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Mudita Institute

At the Mudita Institute, based in Byron Bay, we make yoga and the ancient eastern sciences of Mindfulness and Ayurvedic Medicine more accessible to everyone.

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Mudita Institute website

This retreat was life changing for me, an inspiration beyond words. It was such an amazing combination uniting the mindfulness of Buddhism with the practical lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda, while being cared for by a truly beautiful and inspiring team of people. Soul enriching food, luscious massages, energizing and relaxing yoga, time to rest in my cozy bed, soak in a warm bath or swim in the pool... All of this surrounded by incredible nature, which brings with it the deep peace and serenity my heart yearns for. With so much gratitude and love.

Carole Lydon Adelaide

Mudita Institute Website

I've skirted around the edges of Ayurveda for years and I was a complete newbie to Buddhism, yet this retreat offered me everything I needed. A supportive place to take on new information. New ways of thinking. New ways of cooking. New ways of doing. New ways to create space in my mind. And a chance to slow down and breathe in the beautiful surroundings. The Mudita team is practical and caring, they offered solutions I can take back to my busy urban life. To learn about warmth, patience and precision in a program carefully put together with warmth, patience, precision and generosity is rewarding and life changing. Thanks Mudita team!


Mudita Institute Website

I can’t express in words how significant the retreat was for me. Thank you all for helping me to tap into my inner strengths again.


Mudita Institute Website

Thank you for a wonderful life-changing experience - always remembered... love love love.


Mudita Institute Website

Amazing. Brilliant. Life-changing. Thank you for this brilliant journey. I am truly humbled."

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