My Yogic Adventure offers meditation and yoga retreats in various unexplored and beautiful places. They combine hiking, kayaking, local culture, and history.

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Marija Drezgic

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Галина Лайшева

from Russia, July 2018

"Wonderful mountains experience"

The location in Tara national park is really beautiful and peaceful! In spite of the rainy and cloudy weather we could hike, have yoga and meditation classes, river activities and time for ourselves. Marija is a very thoughtful and careful teacher. She created a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere and I am thankful for this week!

Simona Ser

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Tara Mountains is heaven"

Marija in an angel, beautiful teacher and really funny too. Location is all i could have asked and more. Other retreaters were absolutely amazing people and we had so much fun together. I loved freedom to choose to be alone if you wish and go on alone hikes. The view point which is 90min hike through the forest was my meditation (havent encountered another human being ever) and then sitting down on the edge of the cliff alone and watching breathtaking panorana of the mountains and forests is experience that will stay with me forever. That was absolutely magical. When sky cleared up i was lying on the bench with blankets and watching milky way while everyone was asleep, this was a spiritual experience i will never forget. I'm missing everything already.

Maja Vukojevic

from Serbia, July 2020

"Amazing experience with Marija"

The instructor, Marija, is very well organised and creative, so the retreat is well planned and includes a lot of interesting field trips and hiking around Zlatar.

This yoga retreat is definitely better than I expected. I had the opportunity to slow down and be more present, but also to enjoy the amazing nature that surrounded us. I found our yoga and meditation sessions very useful and I feel like I have learned a lot. I will definitely book another yoga retreat with Marija soon :)

Blake Brigman

from Denmark, August 2019

"Amazing Yoga retreat!"

The most positive aspect was definetly the instructor, who was the kindest, understanding and most instructive leader I have met. I saw improvements after just one week in my yoga practice and meditation. Will absolutely do this again!


from Netherlands, July 2019

"Great retreat for first timers "

Getting to learn about yoga in these beautiful surroundings was a wonderful experience. Marija is a great teacher and she makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.


from United States, April 2019

"Perfect way to relax for a week. "

Incredibly beautiful setting. I will never forget the sun rising each day between the mountains that surround the garden where the yoga classes took place. Despite the tranquility of the accommodation, you are still within walking distance of lots of historic sights, tourist cafes and easy to follow hikes. Excellent relaxed/ informal schedule and teaching very suited to those with only limited experience with yoga.


from United States, December 2018

"Great yoga retreat!"

The group atmosphere was great, and the teacher organized a nice program outside of the yoga lessons, with options to go on hikes, to go paragliding, go across the lake by boat. It was a great yoga week, just right for me, and brought be a lot of valuable lessons!

Anna Cwynar

from United States, September 2018

I really recommend Marija’s retreats based on my experience in Georgia. She’s an exceptional teacher and a great organiser. Marija takes you to the parts of your body and mind you didn’t visit for some time, mixing and matching various techniques for a complete wellness. I loved the setting of Caucasus mountain for the retreat, food was delicious and activities varied.

Niloofar Gigasari

from Germany, August 2018

"Simply perfect"

I really enjoyed this retreat a lot. The yoga and meditation were great. Marija is an amazing person. The location is so breathtaking. The food was amazing. I also liked the activities very much.


from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Amazing experience- highly recommend!"

An amazing location, a wonderful teacher and a great group to experience this retreat with. Marija is a beautiful soul whose attentiveness, care and guidance made sure we felt comfortable and well looked after.

The day trips to the monastery, cave and all the hikes were fantastic. I LOVED standing under the waterfall.

For the price, this retreat was such great value.

Looking forward to participating in some more!

Lawra Saks

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Amazing Retreat!"

Marija was such a lovely host, really took the time to look after us and ensure that we were doing things right and having a good time. I have learned so much from Marija in the short time i have known her, one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met.

Jordan Steer

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Serbian yoga retreat"

The location was absolutely stunning, everyone in the group was lovely, the activities were great, everything felt very organised and well planned. It was a wonderful holiday.

Andrius Satas

from Lithuania, July 2018

"A relaxing week with myself in mind"

I liked the sense of community in a small and diverse group of people who came open minded.

It was combined with the chill atmosphere and an emphasis on not overdoing it and never pushing yourself beyond limit.

I also enjoyed a week without being interupted by technologies, like being on my phone most of the time, and instead spending time hiking in nature and actively thinking about myself.

All with a guidance of an experienced yoga teacher who was also a ton of fun to be around with.

Diane Dicosola

from Italy, June 2018

Th food, the hiking, swimming, and of course the yoga

Joanne Holland

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Great experience"

The place.

The instructor.

The food.

The other guests.

Anna Chew

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Fun yoga and meditation in a beautiful setting"

Maria the instructor is very welcoming, approachable, friendly, cannot fault.

The hostel is relaxed, with a modern chilled decor and beautiful setting in the hills of stari bar, next to a gushing River and olive trees.

The chef was fab, lovely varied vegetarian soups and Serbian / traditional Montenegrian food.

Mei Ling Huang

from Australia, October 2017

"Nepali Yogi Retreat "

1. The environment

2. The people

3. The weather

4. The teacher

5. The program

6. The food

7. The relationship


from United States, August 2017

"Strongly Recommended!"

