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14 Days Ultimate Detox and Yoga Retreat in Thailand

  • Ar-An New Body and Mind Beach Resort, 41 / 1 Moo 2, Lipa Noi 84140, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand


Ultimate Detox, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat Thailand

  • 14 days with instruction
  • Join an ultimate relaxing retreat in a beautiful and gorgeous place of Koh Samui, Thailand. If you are lacking in energy, unable to sleep, feeling stressed, and fatigued, it may be the time for a detox. During this ultimate retreat, you will be experiencing not only detoxification process but also meditation and yoga practices to balance your mental wellness. The whole activity will leave you feeling and looking great.


    • Daily yoga sessions
    • Daily morning meditation sessions
    • Detox workshop and personal coaching
    • Silent morning walking and noon sport classes
    • Thai traditional massage and colonic irrigation
    • Transfers from and to Samui International Airport (USM)
    • Daily detox meals and vitamins
    • 13 nights accommodation


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    You will be staying in a beautiful quiet beachfront resort on the west coast of the tropical island paradise of Koh Samui. The resort consists of bungalows with double beds, modern furnishings, air-conditioning, and private bathrooms. You will find yourself in a quintessential setting for complete mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation.

    This retreat offers you an unparalleled detox, health, and rejuvenation holiday unlike any other. The program will consist of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, herbal cleansing, shiatsu massage, Thai herbal steams, dietary education, fasting, colonic irrigation, colon cleansing, and extensive workshops. The detox will use only organically-grown or wild-crafted herbal products to neutralize and eliminate the toxic elements in your body.

    You will be joining the program for about 14 days during which detoxification will be the quickest and most effective way of cleansing the blood, liver, and other internal organs. By the end of your program, not only will you feel and look amazing, but also you will have your ideal weight, more shining eyes, hair and skin, and mentally refreshed.

    In general, you will be doing about four hours of exercise per day, including walking and yoga. In addition to this, you will take part in morning meditation, take a steam bath, do your colonic, and enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Later in the afternoon, you will take part in one of daily workshops.

    Activities overview

    Monday to Saturday

    • 06:00 Wake up
    • 06:15 Silent morning walk and run
    • 07:30 Swimming
    • 08:00 Breakfast (juice for fasters)
    • 08:30 Morning meditation and breathing exercises
    • 09:00 Guided yoga class
    • 10:30 Colonic irrigation or massage
    • 12:30 Lunch (juice for fasters) and supplements
    • 13:00 Colonic irrigation or massage
    • 15:00 Sport class
    • 16:30 Workshop
    • 17:30 Dinner (vegetable broth for fasters) and supplements
    • 18:00 Extra effort day exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • 18:30 Steam bath
    • 21:00 Sleeping


    You will be invited to join island tours starting from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m This is a good activity to elevate your happiness level.

    Why detox

    Even if you live a very healthy lifestyle and eat and a diet high in fruits and vegetables, combined with plenty of exercise, you are still exposed to toxins, caused by the environment in which you live. A detox program gives the digestive system a complete rest and allows the other organs of the body to focus on detoxification. The blood system will clean itself in one week during a fast.

    Benefits of fasting and cleansing

    • Detox and fasting makes it easy to overcome bad habits and addictions.
    • Detox clears the skin and whitens the eyes.
    • Detox corrects high blood pressure without drugs.
    • Detox promotes the resolution of inflammatory processes, such as in rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Detox promotes the drying up of abnormal fluid accumulations.
    • Detox quiets allergic reactions, including asthma and hay fever.
    • Detox restores taste appreciation for wholesome natural foods.
    • Fasting promotes detoxification which eliminates stored toxins.
    • It initiates rapid weight loss with little or no hunger.
    • It gives the digestive system a much-needed rest.

    Enjoy a complimentary Sunday island tour for four hours included in the packages.

    The retreats will be held on the island of Koh Samui, in the gulf of Thailand. The location is situated on the west coast of the island which is renowned for its quiet, serene beaches, and small local villages, far removed from the island’s tourists center.

