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28 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

  • Yoga Niketan Trust, Shivanand Nagar, Tehri Sarhwal, Rishikesh, Shivanand Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Although, Neo Yoga is abided by traditional style of teaching yoga, they still have incorporated Sivananda, Pattabi jois and BKS, and Iyengar style into their teachings. They are highly influenced by BKS Iyenger, so props are included into the asana practices to ensure correct alignment and posture. Except for asana perfection using the props, the accent is on focus of mind and regulation of breath. Every asana is utilized as tools so as to guide you gain your usual meditative state. It will help your mind to focus on more evocative ways which can deepen your practices.

Become a confident yoga instructor

If your goal is to be a yoga instructor, you will become very sure with sequencing, guiding principles of breath movement and focusing and complete knowledge of eight limb of yoga as offered by Maharishi Patanjali through Neo Yoga philosophical class and different kinds of meditative session.

Ayurvedic living

Neo Yoga considers the practices of Ayurvedic living to be very important and so they must be combined together with yoga to accolade the advantages of yoga. They also have incorporated lots of teachings on science of Ayuveda. Besides these, they also have Bhajans and music at time of the Satsang and other inventive self-healing sessions. There will be a few inspirational guest yoga training teachers all through the course, teaching the morning sessions and that will give you a better experience of different styles of teaching.


  • Daily teaching skills sessions
  • Daily morning meditation sessions
  • Daily morning yoga Asana practices
  • Daily Ayurveda yoga, Patnjali yoga sutra and anatomy sessions
  • Daily afternoon yoga Asana and pranayama sessions
  • Daily afternoon Karma yoga practices
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • 27 days with instruction
  • English
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Due to intensive training there will be a private room with attached bathrooms for all participants with modern facilities.

Vision and mission

Neo Yoga is here to impart the vision of Yogis (Rishis), and sages of yore, the teachings of which had been offered by their Yogis (Rishis), since centuries of Guru-disciples lineage. Freedom and self-discovery is their ultimate aim.

Daily schedule

  • 08.00: Yoga asana
  • 10.00: Breakfast
  • 11.00: Chanting
  • 12.00: Ayurveda, Patnjali yoga sutra and anatomy
  • 13.00: Lunch, Karma yoga and free time
  • 16.00: Yoga asana, pranayama and teaching skills (body postures and breathing exercises)
  • 19.00: Dinner
  • 20.00: Satsang (bhajan singing, chanting, question & answer session)
  • First day of the course starts with introduction of yoga; its various forms, benefits and practices followed by a brief introduction of the teacher and the students.


Meditation is the practice of intense focus on an object, visualization, sound, the breath, attention, or movement to increase alertness of present moment, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance spiritual and personal growth. Akhilesh teaches different types of osho dynamic meditations as he has extensively practiced it at Osho meditation center.


Prana is breath, yama is control. When you are under spell of storms, any amount of investigation will not rescue you from the situation immediately. You can have an immediate relief by working on prana-breath. At the time of emotional disturbances your pranic activities become imbalanced and you also can become anxious, tense, and even experience feeling of helplessness.

By controlling your breath in specified ways, you can bring your breath back and re-balance your mind and body to a calmer and relaxed state. It can also vitalize your immune system. It can keep you away from diseases and prepare your mind for meditation. The teachers of Neo Yoga are here to teach you different kinds of pranayama allowing you to experience a wide variety of practices.

Puja (Prayer)

Prayer is the method by which you invoke fine energy forces to eliminate your obstacles to attain the desired goals. Neo Yoga makes Sankalpa (resolutions) and offers obligations to a deity or the fire, in the form of reading of Mantras. They invoke a specific energy in a specific form, whether it is Shakti or Shiva.

