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Get hot, raw and juicy with Bikram method teacher Naomi Clark.

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    Naomi Clark

    Naomi is known as the original chick who brought Bikram hot yoga to Brighton and Hove over a decade ago. She sold her infamous ‘Old Perfume Factory’ behind Hove Train Station – and added to her experience training in yoga therapy, hot flow and yoga Nidra at The Life Centre. Naomi Clark started practicing lyengar and Hatha yoga in 1998 but it was not until her first Bikram hot yoga class a couple of years later that she began to address the knee pain she had suffered after a car accident. Having found a practical way to manage the demands of everyday life whilst restoring physical health,


    • Review by Annable Thwaite from Europe
      10 out of 10

      "I have attended Naomis classes for a couple of years, both in Bikram style and Vinyasa Flow..heated and non-heated rooms; but I still sweat every time! However, I recently had the most amazing private class with Naomi at 5 months pregnant. Whereas local classes dismissed me, she understood exactly what I could or should not do. It was a fantastic workout for my body, baby, but most importantly my mind. And she fed me the most delicious raw food! Her wonderfully relaxed, inspirational, and humorous approach made me feel that my bump and changing physique were the most fantastic thing. I have been practicing her teachings almost everyday and I feel fabulous!!! I dont think I have ever met a teacher more personal, inspiring and honest as Naomi."

      Naomi Clark Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Susan Ure Reid from Europe
      10 out of 10

      "With sassy pith, electrical insights and a sizzling mix of Hot Yoga and Raw, Naomi Clark marries years of experience practicing and teaching Yoga with a fledgling and sure enthusiasm for Living Foods luminously humorous, refreshingly honest brimming with insights and clear information, this blog is one to follow for a fresh, entertaining and reflective take on living a vibrant life."

      Naomi Clark Yoga website, edited

    • Review by Louise S. from Europe
      10 out of 10

      "Naomi offered weekly private evening yoga classes for a year to a small group of parents who were looking to build up our core strength. Naomis years of experience were demonstrated in her versatility of yoga styles ranging from the Bikram series to Vinyasa flow and she was great at adapting to what was needed each time. Naomis enthusiasm, knowledge of the body especially with respect to injuries and passion for learning was evident and Naomi was always cheerful and fun too."

      Naomi Clark Yoga website, edited