and a major contributor to this problem is improper posture. Unfortunately, we spend so much of our time sitting down – from sitting in the bus or train commuting to and from work to sitting at our work desk for long periods each day. For women, standing in impossibly high heels can also contribute to our ailing back health.

Plenty of things can help relieve back pain. Be it trips to the chiropractor, regular exercise and even proper consumption of health supplements. But many of these things take time and commitment – two factors we probably can’t afford. So before you commit yourselves to expensive bills at the chiropractor, why not try yoga?

For the next 7 days, I will be sharing with you some yoga poses that can help you relieve back pain and strengthen your back muscles as well as align your spine. Each sequence run between 5 and 7 minutes long – short enough for you to do at lunch break and not leave you feeling exhausted after!


Day 1

Source: BookYogaRetreats.com’s YouTube Account

In today’s video, we focus quite a fair bit on standing yoga poses. Hunching and the over-arching of our lower back, which then puts a lot of weight and pressure on the hips, are the main causes of back pain and discomfort. To combat this, I’ll be showing you some standing poses that work on lengthening the spine, thus relieving pressure on the lower back.

I also stress on the outward rotation of the shoulder to help you open chest and relax the upper back muscles, which have gotten stiff over time. Bringing awareness to the shoulders and consciously drawing them away from the ears will also help with removing strain on the back of the neck.

Lastly, standing poses also helps us build awareness on our feet and strengthen them as a whole as a strong base really helps with the lengthening of the spine.

If you have time, do try to stay longer in each poses and really connect with your breath. Once you have finished, remember to take some time to relax in Savasana as a way to close your practice.

Good luck and see you on the mat tomorrow!

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