Vilanculos, the beautiful coastal town

One particular coastal town, Vilanculos, part of the famous Bazaruto Archipelago, sparkles a little brighter than the rest. Boasting long, palm-fringed beaches, creamy sand so fine that it squeaks underfoot, panoramic views of the islands and crystal clear waters, Vilanculos is the perfect destination for a truly unique yoga retreat. The uninterrupted views generate complete peace of mind.


A view of the beautiful beach


Here one can truly connect with nature, relaxing in the tranquility and serenity inspired by the beauty that surrounds them. The coral reefs have yet to be affected by mass tourism and are regarded as some of the most diverse and least disturbed in the world. 


Walking along the peaceful, uninterrupted beach


The area, a national marine park, is a protected breeding ground and nesting area for a vast array of birds and marine life, including Manta rays and the rare Dugong, one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. This is nature at its pristine finest.


Life in the area

The laidback lifestyle and exotic, tropical cuisine, which has been strongly influenced by the Portuguese who colonized the country for 500 years, add a touch of spicy comfort to your visit.


The beautiful, quaint bedroom offered by Deacra Retreats in the area


With Mozambique's food sources mainly revolving around fresh seafood, organic fruit and vegetables locally and naturally grown, healthy, wholesome eating is guaranteed.


Things to see and do

Other activities in the area include snorkeling or scuba diving on the famous reefs of the Bazaruto Islands, horse riding the unique coastline landscapes, and setting sail aboard a traditional dhow to visit the islands.


Setting sail into the oceans


There are also field trips to learn about the history and culture of the amazing indigenous people, and for the more adventurous, kite boarding, the fastest growing sport in the world, can be learned and experienced here or explore the bay on a stand up paddling board.


Explore the area on an SUP - a whole different view altogether!


There are also yoga retreats you can join, hosted by Deacra Villas, if you want to focus on getting healthier. What's amazing about these retreats is that they have this special and uniquely unspoiled scenery as a backdrop!

Have you ever been to Mozambique? Do you have any favorite yoga and beach retreat destinations? Comment below or share with us your stories, we would love to hear from you!