Mullum Sari

New South Wales, Australia

Mullum Sari offers world class medi spa and holistic gym. Stay with us, heal, revitalize, and relax at our luxury and tranquil resort style accommodation.

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  • Traveler Australia

    Trip Advisor website

    The therapists are very experienced, helpful and caring in their treatments. The day was spent fasting on beautifully prepared vegetable juice and broth in the evening. The infra red sauna was my favourite treatment but the colonic which I feared was quite amazing. If you are looking for somewhere to seriously address your health, this is the place. Early morning yoga classes were the icing on the cake

  • Janice Avison Australia

    Trip Advisor website

    I paid for 7 day detox package including accommodation. The package was the 'luxury' package. The entire package was full of holes, inexperienced and unqualified staff, 4 hour itinerary on the weekends, equipment not working, gym closed all together, and the list goes on. This place is good for a 'day visit'. The staff are very friendly but not qualified. When you pay top dollar for a package and the package has holes, its disappointing. When asked about refunds, there was a total denial or no response at all.

    Be very very aware when booking here. Their prices are comparable with Gaia and Winganna but the program is not comparable at all. This program I bought was a joke to say the least.

  • Alannah

    Mullum Sari website

    Very nice fitness center for such a little town. I went there for a yoga workshop but took a stroll around to check out the other facilities. They had new equipment and the place never seems to be overly crowded. The staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable.

  • Nikhil

    Mullum Sari website

    I feel relaxed after coming from Mullum Sari Healing Week. No work tension, just relax there. There, the training staff are awesome, trained and helpful!

  • Arburnow

    Mullum Sari website

    I have just come back from 6 days at Mullum Sari and feel better than I have in a very long time! I have been waking up before my alarm with much more energy than I usually have at that time in the morning, my skin is clear, hair is glossy and the dark circles under my eyes are almost gone. I have a really stressful job and this really is the best present I could have possibly given myself.Although during my stay weight loss became less important to me (as I actually starting to care more about looking after my overall health), when I was researching which retreat to go on it was something I was interested to know so for those of you out there like me I lost 4kg and feel great.Obviously as you're doing a juice fast you have to be careful about your post-detox nutrition to ensure that you don't overwhelm your body and undo all of your hard work but the team are really knowledgable about how to manage this.

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