5 Free Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course Giveaways!

by Monique Gharios

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Aerial yoga is completely different from any yoga style you have ever tried.  It is a fusion of traditional yoga, pilates, suspension fitness and aerial arts, all done while you are being fully supported and nurtured by your new yoga partner; your hammock! 

Aerial yoga is growing in immense popularity all around the globe, and to give you curious yogis out there a sampling of what it is all about, Aerial Yoga Academy is giving away 5 free courses of its revolutionary, money-saving online aerial yoga teacher training course to 5 lucky yogis! All you have to do is read on, and answer the question below. The contest will run until mid-December, and we will select 5 lucky winners with the best answers on December 16!

The Aerial Yoga Academy offers a strong supportive foundation that encourages students to flourish in their own time and in their own space. 

The course offers a comprehensive training manual and easy to follow training videos.  All asanas (poses) are described in detail in the Aerial yoga manual including, benefits, tips, and alignment instructions. The video presents a visual guide to the step by step manner in which each pose should be conducted. 

The flexibility of the course caters for all life styles offering the convenience of studying in your own home, allowing you to become a yoga teacher without sacrificing family or work obligations.

Another benefit of this correspondence training is that you can save thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation and meals associated with more traditional yoga training.


Anti-gravity fitness. Image by Monique Gharios

Decompression is the key

Sedentary activities - such as sitting all day in an office or car, exercising without stretching, and rotating the spine to only 20% of its full potential - or even years of poor posture, carrying heavy objects and wearing non-supportive footwear can all interfere with a healthy spine.  If your have experienced any of these, it is likely you may suffer from neck pain or back pain. 

You may be surprised to know some of these facts: 

  • The Aerial hammocks act like your own personal yoga teacher whilst you are learning the asanas.
  • Because of that, it makes Aerial yoga easier and safer to learn than traditional yoga.
  • This is because the Aerial yoga hammock supports you at all times whilst you are learning and building confidence. 


So how can aerial yoga help you?


Aerial cocoon. Image by Monique Gharios


The aerial yoga hammock supports you in 5 ways:
  1. Assists in balancing poses
  2. Corrects alignment
  3. Gives you a sense of feeling nurtured and safe throughout your practice
  4. Gives you full decompression of the spine
  5. Takes half your body weight whilst you work towards building strength


In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Aerial Yoga Academy online teacher training course. I have personally trained hundreds of students who are now running successful aerial yoga studios across the globe.


Ready to win? Here's the burning question: How do you think aerial yoga will personally benefit your health or your practice?


Post your individual answers to the question in the 'Add a comment' box!

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