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A Yoga Book to Travel in Search of Wisdom: Dance of the Wind

by Marin Vayu

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Fire, water, wind, earth and spirit are the five elements that have inspired Marin Vayu’s work as spiritual instructor, lecturer, and most recently, as an author. He is a Croatian adventure guide and nature lover whose travels in Asia and Africa helped him to write a yoga book on his favorite element: Dance of the Wind.

It is the story of Ivan, a young man who travels to India in search of wisdom. There, with the aid of an unusual spiritual master, he doesn’t only discover the knowledge hidden in the world of the wind, but he also immerses himself in the philosophy of yoga and he even finds love. The story of Ivan has a lot of the author’s personal experiences, just with a few twists. “The book and Ivan are a reflection of my life, but it is not an exact account. I have taken artistic liberty to change some details regarding the timing, some locations, and the characters” explains Marin.

dance of the wind book

For Marin, writing the book was an originally short-term project that ended up in a five-year journey due to all the new travels that kept enriching his life. “I had a fairly good idea from the start about how the book was going to begin and end. I expected the book to be completed in a short period of time. However, my life experiences continued to influence the story as I worked out the middle sections. These learnings changed my life and I believe they can change the lives of others as well. I felt it was my duty to share them by writing a yoga novel to inspire others” describes Marin when asked about the process of his first novel.


A Rare Windy Combination

kayak marin vayu

With an interesting background that includes drumming classes, 17 years of windsurfing and 15 years in the world of yoga, Marin has found a fascinating combination between these three activities. “All three are individual practices, and as such, complement each other thanks to their commonalities. I believe that everything you do can be meditative if you are aware, but there are some activities that facilitate meditation. Windsurfing, for example, has a direct connection with nature. There is no noise pollution, only the sounds and powers of nature. It is not a competition with others, but rather a personal journey. The same can be said of yoga and drumming. In yoga you meditate with yourself while with windsurfing you meditate with yourself and nature. In drumming you can reach a state of meditation with yourself and within the group. So each practice supplements the others to achieve greater mindfulness” he says.

When you think about it, considering all his background, it’s not surprising that his first book is based on the wind. And while he is planning to write four more novels dedicated to each of the other elements (indeed he’s already working on the earth one), there is no doubt that wind has a very special place in his heart. “Wind has taught me the most. Wind is my strongest element, my teacher, and my guru. Wind is the one who taught me about all of the other elements. Wind is the element which carries knowledge” affirms Marin Vayu.


Living the Five Elements

five elements yoga

And aside from writing, windsurfing, drumming and doing yoga, he also runs a retreat center in Rovinj, Croatia with his partner Natali. It’s the Five Elements Guesthouse, where all the visitors can learn firsthand from the wisdom of the elements. “In our guesthouse we have created a five-day program where each day is themed after a specific element. The participants partake in different activities to connect with nature and the elements. For example, students connect with wind and water through windsurfing and kayaking, or they connect with earth through hiking secret caves. We also offer daily yoga, meditation and lectures. Through different meditation techniques the participants will discover the elements in themselves. We work together to find which element is the dominant one and which is the weakest in every student. Afterward, we work together on balancing the elements in ourselves.”

If you’d like to read Dance of the Wind and embark on a journey of self-discovery, you can order it online. Or browse through the Five Elements Guesthouse page if you’re interested in attending one of his retreats!

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