At a yoga festival, you can join an amazing group of people, make new friends and have a great time with music, food, dance, meditation, workshops, lectures and all sorts of yoga sessions guided by the most qualified instructors in the world. In a few words, a yoga fest is an experience that will inspire you to keep up the good vibes throughout the rest of the year; even when the summer is over, its magic will remain.

At, we’ve compiled the 10 best yoga festivals that guarantee to live up to those magical expectations of the season. Check out what they offer, from yoga classes, to lectures, meditation sessions, workshops, music, food, accommodation, etc. Take a look and get ready to have a blast!

1. Bluegrass Live Music and Yoga Retreat in the USA

bluegrass music

This is the ideal festival to spend an amazing weekend in a tranquil location, listening to bluegrass music, learning new skills, connecting with nature, and making new friends in a joyous community. And if you have kids, bring them along! They also have a kids’ camp and lots of fun in store for the young members of your family.

When: July 1-3.

Where: Illinois, USA. The festival takes place in the Stonehouse Farm, which is a 37-acre retreat center located just a few miles outside of Chicago. It has quaint walking paths surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, as well as a pond offset by a quiet sand beach.

Feel good: The festival offers 2 daily yoga classes and meditation sessions. Additionally, you can get in the massage cabin to balance your body and reinvigorate.  

Sing and dance: There will be a square dance under the stars, for you to shake your body to the rhythm of the local bands that will be playing from Saturday afternoon, to Sunday evening. The lineups include personalities like Miles Over Mountains, Anderlik, Otto and Church, Dan Andree, The Wandering Boys.

Eat: A variety of food trucks will serve food and there will be a barbecue on Saturday afternoon with vegetarian options. And at night, prepare to delight your palate with a meal featuring delicious organic, vegetarian dishes.

Learn: Take advantage of the multiple workshops and lectures to learn new skills such as: beekeeping, permaculture, organic gardening, mushroom hunting, candle making, raising chickens and many other activities.

Sleep: 2 nights of accommodation at the farm included.

Price: Starts from 125 USD.


2. Invigorating Summer Yoga Festival in Germany

summer yoga festival

A huge celebration for the summer arrival that takes place in Germany. This festival is perfect to escape for a week and recharge your batteries with Thai massage, holistic bodywork, lots of yoga and ecstatic dance!

When: July 11-17.

Where: Windberg Community Village in Beichlingen, Sömmerda, Thuringia, Germany.

Feel good: The daily schedule includes meditation and yoga sessions every morning, Thai massage and workouts.

Sing and dance: Ecstatic dance is a transformational journey in which wholeness, aliveness, and connection come together into focus. In a few words, it is how you dance when nobody is watching! The resident DJ will be Lacaze-Duthiers. He likes to accompany his music with live percussion and is also a certified yoga and AcroYoga teacher. He loves rhythm, dance and movement, sacred sounds, and bass music.

Eat: 3 vegetarian-organic meals are served every day.  

Sleep: Tents, dormitories and rooms available. 

Price: From 344 USD.


3. Telluride Yoga Festival

standup paddleboard yoga

Image source: Telluride Yoga Festival

The Telluride Festival is an event that attracts over 600 visitors every year and more than 50 presenters. It is an intimate and inspiring experience with plenty of activities, such as SUP yoga, hiking, meditation and music.

When: July 21-24.

Where: Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado, USA. The venue is nested at the end of a lush canyon surrounded by Colorado’s most rugged peaks, where the view is just astounding.

Feel good: Yoga and meditation sessions all day long, from 7 a.m. until night. All the classes are guided by an impressive lineup of teachers.

Sing and dance: The lineup includes great musicians such as DJ Daboco, Jyoti, Melaine Law, Steve Gold and Kiyoshi & Mental Physix.

Learn: The schedule during the four days of festival is filled with workshops and lectures that will take the yoga knowledge beyond the mat.

Sleep: There are several hotels available both in Telluride and in the Town of Mountain Village.

Price: From 99 USD.


