I have definitely improved in my yoga postures and learned new poses, my back and hips are far stronger from practising twice daily and I continue twice weekly classes. Thank you, Namit—I have realized through the last month there is far more to life than the humdrum of work, cleaning, shopping, paying the bills and general daily worries as they get you nowhere but age and stress you—I aim to stay relaxed, at peace and calm, but feel the levels rising mostly through work stress, so that's the first thing to change!

From the start, communication was amazing from Namit. He guided me through and convinced me that he was going to be an amazing teacher, with his knowledge of the whole body and certain problems that I have. He is all that and more, also highly trained in nutrition.


Mountain views. Image: Karen Jackson


I was met at the airport by taxi around 2 p.m along with one more lady, after which we then collected two other yogis in Central Malaga and made our way along the coast and up the mountains to our paradise for six days. We were greeted with smiles by Namit and his beautiful, heavily pregnant wife Maru. Meanwhile, expert vegan chef Anna was working her magical skills to the full in the kitchen, preparing a late lunch of absolute loveliness.

All four of us were given a room each, which was very generous of Namit. We also accepted a lovely bonus for which I am very thankful: a tour around the part of the house we were to live in, which is very homely with two toilets, bathroom and shower. We were told to help ourselves to fruits and drinks from the kitchen at any time, and we also had a DVD player along with lots of books to read in our spare time.


Food at Yoga Sutra Shala. Image: Karen Jackson


The agenda of the day is perfect. I could not add to or fault it in any way, and the sunshine was welcomed along with brief dips in the lovely clean cool pool. The views are spectacular, and if you are willing to walk, you will find many more amazing sights. Sleeping in a single bed wasn't too groovy as I'm not used to it, but the bed was comfy, bedding was plentiful, and there were towels for showering. And bathing in the pool!


Yoga practice at Yoga Sutra Shala. Image: Karen Jackson


I cannot recommend this break enough to any gender, type, or age of person who wants time out to slow down de-stress, practice top quality guided yoga, walk, relax, meditate, switch off, tune in to body and mind, eat the most amazing healthy organic food you will ever eat, and more than anything, treat and value yourself as a whole. Take the leap and book today!

Many thanks to Namit and the team! I just wish we had more time for learning—I will return for more.

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