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  • Jay Cross


    Well first of all congratulations on a wonderful event. In the beginning I had some doubts it was gonna be as fun as last year's, first I was hesitant to apply cos I was waiting for Suchen to confirm his participation but then Mrs Yasho asked me if I was coming and I couldn't turn her down. #Respect. My second problem was the venue at first I thought it too big, people kept getting lost. Pullman was my first event I liked how intimate it was, you only had to open the next door to see what was going on in the next class. This was a bit of a walk from hotel maya to tar hall even from one class to the next. As usual I took part in some classes, I don't know but it seemed like the classes went up a notch this year. Loads of fun and physically challenging classes. And the glofest?Wow! that was a beautiful idea. I totally enjoyed it. You guys did an amazing job with choosing the volunteers, the relationships formed are more lasting and this bunch seemed to mix better than the team last year. You have Yasho, Mustafa, Moe, Diya, Yazmin and azura to thank for that. The community pavilion was a nice touch it worked well for matic and murfest. It made easier for random folks to walk in and see what matic and Murfest are about. I had more fun than I did last year, amazing memories to last me a lifetime! From rumba, to glofest, to the drum circle, to the hop bus. It was all amazing! If I'm here come next year I will be the first volunteer to apply. Keep up the good work!

  • Jane Malaysia

    Yelp website

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to enjoy this yoga retreat! I've actually heard of Murfest during the event last year. But I never got the chance to know more about it till this year. I was really excited and I got my bff to enjoy with me. The sad part is I had the work for the 1st 2 days so I only went on Sunday. We choose to try aerial yoga, which some of you may know is as fly yoga. It's so colorful with neon colored hammocks hanging on the truss. Each of us will be doing yoga postures with the hammocks. It's really hard as it uses a lot of your core muscles but it's really fun at the same time! Some poses it's like sitting on a swing, relaxing and flying! Next I choose to go for Aqua yoga which is yoga in the pool. It's really awesome and really fun. It's easier to balance in the water and we got to learn some really cool poses and had fun moving around with others. It's sad thing wasn't stated raining half way of the class, and we had to cancel. After changing we went walking around, the is some pretty awesome vendors selling really pretty yoga outfits, there is hammocks from d jungle magic too! We had a good head, shoulder massage and a 20-minute foot reflexology before we left for dinner. I regretted for not going all 3 days. I would have learn much more and knew more friends. I would love to join next year! Thank you yelp and thank you murfest!

  • Maggie Malaysia

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    Enjoying practically everything here. From yoga classes to yoga goodies. So much fun!!! If you're here make sure you don't miss out the body fly yoga and also the acro yoga session. Oh yes plenty of yoga goodies up on great discounts!

  • Natasha Malaysia

    Yelp website

    Love the vibe from the class. One should have been to the awaken your chakra connection class. It was sensational, the aura. Come and experience different classes. Can't wait to try an unusual class called Cowabunga Chaturanga by Atilia Haron on Saturday. Urbanite concert tonight.

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