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Nepal Yoga Home offers 200-hour and 500-hour registered teacher training courses, yoga retreat, yoga detox courses, reflexology training, Ayurveda courses, soul meditation, soul healing and more.

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Prakash Acharya

Prakash Acharya is the founder of Nepal Yoga Home. His life is fully devoted to social transformation through yoga and meditation. He is working for those children who have been deprived of education due to their poverty in remote areas of Nepal. When he was a student, his subject was science (Physics) and his objective was to know spirituality in scientific way. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree, he pursued Master degree of Science in Yogic Science and Human consciousness.

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Rebecca Solsbery

from United States, October 2018

"Transformational experience in a home away from home "

The experience of the yoga training was excellent, but only half of what made this 500-hours so impactful. The entire Acharya family invites you into their home as members of their family. Prakash is an amazing yoga guru with extensive personal experience that he willingly and humbly shares with you every step of the way. His passion for a blissful life and his sense of humor help to demystify the profound spiritual transformation he offers, and makes it feel so accessible, right within your grasp any moment you choose to become it. His brother, sister, wife and young beautiful daughter are all inolved in the business and with making the guests feel right at home. Our meals were always delicious with more than enough to go around, and they loved to take feedback on what we liked most and give us our favorite foods. We happened to be there during Nepal’s biggest festival, Dashain, and they celebrated the holiday with all of us with a traditional tika ceremony. You will truly get an authentic Nepal experience in the most beautiful way possible at Nepal Yoga Home.

There were 3 other fantastic instructors we learned under each day. Each brought a different style and experience. I have a special place in my heart for Dipendra, a world class Ashtangi who pushes your limits physically and mentally. I progressed under him like I never thought possible. He breathes and believes what he teaches down to his core and you feel it every moment you are in his presence.

David Volz

from United States, August 2018

"Life empowering experience, more than I could have hoped for"

I was truly inspired by the sincerity of the good people that own and operate this amazing training facility, I really feels more like a home. I came to Nepal to break some negative patterns in my life, and practice a higher level of discipline and structure in the hope to gain control over my mind and my life. I love Yoga, Yogic philosophy, and meditation and these fine people took all of that to a higher level than I could have hoped for. The knowledge of the Yogi’s path that these Gurus share is mind blowing and heart opening, and has definitely had a positive everlasting impact on my life. I would encourage anyone striving for positive growth to invest some time at The Nepal Yoga Home. Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga philosophy at the highest level I have experienced. I also loved the area NYH is situated, right on the side of the mountain, jungle vibes, beautiful view, fresh air, and great spots in walking distance. The kitchen staff was also fantastic, they took great care in preparing delicious traditional Nepali vegetarian food, and made sure we had our fill, all with warmth and genuine hospitality. I will send my friends here, and will return one day myself. Namaste 🙏

Seriah Antoun

from United States, July 2018

"Trip of a lifetime!"

Recently completed the advanced 500 hr yoga and meditation teacher training. Best decision I’ve ever made - I had the most transformational experience at Nepal Yoga Home. Prakash and his family make you feel at home and a part of their family. I will never forget this experience. I have left not only with so much knowledge, but also with the ability to be still, quiet, and at peace. What a truly priceless experience in this world. I highly recommend!

Maria Kolosova

from Ukraine, July 2018

"Real home real yoga experience"

Cannot say anything against this wonderful school and accomodation, only pros, starting from service, accomodation and food, up to the knowled received.

Carly Tester

from United States, June 2018

"A Beautiful, Comfortable learning environment"

This family opened their home to us as though we were their own. The family dynamic makes Nepal Yoga Home a very comfortable, warm spiritual environment to learn. Whether you are deepening your practice or starting afresh, you can ensure you will always be well taken care of. All of the teachers are very passionate about their practice and are very excited to help you progress in every way. If you are willing to work hard, have an open mind and the enthusiasm to learn more than you'd think is possible in one month, this is the place for you. I was very impressed and touched by how each student was attended to on an individual level and so grateful for this experience and to this beautiful family.

Christina Papadopoulou

from United States, March 2018

"Very good experience "

The people and the family were amazing

Kara Mayhew

from Thailand, March 2018

"Great for 200hr"

The food was great, Shweta and the ladies in the kitchen always tried to give lots of healthy varieties and if there was something you don't eat in your diet (i.e. Dairy, eggs etc) they would be sure to tailor your meals. There was always ENOUGH food as they served you your plate and later went around offering extra.