Content of the Yoga Teacher Training Program (200 Hours)

  • Yoga asanas teaching from different style
  • Advance kriyas and asanas from Hatha yoga traditions
  • Pranayama different kinds of pranayama
  • Mudras - 10 kinds of mudras
  • Trataka
  • Kapalbhati
  • Meditations
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Vedic chanting
  • Human and Ayurveda anatomy
  • Bhagvat Gita and Vedanta
  • Patanjali yoga sutra

Alignment of different physical postures with power of your breath and focusing the mind will help you with excellent health, better life quality and even self-fulfillment at the end. Yoga can help you discover your own oneness with this world. The vision of oneness actually is the best solution for global harmony and peace. Neo yoga teacher training envisions creating international yoga community of trained teachers that can bring needed awareness for healthy life.


Neo Yoga Centers director Akhilesh Bodhi has connected with more than 10000 individuals across the world through his yoga retreats, teacher training camps and workshops conducted in the past 16 years in India, East Asian countries and Europe. Akhilesh carries the legacy of conventional yoga teachings and mixes it with the modern methods of BKS Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois styles for the international yoga seekers. Fusion of Ashtanga Vinyas, Hatha yoga and Raj yoga present holistic approach suited to people across the globe.

Akhilesh, as a professional yoga instructor, Reiki master and spiritual mentor runs Neo Yoga center. He has deep understanding and extensive knowledge of yoga practices that cross more than one decade and has also developed his comprehensive methods of yoga. The Neo Yoga center offers students with an exclusive opportunity to cultivate personal spiritual practices while learning the essential skills to become a successful yoga teacher.

Swami Prabodh Chaithanya

Popularly known as Shri. Chandrababu, Prabodh Chaithanya, holds a Master degree in the field of English literature and he has studied Sanskrit and Vedanta under instructions of Swami HH Bodhananda Saraswathi of Chinmaya Mission. So, during this particular time he took his Bramacharya commencement from Swami HH Chinmayanandaji. After his commencement Prabodh Chaithanya continued his studies of Upanishads, Brahmasutra and Bhagavat Gita under the great guidance of Swami HH Dayananada Saraswathi.

Just after that he lived in Varanasi and Rishikesh as the mendicant and conducted vedanta and meditation classes for his aspirants. He is now teaching for Neo Yoga center. He lives at Haripad and runs Gurukulam together with managing one orphanage. He is an expert spiritual teacher and yoga trainer, with a special knowledge in the area of meditation, psychology and philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta.

He has become a part of AyurYoga family. He is someone who is accessible easily with big smile present on his face always and ready to offer you private coachings - as he does not need much warm up! So, you can get under his guidance to learn the yoga methods and techniques and become a skilled yoga trainer.

Kerstin Linnartz (Karuna)

She has been doing yoga for the last 17 years. Kerstin Linnartz spent many years in India to deepen her own practices and teaching the students from across the world. Kerstin Linnartz is certified as an Advanced Yoga Instructor by Worldwide Yoga Alliance, for 500 hours standards for registered yoga school and commenced by Swami Kailasananda. She got diploma from Yoga Vedanta Academy in Rishikesh in addition to the title of Yoga Acharya.

Moreover, she trained in the classical Hatha yoga anatomies with Acharya Swami Sivadasananda, at Ashtanga Yoga with Doctor Ron Steiner, did highly developed teachers training regarding Bandhas (energy lock) and Breathing and studied human Chakra System as well as Ayurveda, and Vedanta Philosophy. She studied yoga Kriya during a year lecture after original scripture of Paramahansa Yogananda.

During the numerous years of her practice she got lots of inspirations from various teachers at the yoga centers and ashrams in Europe, the USA, and India of course. Thus her teachings combine different elements from system yoga from the classical Hatha to a more active Ashtanga, and she focuses not only on focusing on your body and not to narrow down the teachings to the meager forms.

