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Why Acro Yoga is the Perfect Date Option: 5 Reasons to Do it with Your Partner

by Donna Devlin

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You love yoga, he loves yoga – it’s a match made in heaven.

Incorporating your favorite activity in your dating life can help you get together faster. Activities on a date serve as an excellent ice-breaker. It’s definitely better to engage in something than to stare awkwardly at each other over a dinner table.

Yoga is well known for its ability to improve the quality of your love life. But before we get there, however, you’ll have to make sure that you and your date are compatible. Acro Yoga can help you do just that!

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1. You’ll Have Better Communication

communication in acro yoga

Acro Yoga offers an interesting multidisciplinary approach towards exercise and mindfulness. It brings together yoga, acrobatics and the healing arts.

When Acro Yoga is being practiced, traditional Hatha and Vinyasa will be combined with acrobatic lifts. One person in the couple is the lifter and the other will be getting lifted. To accomplish this task, you’ll have to communicate extensively.

If you’re being lifted, you’ll have to communicate what feels comfortable, what your insecurities are and where you draw the line in terms of things you can’t do. The person doing the lifting will have to reassure their partner that they can offer sufficient support.

A great relationship is based on communication and trust between the two. The practice of Acro Yoga gives you an excellent chance to build both. If you can work together as a team, you will probably start experiencing a lot of intimacy right from the start.


2. It Builds the Emotional Side of a Relationship

Emotional strength is much more important than chemistry when it comes to building something long-lasting. While it may be difficult to believe, the practice of Acro Yoga can help you increase the emotional ties you have to the person you’re seeing.

Opening up to new people, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past, can be nearly impossible.

You’ll carry the hurt and the resentment and it will keep you from sharing yourself fully with a new person that you just met.

Acro Yoga forces you to be vulnerable, whether you’re the one doing the lifting or the one being elevated off the ground. You have to rely on another person – something that most of us don’t feel comfortable with. Getting a bit uncomfortable is great because it provides room for growth.

These moments you share with a person you fancy can stimulate meaningful communication and exchanges in the future. Don’t be afraid to let go for an hour or two and put your trust in another human being. You’ll probably be surprised in the best way.


3. The Joys of Touching Each Other

touch in acro yoga

Our touch plays a paramount role in the way we communicate.

Non-verbal communication is as important as having a conversation with each other. Touch and body language are both involved.

Experiments suggest that we’re capable of communicating many emotions by touching each other – love, sympathy, gratitude, happiness, sadness and even anger. We instinctively know how to use touch to convey something. Unfortunately, we live in a society where touch is becoming less and less common.

Through Acro Yoga, you’ll quickly overcome some of the embarrassment that will potentially stem from touching each other.

While having a new date is incredibly exciting, the prospects of physical proximity can be nerve-wracking. Acro Yoga will give you a chance to hold each other in a completely safe environment. This touch is inherently non-sexual, allowing you to get comfortable in the experience before moving on to the next level of getting to know each other.


4. You Get a Chance to Laugh Together

couple laughing in yoga

People who aren’t expert Acro Yoga practitioners will probably embarrass themselves during their first and even during subsequent sessions – you’ll fall a lot. Being silly with each other or embarrassing yourself by falling on top of the person you fancy can provide a bit of comic relief in an inherently tense situation.

While such moments will probably give you a little blush, but they’ll probably endear you to your partner. When dating, we want to get to know the other person in their most natural state. As human beings, however, we tend to put our best foot forward when we want to be liked. As a result, we tend to behave rather unnaturally.

The stiffness will be gone by the end of the Acro Yoga session. You’ll feel safer and more relaxed in the company of your date, which will give you a chance to discover each other’s most genuine sides.


5. A True Connection

connect through yoga

Imagine the following scenario – you’re sitting at a bar with your date and you’re having drinks. While having a conversation, you have to interrupt for a phone call that you have to take. There are passers-by, noises and sounds bound to distract you.

Acro Yoga gives you an opportunity to connect on a deeper level in the absence of distractions.

When working as partners, you have to put 100 percent of your focus on the activity that you’re doing and the person that you’ll be attempting a pose with.

Through Acro Yoga, you can learn how to maintain eye contact, how to pay attention to each other and how to communicate in a lighthearted way.

Don’t be afraid of giving the activity a try if you’ve never practiced Acro Yoga before or you’re not much of a yoga person. If your date loves yoga, you’ll make them feel good by participating in one of their passions. In addition, you’ll learn something new that you may eventually start to enjoy. Building such experiences and memories together can result in long-lasting positive vibes.

The only thing you should do is prepare yourself thoroughly, know what to expect and what equipment to bring. These are the essentials required to feel comfortable during the class and to make the most of your date with that special someone.

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