Move Well Within

Islas Baleares , Spain

You will find Saskia Griffiths at Zunray's beautiful modern yoga studio in central Palma, Mallorca. She also teaches yoga retreats in unique locations.

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  • Francesca

    Saskia Griffiths

    It was really magicthe island is for me the direct way to happiness ...forgetting the" hard "things of life! Im so happy to have met a radiant, happy, kind, funny and sweet soul.I was just following my intuition to choose your retreat and im so grateful for that.For sure the retreat is gone over my expectations. The organization was perfect, the people of the group really nice and open heart, your team ( Pat Alex and You) a strong help and the es calo atmosphere familiar and pleasant. I loved also the detox idea. I feel so good now and im still trying to do the same but here its really an hard work!

  • Ramona

    Saskia Griffiths

    Thank Saskia <3, thank you all for making my soul richer than before.

  • Es Calo Spain

    Saskia Griffiths Facebook page

    Award winning family run, incredible food, best paella, mouth-watering fish, wonderful atmosphere, location is heaven on earth, fantastic welcoming friendly faces.

  • Lynne Charlton Cardiff

    Saskia Griffiths website

    I am really grateful for all the help from Saskia Griffiths over the last weeks to overcome migraine and sleep problems. The yoga therapy is fantastic, I am already seeing results! The integration of all learning has combined to create a very special and unique form of treatment. Having searched for over 25 years for help to overcome migraine I can only express my deepest gratitude to Saskia. What's more, she is a gorgeous, warm hearted and powerful young woman with so much to share.

  • Laura Cubie Mallorca

    Saskia Griffiths website

    I have been going to Saskia for private practice for 1 year now, and I find myself constantly inspired by her teachings. Saskia combines body and mind beautifully, adapting practice to ones needs and always brings positive energy to share with her students. Saskia continuously opens the doors for learning and improvement practice and understanding, and I feel my own practice has grown a great deal in light of this.

  • Franziska Boshard Switzerland

    Saskia Griffiths website

    If I could, I would come back immediately. You impressed me by your large knowledge about different yoga styles and techniques. The most impressive was probably the pranayama we did in the morning session. You prepared every lesson so well for us and were so consistent and conceptional. The days were perfectly framed. Thank you very much for sharing your food knowledge with us. I appreciated also the noble silence in the mornings and the peace it brought.

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