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Arm-Strengthening Yoga Sequence

by Namit Kathoria

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No matter what stage you are in your yoga practice, a strong core is not the only thing you need to sustain your poses. You also need strong arms. Here are eight steps that will help you get just that!

Before you begin, however, make sure that the environment is safe, practice with caution, and push yourself only as much as you are comfortable.

Please be advised that these sequences may not be suitable for beginners – I highly advise to attempt them with the supervision of professionals.

1) Begin with two to six sun salutations to warm up the body. 

2) Then come into crow pose, also known as bakasana in Sanskrit. This brings strength into your arms and core muscles.

3) Next, come to the crane pose. This is similar to crow pose but uses the triceps more as you try to bring the knees into the shoulders.

4) Jump back into chaturanga from here to strengthen the arms.

5) Move into the tripod headstand.


The crow pose. Image: Yoga Sutra Shala


6) The crow follows. This works your tricep muscles and core muscles a lot more. 

7) The next posture is peacock pose or mayurasana, which strengthens the biceps. You can keep the feet on the ground in this posture until you get stronger. You can also start with a block underneath your chin and one underneath your toes.


The peacock in lotus pose. Image: Yoga Sutra Shala


If you're already feeling comfortable with the peacock pose, you can try the more advanced version: the peacock in padmasanaor the lotus pose. Make sure that your knees are on the ground until you get stronger and more confident in performing this posture.

8) To finish, come to the side crow pose. This strengthens your core muscles as well as your arms, and you will work the internal obliques of both sides of the body as well as the transverse abdominal muscles.

Looking to master the sequence above? Sign yourself up for a yoga retreat and learn to do so under the guidance of professionals!

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