4. Bliss Beat Yoga and Music Festival

yoga fest

Every year, this festival surprises everyone with an amazing atmosphere enriched by yoga, meditation and martial arts. The festival has the feeling of an experimental laboratory, striving to blow all the visitors’ minds with something new.

When: July 14-17.

Where: Piedmont, Italy. The venue is Cascina Bellaria, a classic country house surrounded by 8 acres of green land. It is situated far from the town and main road in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that follows the rhythm of nature.

Feel good: The festival offers so many workshops, that the hard part will be which one to choose. You’ll have the possibility to practice Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ecstatic Yoga, Bhakti Flow, Power Core Flow, Pranayama, Shiamanic Meditation and many more options to cultivate your spirit.

Sing and dance: The music will embrace seemingly distant genres ranging from blues, alternative-pop and psychedelia. Concerts with Ben Seretan, Cropcircle, Orange Duo, Philippho Franchini and many more talented artists will make you dance your heart out.

Eat: The Bio Bliss Bar serves a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan food.

Learn: Aside from all the types of yoga, you can learn the foundations of various martial arts such as Capoeira, Muay Thai, Karate, MMA and Tai Chi. In addition, there are going to be lectures about diverse topics for personal growth and creativity, like laughter, repercussions, spontaneity, how to be a better couple, and writing.

Sleep: The Cascina Bellaria has a camping area and there is a B&B hotel nearby.

Price: From 190 USD.


5. World Yoga Festival

yoga music

Image source: World Yoga Festival

The World Yoga Festival is an event that aims to gather together the greatest collection of yoga and meditation masters in the UK. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn from so much wisdom reunited in one place.

When: July 29-31.

Where: Reading, United Kingdom. In the ground of Child Beale Trust.

Feel good: Daily meditation and yoga sessions will be held throughout the 3 days of the festival.

Sing and dance: Great artist will help you unwind at the end of the day with Indian music, instrumental, Eastern European rhythms and jazz. The lineup includes the names of Perm Joshua, Sika Deer and Shammi Pithia.  

Learn: You’ll be able to soak in the knowledge of more than 30 masters in meditation and yoga. The lectures will be about family, astrology, karma, energy and spirituality.

Sleep: There are 8 acres available for camping in beautiful traditional tents. Participants are encouraged to stay on site, to take full advantage of all the activities starting at 5:30 a.m.

Price: From 25 GBP (37 USD).


6. Silent Music and Yoga Retreat in Greece

yoga music festival

Silence and Music? Yes! That’s how interesting this yoga festival in Greece is. Musicians and guests gather in a special outdoor space to get immersed in the sound of the instruments and nothing else. It is a retreat guaranteed to touch your senses to truly connect with yourself surrounded by a fantastic tribe.

When: July 15-21

Where: Arillas, Corfu Island, Greece. It’s a beautiful place with a huge beach, surrounded by olive trees.

Feel good: Enjoy daily yoga sessions, massage workshops, afternoon sea cleanses and mud baths on the beach.

Sing and dance: The festival features musical evening sessions under the stars, listening to incredible instrumental music played by various artists and yoga teachers committed to the maximum expression of our bodies. The lineup features Arianna Artioli, Estas Tonne, Igor Ezendam, Luis Paniagua, Mitsch Kohn, Nadine Ruthier, Pepe Danza and Susanna Schinnerl.

Eat: You’ll have breakfast by the sea and lunch at the retreat venue, where a team of chefs prepare tasty vegetarian meals.

Sleep: Luxury villas with stunning ocean views are available for you to have a pleasant night.

Price: From 538 USD the entire week.


7. 3HO European Yoga Festival

love yoga festival

Image source: 3HO Europe

3HO stands for Healthy Happy Holy Organization, and it perfectly represents the spirit of this festival. It’s a very special week that gathers about 2000 people from 20+ countries to celebrate the spirit of Kundalini Yoga and put in practice the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. It is a lot of fun, but also a bit challenging since the optimum transforming effects will only happen if you stick to a recommended special diet and remain on site for the whole stay.

When: July 30-August 7.

Where: Chateau de Fondjouan, France. The castle offers lots of space and ample modern facilities. In the surroundings, there is a silent forest and two beautiful lakes.

