So, You’re Already a Yoga Teacher. And What Now?

by Dr. Sanjeev Pandey

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Yoga is so popular today that more and more people from all over the world not only do it for wellness or fashion but also in order to obtain skills to start a career as a yoga instructor.

Some may even look for the most authentic yoga tradition and travel to Southeast Asia to search for deep and pure knowledge or go for a yoga teacher training in India. It all sounds great, but what is the next step once you become a certified yoga teacher?

We see many students who come to the world capital of yoga –Rishikesh– with different purposes. Some of them who are already yoga teachers want to implement new skills in their classes, others do it just for themselves, while others are dreaming to start a career as yoga teachers. But all of them will have their lives changed after their incomparable experience in India!


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Thanks to the pure and sattvic energy of the Himalayas, a vegetarian diet, yogic purification, development of stability of your body with asana, lightness with pranayama, calmness with meditation karma yoga, you feel the transformation and connection with your true self.


What options do you have after completing your yoga teacher training?


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If you already are a yoga teacher with 200 hours of Yoga Alliance Certificate you can:

  • Continue your education to obtain a 300 or 500 hours’ certificate.
  • Continue your education to obtain a certificate in yoga therapy and apply yoga as a healing method in alternative treatments of diseases.
  • Continue yoga education in more specialized ways like taking a pranayama teacher training, meditation teacher training, yoga for pregnant women, Reiki course, kids yoga teacher training, etc.
  • Extend your interest to Ayurveda, Astrology or vastu shastra.
  • If it’s not possible to go to India, try a retreat nearby your place.


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If you’re just a yoga lover who wants to stick to what you learned:

  • Make it a habit to wake up 30 minutes earlier to do yoga. Add Jala Neti and Pranayama to your practice to take it to the next level.
  • In the evening, try to do 30 minutes of asana and 30 minutes of meditation.
  • Due to the increasing level of Prana in your body, you will feel happiness and balance, you will solve problems quicker and more effective, you will be able work more & perform better.


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For all yoga practitioners after going on a retreat:

  • Continue your vegetarian diet in order to keep and increase your level of pure energy and Prana.
  • Do some karma yoga. It will keep your ego in a low state.
  • Keep the yama / niyama principles to attract good people to your life.
  • Develop yourself by visiting popular spiritual places in Himalaya like Bardinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and do yoga there. The strong and amazing energy of these places will help you to progress and go deeper in your meditative practice. You will see how pure and beautiful your soul is.
  • You can also visit alternative programs like a detox retreat or chakra balancing retreats just to keep your practice.
  • Never forget that now you have the tools to help others to search their own way. Use them wisely!


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