    Nearby places

    • Bangkok - 1 hour and 10 minutes
    • Phuket, Thailand - 55 minutes
    • Chiang Mai, Thailand - 1 hour 45 minutes
    • Krabi, Thailand - 50 minutes
    • Boating
    • Cycling
    • Massage
    • Gym
    • Sauna
    • Sailing
    • Scuba diving
    • Shopping nearby
    • Snorkeling
    • Spa
    • Steam room
    • Surfing
    • Swimming
    • Swimming pool
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Balcony
    • Bar
    • Beach
    • Café nearby
    • Dining area
    • Kitchen
    • Lounge
    • Restaurant nearby
    • Terrace
    • Board rental nearby
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Hairdryer
    • Toiletries
    • Tour assistance

    During the retreat, you will be provided with daily detox healthy meals consisting of detox juices and herbal supplement included in the package. Most of the herbs and supplements are designed to support the body during the fasting process. You will take five shakes containing psyllium husks, bentonite clay, and activated willow charcoal per day to draw out toxins.

    You will also take vitamin supplements and green food which contains vital proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and alkalisers, necessary for the health of the body.

    During your free time, you are encouraged to try beach-area activities like swimming on the beach, surfing, kayaking, diving, or just simply relax and idle by in the seaside. You can also have massages and spa treatments available in the resort at additional cost.

    • 3 daily fresh vegetable and fruit juices
    • 13 nights accommodation
    • Anti-oxidant alkalizing vegetable protein support
    • Body composition analysis (before and after)
    • Daily complimentary laundry service
    • Daily detox meals and vitamins
    • Daily guided morning walks
    • Daily morning meditation sessions
    • Daily one-hour yoga session
    • Daily one-hour aerobic exercise session
    • Daily supervision evaluation
    • Daily yoga sessions
    • Daily complete colon cleanses program
    • Daily traditional one-hour Thai massage
    • Daily infrared sauna
    • Daily room service
    • Detox workshops and personal counselings
    • Digestive nutrients, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics.
    • Complimentary organic natural herbal tea
    • Comprehensive Gallbladder and liver flush program .
    • Complimentary Sunday island tour
    • Kidney cleansing support
    • Parasite cleansing support
    • Physical and lifestyle evaluation
    • Preprogram health assessment questionnaire
    • Program pre-cleanse information
    • Quality vitamin and mineral super foods support
    • Silent morning walking and noon sport classes
    • Thai traditional massage and colonic irrigation
    • Transfers from and to Samui International Airport (USM)
    • Welcoming pack
    • Wheat, dairy, and gluten free supplements
    • Airfare
    • Extra activities
    • Extra massage and spa treatments

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Samui International Airport (USM). Transfer from and to the airport is included. New Body and Mind Essential Retreat will pick you up from the airport.

    Arrival by ferry / boat

    If you are from Bangkok, there is also an alternative route via Bangkok to the airport which is an hour flight followed by an hour and 30 minutes ferry ride to Raja ferry landing, Koh Samui. It is a five-minute drive from the retreats location.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send New Body and Mind Essential Retreat an inquiry.


    • Review by Andrienne Cleasby

      "Really pleased with the result, the fasting programme really paid-off. The bigger issue is maintaining at home. Fingers crossed. "

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Garry Neale

      "My second detox/fast at NBM - along with many other returnees. Here's why: There is a specialness about it. The program works, the staff, the friendliness/lack of pretension, location all helped for a relaxing and beneficial time. As many activities as you want - or some great hammocks under the coconut trees - overlooking a beautiful beach - And - a full detox and 4 1/2 kilograms in one week. There you go. "

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Kate Robinson

      "What can I say about my 49 day journey.. I've lost 18.5 kgs and a total of 65 cm from my body but more than that I've rediscovered me again and I feel happier than I have in years. Thank you to my NBAM family for making it the amazing experience it has been. Coming here was the best decision I've made in a long time and I've made friendship I hope will last a lifetime. I though I'd be desperate to leave but I miss you all already. "

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Sarah Beth

      "I love the quaint atmosphere, the knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff and the gorgeous beach location. Not only that, I was also blown away with the results of my cleanse!! I've felt amazing since I started with their fasting program and I am eager to treat my body, mind and spirit to this ultimate detox treat every few months. New Body and Mind has offered me the detox support I've been wanting for a long time!"

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Prabhu Parthasarathy

      "Amazing place was there for 12 days and this was my first visit to New Body and Mind. Good change in my lifestyle and people are good made some new friends and will be visiting again by next winter. Staff and management are great they keep a good track on your body performance and results are always good."

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Olivier Godin

      "First time for me to experience a retreat. I got what I expected out of it and all that with the support of a great team. Hopefully this has put me in a good track but if I go off-road I might be back.... I am leaving lighter and in very good spirit... Thanks Patrick de Bruxelles... And the whole team..."

      New Body and Mind Essential Retreat Facebook page, edited

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