Lovely thoughts as warm sunshine shifting lights over white clouds

BLooM Yoga Bags - white flower lee



ocean blue so peaceful and relaxing helps you to meditate

BLooM Yoga Bags - blue flower lee



opulent garden brings positive energy from mother nature

BLooM Yoga Bags - green flower lee



Merry and bold as you start and end your day cheerful

BLooM Yoga Bags - polka dot flower lee



“I have been using my Bloom Yoga Bag for the last 3 years now and I am very happy with it. I like the fabric, the cheerful design, the reasonable price. A big plus is the fact that Iris cares about leaving a positive footprint on this earth. My close friends also got their yogabag from Bloom!” says Vandana, a long time user of the yoga bags.


Words from Iris, founder of BLooM Yoga Bags – “I love flowers and that is one of the reasons why I chose them for the bags. Lots of flowers and many colors. My name (Iris) is a flower and since my family were growers of flowers, I literally grew up among flowers. I can not walk past a flowershop without stopping to see all the beauty of these flowers. What flowers do in essence is to grow and be beautiful and they do not fuss about it! A beautiful metaphor for life. Bloom be beautiful!”


BLooM Yoga Bags - red flowers lee

We love the  BLooM Yoga Bags by Iris Kester! Which one do you like the best? Please share your comments below.