Namaste Yoga India provides online yoga courses for RYT 200 hours, RYT 100 hours, and 50 hours.

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Minakshi Dhankhar

Peeyush Paliwal

Hemal P Trivedi

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from Mexico, January 2021

"Learning about connection"

Minakshi is a very knowledgeable teacher and has a very welcoming energy. She meets you where you are. Thanks to this course I am learning more about my connection internally and externally.

Yota Celenti

from Greece, December 2020

"Great and in depth teacher training course!"

First of all, I liked the instructors! They are friendly and accessible and at the same time very dedicated to the practice of yoga and know a lot! Despite this being an online course, the instructors take their responsibility for your learning very seriously and are always there, present to answer your questions, ensure that you are learning and providing feedback. Next, I liked the content of the course. We learn in great depth multiple styles of yoga and you really can go deep into your practice when you invest time.

Laura De La Fuente

from Spain, November 2020

"Great teachers, great training course, amazing experience"

What I like the most is the great knowledge of the teachers. Not only in asana's sessions but philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, meditation (I was not able to meditate since I'm doing this course)...

Julia Bliem

from Austria, February 2021

I loved how flexible it was. Our teacher Minakshi was always open for any sort of question and available on whatsapp anytime. She always tried to make everything according to students and kept us motivated to study more and keep going. If there was any misunderstanding, she never minded to explain again.

It was always fun to have class since Minakshi is such a beautiful person inside and out with a wonderful personality.

I definitely learned a lot!!! So worth it! It's very good value to money.

Anyways the structure of the classes was not always very clear but that made it possible to be so flexible as it was!

Melanie Morel

from Great Britain, February 2021

"I am absolutely loving this course. "

You get so much support and learning material on this course and personalised and encouraging feedback! Every area is covered from learning postures in great depth from Minakshi – plus teach other students and learn how to articulate this learning yourself for when you teach your own classes.

The course also covers philosophy, pranayama, mudras, meditations, mantras and anatomy, which are insightful!

This course is not only excellent in-depth, but you also feel listened to, understood and acknowledged every step of the way. Minakshi helps me to develop my confidence and sense of self as a yoga teacher. She builds you up to know yourself as a teacher - encouraging you to find your individual style.

Minakshi is a gifted and passionate teacher, with so much to give. She cares and shares a tremendous and positive attitude of learning to all her students.

I couldn't be more grateful to this course for the opportunity to learn, grow and take steps to become a Yoga teacher.

If you have been thinking about teaching yoga, this is the course for you!

Virginie Beurier

from France, February 2021

"Enseignement de qualité et approfondie"

Je suis ravie de cette formation, l'enseignante Minakshi est très pédagogue et surtout à l'écoute.

Proche de ses élèves afin de leur apporter un enseignement personnalisé. Merci