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My Yogic Adventure

My Yogic Adventure offers meditation and yoga retreats in various unexplored and beautiful places. They combine hiking, kayaking, local culture, and history.

Instructors 1

Marija Drezgic

Marija teaches Hatha yoga, infused with some elements of Vinyasa Flow and free movement exploration, with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, and focus. Her aim is to help students get a better understanding of their bodies and movements so that they can work together on developing their safe and sustainable personal practice. Meditation is an essential part of her classes. For her, to touch the essence of asana practice is to move mindfully, to develop body awareness and learn how to listen to our bodies with kindness and understanding.

Reviews 12

Anna Chew

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Fun yoga and meditation in a beautiful setting"

Maria the instructor is very welcoming, approachable, friendly, cannot fault.

The hostel is relaxed, with a modern chilled decor and beautiful setting in the hills of stari bar, next to a gushing River and olive trees.

The chef was fab, lovely varied vegetarian soups and Serbian / traditional Montenegrian food.

Mei Ling Huang

from Australia, October 2017

"Nepali Yogi Retreat "

1. The environment

2. The people

3. The weather

4. The teacher

5. The program

6. The food

7. The relationship


from United States, August 2017

"Strongly Recommended!"

Marija is a great person and teacher - the yoga was about the right pace and the meditation which was a newer element for me was v well conducted.

Ena and Venesa were tremendous. Milos produced excellent natural meals every time - and gave me a sandwich for my trip back to Belgrade! Was concerned - as am mostly a fish consumer (am 1/2 walrus!) - food situation might be a bit...well...militant vegan or vege - but the vegetarian meals were without exception top class.

The star of the show are your surrounds in SW Serbia - pictures and words would not do it justice. Spectacular.

You will be doing your practice at a number of different, unique locations - on a plain with a view of 3 countries - or in a clearing up in the mountains with a babbling brook as your soundtrack - or most impressively in front of world-class waterfall.

Activities were great - a lot of hiking and exploring the nature of the area.

Everything is simple and rustic - perfect to remove yourself from high-speed hustle and 'modern' life.

I very strongly recommend this trip.

There was plenty of physical and metaphysical space for reflection and meditation - but also time for a great laugh with others too - but that depends on how many buttocks you wish to clench!

Was very fortunate to have a great group of people from around the world to do this course with - which undoubtedly helps any course like this - hopefully you will be lucky enough to spend a week with a bunch of Savage Carrots too!

Rachel Lambert

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Stunning location to practice yoga"

To practice yoga outside to the sound of waterfall and view of mountains was amazing experience. Lots of walking in beautiful surroundings too. Marija was a great host and milos cooked amazing meals.


from Finland, August 2017

Marija is a great teacher and a person. I loved her calm, focused and fun way of teaching. She took very good care of everyone. The place was stunning and food was excellent. Accommodation is simple - beds arent that comfortable. I recommend this retreat highly, especially if you are into hiking.

Frances Rayner

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Everything I hoped for and more"

Marija was a brilliant teacher and a wonderful funny host. The location was spectacular.

Carolin Sedlak

from Germany, May 2018

"Perfect relaxing trip"

Stunning Location, very good vegetarian food from Milosh the cook. Extraordinary comfortable beds, even in the dorms.Nice teacher Mariija.

Flora Smit

from Netherlands, November 2017

"Begnas is paradise"

I liked that the group was small, the walks were amazing. We didn t see other tourists. The yoga is playfull, gentle and i learned a lot. Marija is a joy to be with!

Bénédicte Bimoko

from France, August 2017

"Amazing !!!"

The location was just magic and the yoga course really deep

Testimonials 5

Alice Chacha

My Yogic Adventure Facebook page

The Top of the world retreat was exactly what I needed.

I spent a wonderful time enjoying the classes of Marija in the stunning and untouched environment of Begnas lake. I woke up every morning doing yoga while looking at the Himalayas, ate delicious food, discovered and walked on the hills around the lake and finished the day with another yoga class.

I enjoyed a lot the company of the group I was with, but I especially appreciated the way that Marija took care of us.

She is a devoted teacher, not afraid to adapt her classes to her students, and paying attention to every little detail, making sure that we are all having a good time.

And for me, this was a wonderful time, I felt like renewed when I left the retreat.

Thank you Marija!

Kathy O Regan

My Yogic Adventure Facebook page

I had my first ever yoga retreat in Serbia in August and I had the best experience ever! I loved every minute of it! The location was amazing, the mix of yoga, meditation, walks, good food, and the people made my first yoga retreat a week I will never forget! I will hopefully book another retreat with My Yogic Adventure for 2017!

Nesa Phanes

My Yogic Adventure Facebook page

This retreat was beautiful. From being welcomed and warmly cared for, from Marija and owners of the accommodation, too. The retreat was located in Tara Mountain surrounded by amazing nature. Morning and evening yoga and meditation practice were for the whole group of different conditions and levels. Marija is very committed, calm, and great teacher with the knowledge to the smallest details. Between yoga classes every day, we had a new adventure in forests around us, taking more or less beaten trails to get to some spectacular spots and views. I left very gratefully, with new experiences and friends. I hope to attend more of yogic adventures in future.

Ljiljana Škrobot

My Yogic Adventure Facebook page

Although this has been my first yoga retreat ever, it was the best! The best thing I could have done for myself really. Maria is an amazing teacher, full of knowledge, so pleasant to listen to and talk to. I have learned so much in just one week and profounded my knowledge about yoga, spirituality, meditation, and much more. My body felt great, my mind even better. Also, I would like to praise Maria's great organizational skills, good communication, and the choice of extra daily activities (hiking, lake trip, boat ride, and other adventures. Thank you for everything! P.S. I already scheduled my next retreat.

Marjan Skrobot

My Yogic Adventure Facebook page

An amazing experience with a great teacher, lovely location and very nice people. I especially appreciate Marija helping me out during classes with the specific advice, needed due to my very low flexibility. I would highly recommend it to everyone and will do it again for sure!

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