Dr. Akhilesh Sharma - Ayurvedacharya

Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, a Dr. of Ayurvedic Medicines, practices full variety of Ayurveda, including the Pancha Karma therapy, form of massages dealing with the medicated oils which treats a wide variety of medical conditions and ailments. In 1987, he graduated with the honors in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery from the Kurukshetra University, India. Dr. Akhilesh Sharma also earned diploma in 1988 in Naturopathy from all India Nature Cares Federation, New Delhi, along with a PhD in the Herbal Medicines in 1992 from the Varaneseya Sanskrit University, India. He recently earned diploma in Shiatsu and Swedish massage, familiarizing himself with certain other modalities of curing popular in western world.

He has operated his clinic in Delhi for the past 13 years, with Dr. Minakshi Sharma, his wife. He also has served as chief physician and the Director of Researches and Development for leading Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals company that has manufactured line of almost 400 Ayurvedic herbal products and medicines, for half a century. He is recognized widely for his exceptional contributions to field of Ayurvedic Medicines. In 1992, he was honored with Dhanvantrari Award, most prominent recognition in this field. He also was awarded Chikitsa Shiromani Award with respect to outstanding contribution to the Ayurveda in 1995.

Guest Teachers:

  • Mr .Hamid
  • Yamuna devi - Acro yoga
  • Balu - Ashtanga Flow teacher
  • Rquel - Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Dr.Dolly - Ayuervedacharya
  • Dr. Ashish - Ayuervedacharya

Rishikesh, a rambling suburb on banks of Ganges, is situated in foot hills of the Himalayas in Northern India. This has been the residence of many sages and saints for ages. When the Beatles visited Maharishi Maheshs ashram, the town became well known to the whole world as a place of yoga and meditation.

Ever since the Beatles created lots of their songs at ashrams in the late 60s of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rishikesh has become a magnet for the spiritual seekers from across the world. On banks of Ganges numerous shrines, ancient Vedic schools, ashrams carry the inheritance of Vedic culture and the vision is a wonder attracting thousands of tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. The ancient pilgrimage place is a gateway to the Himalayas.

Three delicious meals are provided each day.

  • 3 meals a day
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • Certification
  • Reading materials
  • Tuition

Arrival by airplane

The closest airport is at the city of Dehradun, positioned 16 kilometers far from Rishikesh. Flight from New Delhi to Dehradun operates on Saturdays, Thursdays and %Tuesdays from New Delhi. On arrival, you can hail taxi or bus to Rishikesh.

Arrival by bus

Rishikesh is well linked to lots of cities in region by buses. Public and private buses offer their services straight from Delhi to Rishikesh.

Arrival by train

The closest railway station is situated at Haridwar that is 24 kilometers far from Rishikesh. You now can travel to the city of Haridwar by train and then take a bus or taxi to Rishikesh. Train reservation can be made easily at Foreigners Reservation Office simply at the railway station in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Madras or online.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Neo Yoga Center an inquiry.
  • Review by Krista from Melbourne, Australia
    8 out of 10

    "The Iyengar yoga and meditation retreat in Bali was really special. Akhilesh is a great, dedicated and patient teacher, who helped to deepen my yoga practice and instil the philosophy of meditation and the many ways to peace through insightful experiential examples. I absolutely loved this retreat. ", edited

  • Review by Ye Zhao
    10 out of 10

    "The teaching training at Mahi yoga center was fantastic! Mahi is a great teacher, very professional, cheerful, loving and humble! I also loved all the other teachers and all the students who have brought positive energy to the class ! At the beginning I was really not confident that I would be able to teach yoga but after one month's practice I'm quite sure it will be my profession in the near future! I gained more strength in my body and i made lots of friends. it was really a good one-month course ! Thank you for introducing me there !"

    June 2016. website, edited

Rishikesh, UTTRAKHAND, India

Neo Yoga Center runs Yoga teacher training and retreats in Rishikes/ Dharmsala and Goa. his teacher and associate schools also run Yoga TTC and retreats in Bali ,indonesia , Turkey , Germany , Austria

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28 days / 27 nights

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