Drinking tea brings tons of health benefits. Image: Jessi Andricks


Hot or warm lemon water

Just a combination of hot or warm water with lemon will detox, rehydrate, and cleanse your system during any type of cleanse. This can also be used to balance your system and re-energize you every morning. 

Hot lemon water and cayenne

If you are detoxing to deeply cleanse, adding cayenne to your lemon water will help to increase your digestion, heat up your body, and push toxins out of your system. This is a fantastic drink to use during a deep cleanse such as the Master Cleanse or any other intense cleansing routine. 


Adding cayenne pepper helps speed up your metabolism. Image: Desmoné Gambrell


Lemon-ginger tea with cinnamon and honey

If you are looking to improve digestion as well as clear out congestion, this tea will do the trick. The lemon and ginger act as digestive aids to soothe any upset in your system, while flushing it clean. The cinnamon and honey help support your sinuses by clearing them out and balancing any seasonal allergies. 


A near-perfect cold or allergy remedy! Image: The Book Bender


Turmeric, cayenne, and lemon tea

If you are detoxing to reduce inflammation and clear toxins, adding turmeric as well as cayenne to your tea will help to balance your immune system and reduce inflammation. The cayenne release and pushes toxins out of your system, while the turmeric naturally reduces overall inflammation within your tissues. Find the recipe here.


Don't let the color intimidate you, this tea tastes delicious! Image: Jessi Andricks


In any case, no matter which type of detox you are doing, or if you are just looking to add in a little extra cleansing each day, there is always a drink to support you – mind, body, and soul!

What are some of your neat detox tips or tricks? Do you have any favorite, foolproof detox recipe you want to share? Comment below or contact us; we would love to hear from you!