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The Benefits of Aerial Yoga & How Practicing It Makes You Feel

by Eva Henderson

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How about hanging upside down on a fabric like a swing or a hammock? Can you imagine something more relaxing and exciting at the same time? Welcome to an Aerial Yoga class. It is a mix of pilates, aerial gymnastics, and yoga movements that will give you more strength and flexibility in a fun and twisted way. 

How does it work?

Unlike traditional yoga, in aerial yoga, the weight of your body is supported by a swing or hammock as most practitioners call it. This special heavy-duty but yet soft fabric is made of a high-density material that can support your body in yoga poses, helping you achieve deeper stretches and more flexibility.

Let us say that aerial yoga practitioners are enjoying the same benefits as regular yoga practitioners but in a more intense, liberating way, with some additional advantages.


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A few things you need to know first


It is important to know and follow a few tips before deciding to give this unique and refreshing new form of exercise a shot. For sure, these insights will help you make the best of your first aerial yoga experience, avoiding accidents and injuries.

  • Wear fitted and yet comfortable clothes. Flabby or baggy pieces of clothing will make it difficult to move and can cause accidents by getting tangled. It will make you feel better anyway so, if you don’t do that usually, know that it is recommended to attend aerial yoga barefoot. You’ll feel more comfortable and it is also more practical.

  • Do to the higher intensity level of this kind of workout, previously, don’t forget to hydrate your body and eat light meals. Drink water instead of acidic drinks before class; that way, you will avoid unpleasant feelings during upside-down movements.

  • Remove your jewelry and any other objects that might get tangled in the hammock.

  • Last but not least, do not perform this type of yoga alone unless you already have good aerial yoga skills. It is safer to start performing with an instructor, as it is for sure an intimidating workout at first.


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The wonderful benefits of aerial yoga


Achieving more freedom of movement can be very helpful in improving some poses that you are trying so hard to experience and even move your body in very new positions that will make you feel more fulfilled with your stretching movements. Not being used to practice your exercises this way, you will improve your focus and by that, you will obtain better results.

Let the gravity work for you! It will be harder for your body but your muscles will work harder as well, especially your core muscles that you will engage a lot in balancing yourself during aerial yoga sessions.

The stress relief aerial poses are something to try at least once in a lifetime. Since childhood, hanging upside-down has always been fun, not to mention stretching your ligaments, relaxing your muscles, and decompressing your spine.

Without exception, our vertebrae are stacked every day being pulled down by gravity. Imagine the sensation of flipping them upside down, allowing your spine to decompress and just feel free of that all day long pressure.

Just like ‘regular’ yoga, aerial yoga inversions are helpful in temporarily improving your circulation. On the long term, this will give you more energy and focus.

The blood boost will also put a big smile on your face and will make you feel liberated. Your brain, just like with any other form of exercise, will produce more endorphin and dopamine and, as some specialists are asserting, even more serotonin.

The release of all these feel-good chemicals and the wonderful balance of your body will make you feel more serene and a little bit euphoric.

Fancy experiencing this freedom and exhilaration for yourself? Book a spot on one of the short aerial yoga holidays on offer right now, and immerse yourself in pure, unadulterated joy!

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