Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre offers Ayurveda retreats, yoga retreats, wellness holidays, and Ayurveda therapy courses.

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7 Days Ayurveda and Yoga Holiday in Kerala, India

February | March | April | May, 2019

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Dr. Chakkalakkal Steephan

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Laurence Herbert

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"“Calm and calming. Still and stilling”"

This place is special. Very special. The site is not huge but, as well as the main buildings, it is a grove of greenery and all manner of spices which we got a guided tour through. Now I know what turmeric grows like!

The two doctors were attentive and responsive to individual needs and generous with their time taking us on excursions to local landmarks. And into town for key religious festivals. And night time deer stalking! And swimming in secret pools on the river!

The doctors and their small support team of therapists and cooks are the loveliest, supportive, gentle, smiling, laughing, singing and welcoming of people. It was a joy being amongst them and eavesdropping on their laughter and chitter-chatter. They sing beautifully together. And every meal seemed different- freshly cooked and delicious.

Sunrise yoga and meditation sessions and daily massage sessions were the best. I am a late (very late) beginner at yoga. I never expected it to work! But Steephan is a wonderful instructor, a gentle encourager, generous with praise and stimulation.

After 10 days at Namaste I left with an indescribable sense of peace and calm; of feeling I’d been looked after, cared for, and cared about. And resolving to go back again!

Alex Macleod

from United Kingdom, January 2019

The course was done in an easy manner but packed in all the benefits

Claire Robins

from United Kingdom, January 2019

If you are looking for an authentic ayurvedic and yoga experience ( as opposed to a watered down Westernised version) then I would recommend this very highly. Dr Steephan and his team were so welcoming and incredibly helpful throughout our stay.

The vegan food was absolutely delicious; prepared with local ingredients and really varied.

The yoga lessons with Anil were also inspiring, and for us, had the right balance of breathing, meditation and gentle and more challenging asanas. Yoga at sunrise looking out across banana plantations was particularly special.

The days were well organised with classes, treatments and opportunities to learn about principles of ayurvedic medicine and food preparation all nicely spaced with freetime to relax and read.

Emily Hunter

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Namaste December 10th-16th"

The accommodation was clean and spacious. The food was heavenly and waking up to the sound of birdsong was the perfect start to the day.

The staff were always singing and smiling, and I have carried on my morning yoga routine to ease myself into the pace of life back in the UK.

The therapists were caring and professional and I would recommend a stay at Namaste to anyone.

Wai Kwan Flora Yu

from India, December 2018

"Best Experience in Kerala"

I had a relaxing and pleasant stay at Namaste Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. The retreat was clean and comfortable, with natural surroundings. The food were nourishing and made with fresh ingredients. The treatments were wonderful and rejuvenating. The yoga and meditation sessions were excellent! I paid more attention on my breathing and I was completely relaxed during the session. I learnt a lot on different aspects, like how to balance by body type through yoga and diet. I was well taken care of, all the staffs are friendly and welcoming. Dr Steephan are very experienced and thoughtful, he made effort in offering the best he could.

Gunlög Marnell

from Sweden, November 2018

"Like a new person"

I was so well taken care of, the retreat was in 100% in harmony with the nature, the food just wonderfull and the instruktor/teacher very skilled. To me it was a very special experience to spend a week at the retreat. I got renewed in my soul and my body, the pain in my back and my knee was gone tanks to de treatments, I learned a lot howe to practice yoga, my mind is clear and I feel calm and satisfied.

Dave Robertson

from Canada, October 2018

"Everything I expected and more"

This is a very clean and comfortable rural location. Dr. Steephen and his staff are friendly, thoughtful and make every effort to ensure the best possible experience. I felt welcome as soon as I arrived. The food was excellent and there were a variety of dishes served each day. The yoga instruction was excellent and I learned a lot about traditional yoga that I was not familiar with. Overall - It was more than I hoped for.

Christina Dorett

from United States, March 2018

"The authentic Ayurvedic retreat experience "

Time slowed down. An Immersion experience in Indian village living, culture and tranquility. Daily yoga sesssions taught me to focus on my breathing, so important to a good yoga practice but often not given enough attention, and Dr Steephan took the time to share why and how.

The Ayurvedic treatments were excellent and the therapists were genuinely concerned about my comfort and well being. The therapists are well trained in respect to executing their trade, in terms of each treatment, food preparation, hosting me as their guest and trying to accommodate every request.


from India, February 2018

The staff were so helpful and friendly. I was made to feel very welcome and at home. Dr Steephan’s yoga and meditation classes were very good and he gave me exercises that were really useful for me. And having a treatment every day was wonderful. A really relaxing week.

Catherine Scheffer

from Singapore, January 2018

"Fantastic, life changing experience "

This is nothing like an industrial, impersonal experience but rather a fantastic human, caring opportunity. You will be taking care of and looked after for your own self, in a wonderful fruit and spice garden. Not only will you be physically and mentally recharged but you will also learn a lot. And, on top of that There is plenty to discover around: waterfall, elephants, you name it. Don t hesitate, go for it.

Cathy Newsam

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"A beautiful traditional Indian retreat "

The hospitality and care from Dr Stephan and all the staff .

Wonderful and freshly cooked Ayurvedic food .

The natural surroundings.

Hannah Conteh

from United States, December 2017

I loved the surroundings, the food and the treatments offered. The people went above and beyond I quickly felt very at home