Feel good: There are going to be 3 yoga classes every day, healing meditations, a White Tantric Yoga course and a Peace Prayer Day.

Eat: The purpose of the festival diet is to help you process the energy of the White Tantric Yoga. It’s a mono-diet consisting of potato soup, bananas, celery, oranges, beans, rice, carrots, beets and tantra-burgers! All accompanied with delicious golden milk.

Learn: The festival focuses on one of the five sutras of the Aquarian Age. The theme is “Your Heart Understands” and all workshops and lectures, imparted by important international teachers, are based on the principles given by Yogi Bhajan.

Sleep: There is a limited amount of beds in dormitories and tents for rent available.

Price: From 400 EUR (453 USD) for adults.


8. Love Yoga Fest

yoga festival

Image source: Love Yoga Fest

The 4th annual Love Yoga Fest summons all yoga-minded people for a great celebration on the beautiful Cape Cod. The idea behind the event, is to contribute to the world by cultivating awareness and kindness through a transformative weekend. 

When: August 6-7.

Where: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States. The festival takes place at Aselton Park, a beautiful destination to expand your yoga practice.  

Feel good: During the festival you’ll be able to practice yoga on the beach, do morning meditation, chanting, Aerial Yoga, SUP Yoga and Thai Yoga.

Sing and dance: Feel the artistic vibes in the streets of Cape Cod, where you’ll find local musicians and artists cheering up the yoga spirit.

Eat: Local food enthusiasts and vendors will participate with tasty food of all kinds during the weekend.

Learn: Highly experienced speakers will share their knowledge through workshops with interesting topics like: Revolutionize Your Sleep, Handstanding 101, Nutrition from the Ground, Summertime Ying Yang, Yoga for Athletes, Opening your Heart through Sound or Retain your Brain.  

Sleep: There are many hotels around the cape, just make sure to reserve with anticipation because they fill up quickly during the summer season.

Price: From 150 USD for the whole day.


9. Wanderlust Tremblant

wanderlust yoga festival

Image source: Wanderlust

This festival brings together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers and artists for a unique experience to get into your mind, body and soul. And being part of the Wanderlust festivals, it guarantees to fulfill all expectations.

When: August 11-14

Where: Quebec, Canada. Nested in the world’s oldest mountain chain, it offers a breathtaking landscape, enchanted forests and charming villages.

Feel good: The festival offers classes for all levels and styles; from challenging Vinyasa Flow classes, to more chilled Yin Yoga sessions. And if you want to try something more adventurous, you can practice your asanas on a standup paddleboard or up in the air with Aerial Yoga.

Sing and dance: Music is the heartbeat of Tremblant, which is why the festival has an impressive lineup with around 20 musicians that will energize the crowd with electric performances on stage.

Eat: Local food vendors offer a quick bite throughout the day to provide you with healthy options.

Learn: The lectures and workshops cover topics ranging from holistic health to progressive politics. All of them are imparted by world-recognized speakers like Melissa Colleret, Julian Brass and Earle G. Hall, amongst many more.

Sleep: There is a variety of accommodations for all budgets. From luxury hotels to cheaper B&Bs.  

Price: From 100 USD.


10. Bulgaria Hiking Yoga Music Festival


This is an amazing festival in Bulgaria that features a hefty list of exciting activities designed to help all visitors improve every aspect of their lives. The music in the mountains, hiking, meditation and yoga, help to rejuvenate and find inner peace.

When: August 18-22

Where: Borovets, Bulgaria.

Feel good: Unlimited yoga, meditation sessions and hiking excursions will keep you fresh throughout the festival.

Sing and dance: Hop on the lift to go to the top of the mountain and listen to live music featuring DJ Drez, Sheela Bringi, Deepak and the Breath of Life Tribe, and many more inspiring artists.

Eat: Three delicious meals per day are included.

Learn: You’ll be able to take part in workshops, lectures and guided yoga sessions with a dozen of certified instructors that will make sure you have the best tutoring during the entire fest.

Sleep: The ticket includes 4 nights of luxury accommodation at the Rila Resort Hotel.

Price: From 1400 USD for 5 days. 

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