Accommodation was great, there are rooms in the main house as well as another building. Both were clean and the ladies switched the bedding and towels often. And heaters are in the room if needed.

Course... This ones a bit longer. Dipendra is an INCREDIBLE teacher. He always had more and more to give and you can tell he really lives and practices what he teaches. The guy is a never ending source of information and is very perceptive on the mood of the overall class and each individual. I learnt more from him than any other teacher.

I thought the 200 hr portion was great, we were always busy and learning but the last ten days of the course could've have been WAAAAY more effective.

Olle Anebratt

from Sweden, October 2017

"Nice atmosfer"

Good klimat for yoga social


from United States, August 2017

"Excellent and Amazing Place"

the YTT was amazing and I would recommend anyone to attend their teacher training here. It is very much jam=packed for a schedule, and you learn quite a bit in such a short period of time. If you are willing to learn, you will be very good at teaching. That is the heart of yoga. The food was very good and very nutritious, we were always well rounded after a good series of vinyasas. My teacher training from the gurus were A+

Kaila Pidwerbeski

from United States, October 2018

"Wonderful Experience"

The best part of my stay at Nepal Yoga Home was that everyone felt like family. The family who operates the yoga home welcomed us with open arms and catered to our every need. I always felt taken care of and that I belonged there.

Maria Garcia

from Nepal, September 2018

"Best experience in Nepal"

This is a magical place run by Nepali family who put a lot of love and effort into running a nice yoga retreat and yoga teacher training in Nepal. All teachers are qualified to instruct and they include Hatha yoga, Ashtanga (vinyasa) yoga, effective pranayama & meditation techniques, Mantra chanting and yoga philosophy in the course. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study the way of beautiful living, the way of healthy living and way of positive living. It was better than I could have imagined. The food was incredible and healthy, the views were inspiring, room was simple but I felt very comfortable and quiet. Big thanks to Nepal Yoga Home for your wonderful hospitality during my stay.

I would recommend 100% to Nepal Yoga Home anyone who wants feel yoga retreat and yoga teacher training in Nepal. I would like to give a big thumbs up for Nepal Yoga Home

James Smith

from Nepal, September 2018

"Amazing experience amazing energy"

My experience in Nepal Yoga Home was super nice. Welcoming family, nice new building, knowledgeable teachers, tasty and healthy food, stunning view and plenty of natural space were major points. Cost is nothing in comparison of what I have learned there. Thanks, Nepal Yoga Home for making my time worthful. I recommend this place 1000 times...


from India, September 2018

"Ask yourself if you really need it. "

Prakash and his whole family did an amazing job. I appreciate their effort to bring peace to the world a lot. Moreover, I was very happy that it was Tirtha and not Prakash being responsible for the money transfer etc. as Prakash was our main teacher from morning until evening. Tirtha did not teach but was responsible for all administrative things. Beside classes the green landscape around Nepal Yoga Home gave a great opportunity to go for a walk and “to digest” all input from class. Finally it was great that, whereas totally surrounded by nature, one was not very far from the touristic centre of Kathmandu and could go easily by an hour walk or short local bus ride to Thamel etc.

Cynthia Forker

from United States, October 2017

In this retreat you learn a great deal about Asana's but more importantly you learn about yoga philosophy. Pranayama and meditation. I felt like I was part of the family as did my 19 year old daughter. The training was excellent and he adapted all aspects to the needs of each participant.

Valeriia Dikhtenko

from Philippines, October 2017

"Amazing experience"

The whole team was very professional, efficient and kind. Each and every person were trying their best to please you. These people will not only teach you asanas, they will make you look at your life from a different angle, make you understand its real value. I will definitely come back. Thank you for everything, dear Nepal Yoga Home. All the best for you in future.

Farah Mostafa

from Egypt, August 2017


Staying at nepal yoga home for 3 weeks for 200 hrs yttc was the best experience in my life..The family is wonderful, so kind, loving and treat you as one of the family. The teachers are so knowledgable, helpful and always ready to answer any questions, I had the chance to understand and experience the spiritual aspect of yoga. The program is so balanced and covers almost all yoga streams. The place is so peaceful with a beautiful view, a perfect place to meditate and free your mind. The whole vibe in nepal yoga home is beyond amazing.

