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5 Things You Should Do in A Yoga Class

by Elaine Clara

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Have you stepped into a yoga class and felt somewhat unsure of what to do? Here are our top tips on what you should do in a yoga class!

1. Create a space for yourself

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Whether you are new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, it is still easy to be overwhelmed and distracted by other practitioners in class. Try to find space for yourself within the crowd. Wherever you choose to position your mat, own the space. Breathe, focus, and block out your surroundings. Find stillness among the chaos, and silence among the noise. 

2. Set your intentions

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Finding your intentions could be as basic as wanting to achieve a good practice for the day or wanting to attain inner peace. Whatever it is, it is always useful to set your intention(s) prior to your practice. Why did you come to practice today? What do you want to achieve? Directing your practice towards a certain goal or purpose enables you to focus your mind, which will likely to help you get the most out of your practice.

3. Concentrate on yourself

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It is very easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and be distracted of thoughts such as "Am I better than her?" "How did he do that?" "Why can’t I do this pose better?" The beauty of yoga is that there is no competition. Yoga emphasizes the self. There is just your practice and your self. Concentrate on that. 

4. Always end with Savasana

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Too many people tend to leave class before Savasana, thinking that the practice has ended. It hasn’t, because your practice is only complete with Savasana (which is also an asana). It is a pose of relaxation, where the muscles are relaxed. In this pose, you are encouraged to let go of tension in your body and mind. This relaxation then invigorates both body and mind. 

5. Breathe

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It can’t be stressed enough that the most essential part of any yoga class is your breath. Be conscious about your breath. Breathe as you enter an asana, as you stay in an asana, and as you leave an asana. Breathing is indeed the key to your yoga practice!

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