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What's the best breakfast for weight loss? 8 Great Food Choices

by Jack Parker

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Breakfast isn't just what is eaten in the morning. No, there is more to it. Breakfast helps to set the tone for the day. It determines our mood for the rest of the day, and this explains why it is important to eat healthy especially in the morning.

The best all-inclusive yoga retreats in the world know this and offer their guests an ideally balanced breakfast meal. This helps them get or stay fit easier, and makes for a true wellness experience.

Shedding some weight isn't something you do only for outer physical reasons. It is not only for good posture, stature, or physique. It is needed for maintaining and sustaining good health. Usually, when a person's BMI is above the thirty-point mark, it is accompanied by so many unpleasant things. Obesity is not a stigma, but it can be a big problem. Too much fat in the body can even lead to cardiovascular diseases.

It is common knowledge that regular exercise and an occasional detox experience helps to get rid of unwanted body fat. However, in this post, we will concentrate all our efforts on how we can use what we eat for weight loss. There are plenty of foods that burn fat, and here are the top 8 we recommed.

What are the best morning meals for weight loss?

1. Raspberries

raspberries and chamomile flowers breakfast table

This fruit contains about 12g carbohydrate and 1.2g protein. It belongs to the rose family and has a caloric value of 53. Some of the very many benefits of raspberries include reducing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. It also has strong anti-oxidizing properties that make it useful for battling obesity and unwanted body fat.

2. Oatmeal

oatmeal and blueberries bowl breakfast

With a caloric value of 68 and total fat of 1.4g, oatmeal is another breakfast that can help to reduce weight. Oatmeal is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals that the body desperately craves. Health benefits of oatmeal include weight loss, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, and controlled blood sugar. Often referred to as porridge, oatmeal is very easy to prepare. It is very rich in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and copper.

3. Yogurt

yogurt and red currants bowls breakfast

Before one can talk about giving up excess weight, protein and essential vitamins must first take the place of fats. Yogurt is another breakfast to consider if indeed you want to reduce weight without going through much stress. The bacterial fermentation of milk produces yogurt. It is rich in carbohydrate and protein but not fat. It is also an excellent source of calcium and potassium and is useful for slimming down.

4. Peanut butter

peanut butter and strawberries on toast breakfast

It usually comes as a paste, and it is made from dry peanuts. It is heart friendly and a very good source of protein. It is also rich in magnesium and fiber content. Hence, when eaten, it fills up your stomach, and you wouldn't be craving those junk foods that adds to your body weight.

5. Eggs

eggs on avocado toast breakfast

Eggs are a good source of protein and vitamins. Depending on how you want it, eggs can be fried or boiled. It is one of the most popular and most nutritious food all over the world. Eggs reduce the risk of heart diseases and eye infections. They also make you lose weight by making you consume fewer calories. In fact, studies have shown that it is healthy to eat at least one egg every day.

6. Dark chocolate

dark chocolate for breakfast close up

Studies on the effects of chocolate have shown that the dark varieties of chocolate aren't only bursting with anti-oxidants, which are good to health all-around, but also helpful in weight loss. Those who ate one or two squares of dark chocolate in the first part of their day were less tempted by foods loaded with carbs and fat (aka pizza) later in the day. Just add a bite of dark chocolate to your oatmeal or yogurt in the morning, or savour it by itself.

7. Nuts

walnut with and without the shell photo close-up

As long as you snack on nuts in a controlled way, by adding just a spoonful or two into your oatmeal or yogurt, they can be a great aid in your weight loss efforts. The good fats in nuts not only support your immune system and give you energy, but they can also make you less inclined to over-eat later in the day. Besides keeping the munchies away, nuts of all kinds can also help you unlock the energy you need for maintaining a fitness routine.

8. Beans

beans and bell peppers in a pan for breakfast

Ok, ok, so we know that beans aren't actually the go-to breakfast food, but their benefits for the body are amazing. Legumes (beans of all kinds, chickpeas and peas) are full of high-quality protein, fibre and vitamins, making you feel full for longer. One delicious way of adding beans to your breakfast routine is going for a Huevos Rancheros dish, or some quick tostadas, once a week.

Looking for a healthy way of staying – or getting – in shape, without going into classic diet vicious circles? Yoga and cooking retreats are an unique experience, where guests can get away from it all, stay fit, and develop a healhty relationship to food. After one stay, you will feel more relaxed and energized than you’ve been in years, and your efforts to be fit will get better results. 

You can find Jack on the blog of BossPeptides, where he is a regular contributor.

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