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A Sunflower in the Adriatic Sea

by Evening

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Suncokret (pronounced "soon-so-kret") is the Croatian word for sunflower, and literally means "sun-revolver", an accurate description of the sunflower's devotional relationship toward the divine light of the sun, which, in turn, enables it to blossom to its fullest potential. 

This amazing flower is a metaphor for the journey of Evening, a yoga therapist who along with her partner Stipe, combined their love, talents, interests and experiences together into a sustainable holistic lifestyle, until they blossomed like sunflowers at dawn. In return, they started Suncokret to offer their devotion, services and support as a platform for others to do the same in the form of a retreat in the beautiful Hvar Island, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

Read on to find out what it’s like for Evening to live her dream as a spiritual life coach!


Who or what served as your biggest inspiration to start Suncokret?

It may sound a bit out of left-field, but it was actually Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist that really inspired me to “sell all my sheep” and go for my dreams, even if they were to lead me on some roundabout adventure where I would feel lost and alone. In the end, if you trust in life and if your heart is in the right place, you will get to the destination or at least to your destined place with the Universe there to conspire with you for your true unfolding.


What is your favorite part of a yoga retreat?


I love meeting new people from all around the world and sharing a yogic pathway andbeautiful island adventure with them.

But if I had to pick the absolute favorite aspect of my work as a spiritually-awakened retreat leader, it would be the opportunity to walk individuals through the Life Path Awakening Workshop that I run. The workshop is based on my personal experience as a spiritual pilgrim on a quest and mission to live and serve my purpose.

Listening the intimate details of the lives of others, resonating with their story, their struggles, their lost hopes and neglected dreams and helping them to clear up some of the mental, emotional and physical blockages by offering holistic therapies and spiritual wisdom that enables them to become clearer about who they truly are and what they truly want in life, that's what brings me an immense sense of purpose, to be able to serve others in this way. And then acting as a mentor who is able to help support them in walking a pathway that leads to the unfolding of that higher life vision they have for themselves; there’s probably nothing more rewarding in life than seeing another human being manifest their heart's desires, live their dreams and blossom into their highest potential (aside, of course, from watching the blossoming of my own children).


What makes your retreats different than others? 

We are unique in that Suncokret was established based on visions from my own Life Path Journey work, which led to the fated meeting that I had with my life partner, Stipe, a native Hvar Islander. The combination of our life skills, talents, interests, energy and love lent itself to a nurturing retreat experience, one that was not preconceived but gracefully born out of fate’s own hand.

In other words, when we started Suncokret, we had never even heard of “retreats” - we just had a desire to share a holistic lifestyle and spiritual teachings with others within a naturally supportive Dalmatian island lifestyle setting.



What does Croatia offer that you can't find anywhere else?

Croatia’s Adriatic Sea is the cleanest in Europe, and it is home to one of the last unspoiled ecosystems on the planet. Aside from that, the Dalmatian way of life, or “laganini” (easy-going) approach to everything, is like a soothing balm for today’s over-stressed, anxiety-ridden, imbalanced, over-modernized and very unhealthy global population.

Pretty much everything about our way of life, from our food to our tempo to our natural surroundings is naturally yogic and healing on a profound level.


What do you want people to remember after going on one of your retreats?

The beautiful and healing mix of a holistic yoga experience within the backdrop of a paradise island environment, both humble and yet rich all at the same time. That, and the friendships formed within our intimate space, many of which last a lifetime thereafter.


How do you balance the business side of what you do with the detached yogi lifestyle? 


We have always held the position that we, as a couple and as retreat owners, have come together to live the life we believe in, one that allows us to function well as partners, serve out our purpose by doing the things we love to do and are naturally good at doing, surrounded by the kind of people and within an environment that we love and respect, within a framework that feels right on all levels.

We are not attached to the outcome, knowing that there are never guarantees in life. Both of us having experienced life outside this paradigm; we trust that we can live with or without our “business”, while at the same time we are humbled and honored that we have been able to see Suncokret grow and develop year over year, and, as long as that feels right and things flow, we’ll continue.

When you find yourself and live life from your heart, and know your own value and the value of the skills and talents and offerings you wish to put out there to the world, the Universe really does conspire to help you succeed. But you have to trust! And you have to work toward realizing your dreams by mustering up every ounce of courage and resourcefulness within you.

We have been blessed in realizing this pathway, though we are certainly blessed for many other reasons, and that “knowing” keeps us connected to the bigger picture, which is one of spiritual realization rather than a material one.


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