Marija is a great person and teacher - the yoga was about the right pace and the meditation which was a newer element for me was v well conducted.

Ena and Venesa were tremendous. Milos produced excellent natural meals every time - and gave me a sandwich for my trip back to Belgrade! Was concerned - as am mostly a fish consumer (am 1/2 walrus!) - food situation might be a bit...well...militant vegan or vege - but the vegetarian meals were without exception top class.

The star of the show are your surrounds in SW Serbia - pictures and words would not do it justice. Spectacular.

You will be doing your practice at a number of different, unique locations - on a plain with a view of 3 countries - or in a clearing up in the mountains with a babbling brook as your soundtrack - or most impressively in front of world-class waterfall.

Activities were great - a lot of hiking and exploring the nature of the area.

Everything is simple and rustic - perfect to remove yourself from high-speed hustle and 'modern' life.

I very strongly recommend this trip.

There was plenty of physical and metaphysical space for reflection and meditation - but also time for a great laugh with others too - but that depends on how many buttocks you wish to clench!

Was very fortunate to have a great group of people from around the world to do this course with - which undoubtedly helps any course like this - hopefully you will be lucky enough to spend a week with a bunch of Savage Carrots too!

Rachel Lambert

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Stunning location to practice yoga"

To practice yoga outside to the sound of waterfall and view of mountains was amazing experience. Lots of walking in beautiful surroundings too. Marija was a great host and milos cooked amazing meals.


from Finland, August 2017

Marija is a great teacher and a person. I loved her calm, focused and fun way of teaching. She took very good care of everyone. The place was stunning and food was excellent. Accommodation is simple - beds arent that comfortable. I recommend this retreat highly, especially if you are into hiking.

Alexandra Dourver

from France, August 2019

"Séjour exceptionnel"

Le séjour correspond parfaitement à tout ce qui est écrit dans la description (à lire, donc!) Le lieu est un enchantement, la nourriture un délice, les cours de yoga de Marija sont excellents et permettent une véritable progression sur la semaine. J'ai également adoré les activités (nager dans la rivière, les framboises à foison, l'accordéon!) et la Serbie également, très beau pays que le stage permet de découvrir d'une autre façon. J'aimerais repartir dès demain avec Marija, les yeux fermés et le coeur ouvert! Merci pour tout Marija, Merci pour tout Serbia <3

Magali De Vinck

from Belgium, August 2019

"Such a great stay! "

The yoga and activities, the group which is chill, the quality of the courses, the relaxing moments. I could rest and be with really nice persons.

- The yoga courses were really good: the level was for beginners, but you could make it hard! We had different levels of practicers, beginners and above; everybody could find his way.

- The meditation was fantastic!

Marija does a great job. You may trust her!


from Germany, July 2019

"Everything great, just some suggestions.."

Loved the place, the teacher and the food. I will definately book a retreat with this teacher again!

Juliette Bubu

from France, May 2019

"Amazing setting, great food and people ! "

I liked all of it: the hikings, the classes, the meditation and especially the setting and the warm house. It was lovely to meet people from all around the world. I would love to attend another session with Marija. Take care :)))

Annika Briese

from United States, May 2019

"One great break"

Not only is the location stunning, but Marija was so well organized from the very first communication to the last goodbye. She took care of everything, was always on top and a perfect host!

The food was amazing with not the slightest possibility of going hungry.

The showers were hot and steamy, just what you need after a long day.

The yoga classes were just as expected.

The in-between program was well thought thru and never boring.


from France, November 2018

la situation géographique à l’écart du tumulte.

Les repas excellents

L’approche et la philosophie de la professeur de yoga.

Franziska Spitzer

from Germany, September 2018

It was an amazing yoga-week in Georgia! The yoga retreat took place in the little beautiful village Latali near Mestia. The location is perfect. ..quiet, beautiful mountain scenery and the view from the Yoga dome is stunning. The hotel was also very nice and the food was just amazing.

Marija is a very inspiring yoga teacher. In every yoga class she offers you new ideas and you can see and feel, that she loves teaching Yoga. And the classes are a perfect mixture between Yoga and meditation.

Furthermore the horseriding, the hikes and the daytrip to Ushguli were so much fun.

I enjoyed these days with all the wonderful people so much and i'm very grateful for it. :)

Marjorie Freu

from France, July 2018

"The perfect get away"

Everything was amazing! Marija is great person, a good professor, really flexible and fun. She proposed us to integrate some Taï-chi movements into our yoga classes, and we all agreed to it. I loved her meditations... The place was astonish and just in the heart of a beautiful nature. The food (specially the breakfast) was sooooo good and fresh. The host was nice, and I loved the group. I'm sure going to do an other retreat with her. Don't hesitate, just offer to yourself this beautiful gift! Book it!

Carolin Sedlak

from Germany, May 2018

"Perfect relaxing trip"

Stunning Location, very good vegetarian food from Milosh the cook. Extraordinary comfortable beds, even in the dorms.Nice teacher Mariija.

Floor Smit

from Netherlands, November 2017

"Begnas is paradise"

I liked that the group was small, the walks were amazing. We didn t see other tourists. The yoga is playfull, gentle and i learned a lot. Marija is a joy to be with!

Bénédicte Bimoko

from France, August 2017

"Amazing !!!"

The location was just magic and the yoga course really deep