Lucie Hastabova

from United Arab Emirates, July 2017

"Life transforming experience"

Nepal yoga home was one of the best choices i have made in my life. Prakash and his lovely wife Sweeta along with Shanti and Thritha made our stay incredibly warm, family like, very comfortable and lovely. Food was the best, organic and fresh and more than enough. Accommodation is simple but beautiful and clean. Nepal yoga home has a perfect location for practicing yoga and meditation as it is settled in a green enviroment with amazing fresh air and beautiful mountain views. Thamel is easily reachable by bus or taxi or even walk is possible. Close by is also Osho Tapoban with beautiful organic restaurant and surroundings. Newly renovated yoga hall is perfect for the practise. Morning Yoga classes with Prakash were amazing, great quality with emphasis on allingment, breathing, benefits and sequencing, I would say best yoga classes i have ever attended. Meditation classes with dr.Raj are absolutely mindblowing and Vinyasa classes with Navin helped me to built a lot of strength and under his careful guidance ability to perform very advanced postures i wasnt able to do before.

Yoga philosophy was life changing and transforming experience.

I am blessed to be part of the yoga teacher training program in Nepal Yoga Home and I definitely recommend to everyone this awesome experience, if for yoga teacher training, or for retreat.


from United Arab Emirates, July 2017

"Waste of time"

The owner and family are very warm and friendly, but unfortunately this doesn't make up for the fact that they have no ability to run a business. There is a nice view of the city from the front garden.

Danielle Davis

from United States, June 2017


I absolutely loved the classes and teachers they helped me grow so much and learn so much about yoga!

Elizabeth Zimaris

from Australia, June 2017

"Increible experience! More than you could of imagined! "

I don't even know where to start! The classes are incredible. You learn yoga postures, breathing, meditation, philosophy just to name a few! All the teachers are so knowledgable, approachable and have such a positive energy radiating from them. You gain such a deeper understand of yoga and most importantly yourself. You see the results you want and you accomplish things you never thought you could. You feel so welcomed and loved from moment one. It's one big happy family and they constantly make it clear that this is also your home and can ask for anything. In a beautiful area just out of Thamel away from the hectic city life you're placed in a tranquil paradise. The food absolute delicious! The rooms spacious and clean with great hot showers! You get to go on your journey with so many great like minded people and it's just such a loving warm environment that you don't want to leave. You want to learn more! The days are perfectly balanced in terms of the classes with so much packed into a day while getting more than enough rest time in between! A beautiful spiritual journey thanks to the amazing people that run the Nepal yoga home! Beautiful souls xox

Yinghsi Liu

from China, May 2017


The teachers of Nepal Yoga Home are very professional and nice.

The Nepal Yoga Hone truly made me feel like home !

Kolleen Wallace

from United States, May 2017


The mindfulness education was better than anything in the West. For the first time I was able to meditate for over an hour. The host family was incredibly warm and caring. Class schedule was conducive to learning. The instructors are amazing!!!!

Aneka Hindocha

from United Kingdom, April 2017

"Incredible experience "

The Nepal yoga home was a great experience. The place is suituated in front of a jungle, which means that you hear exotic birds all day and you have beautiful views! Prakash, his wife Shweta and his whole family welcomed me like I was a family member. The classes were beneficial and very relaxing, all the teachers are extremely knowledgable and explain all the yoga positions in great depth, our whole group leant a lot about yoga as well how to meditate properly. I won't forget this experience, thank you Prakash for being a great teacher!


from Cambodia, August 2018

"Don’t go"

The family, good food, vinyasa teacher was perfect (Deependra)

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Malgorzata Walas - Wojtkunska

Book Yoga Retreat Website - August 2018

I can say the YTT was a life changing experience. 3 weeks of yogic lifestyle have shown me the new path in my life. I have spent such an awesome time there. The family of Nepal Yoga Home is wonderful. From the first moment they treat you like a member of their family. I feel Nepal Yoga Home is my second home. Program of the training covered a lot of yoga streams; assanas, pranajama, meditation, relaxation, ajurveda and much more. Teachers there have a wide knowledge of different aspects of yoga. They are not just teachers. They are real yogis and live yogic life. Prakash (the owner) is such a wonderful person. He is wise, full of positive energy and supportive. I am so grateful for all my teachers sharing their knowledge with us. Thank you so much! Nepal Yoga Home is a perfect place to meditate and free your mind, find inner peace and happiness. The place is surrounded by nature. It is situated close to the jungle. There is a beautiful, relaxing view of the mountains and Kathmandu Valley. Rooms are simple but cozy and clean. The meals were delicious and healthy. They served a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Each meal was balanced, composed carefully, with love. Thanks Shweta:) Day by day I was getting more relaxed, happier and filled with even more positive energy. And it is still with me in my life.

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