Welcome to BeYond Retreats in the healing locations of Tuscany, Italy and Goa, India. We are calling the seekers, the curious, and the ones who wonder, what if!

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4 Days Luxury Private Spiritual Couple Retreat at Soulful Goa Beach, India

Feb | Mar | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2020–2021
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    Tanya Aprile

    Michael Aprile

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    Sanaz Daneshfar

    from United States, August 2019

    "An Amazing Back- to- Self Journey Retreat by Tanya & Michael"

    I loved the unexpected, unknown, and the adventurous part of this retreat. I also loved the peace, quite, and love that I felt every moment of my stay and classes with Tanya and Michael. Universe sent me there and I am so grateful I experienced what I did. I was able to let go of so much over-due pain and opened up my heart in the new chapter of my life. I also loved the yoga sessions with Tanya and water movements with Michael. They are just amazing spiritual teachers that just like "you" and "I". They also were so much fun. I was able to finally do my head stand that I have been trying to do in the past year. Amazing hotel, delicious food, great service and the best of it all is the Thermal Spring Water pool that heals all your pains and aches. I highly recommend this retreat with Tanya and Michael and this hotel.


    from Norway, August 2019

    "A strongly recommended life changing retreat! "

    Thank you Tanya and Michael for this amazing and unforgettable 4 days Luxury Spiritual Eat, Pray & Love retreat. I am so greatful to everything you did for me. You have both an unique personality which makes this retreat so special and wonderful. I loved all classes, but especially the spiritual yoga and meditation in the sun by the pool with T. She has a beautiful and calm voice. She learned me how to embrace the fear with love and gave me tools in how to send my inner prayers to the universe for them to be solved. I also found the Clairvoyance therapy with T and the Reiki with M life changing. Both T and M are passioned about this retreat and I felt they had a personal desire to see me grow and glow. They understood my inner needs from day 1 and had a plan for me during these 4 days which they succeeded very well with. I felt I was filled up with lots of hope and love, personal strength and a clear path going forward. The hotel with the healing water, the small village Bagno Vignoni gave a beautiful, calm and a safe atmosphere in order for me to be myself and to open up. I will also thank T and M to include me and to show me their beautiful Toscany world. I loved it all and I will strongly recommend this retreat to all people who need inner peace, who want to find their purpose in life and the right path. The local food and the local wine were fantastic, tasty and very fresh. M’s diet/health class was inspiriing. His family looked incredible healthy. Miss you all!!!


    from Spain, July 2019

    "A Life Changing Spiritual experience!"

    We felt nurtured and spoilt as individuals. As a couple we loved sharing every minute together in this beautiful place and reconnected physically, mentally and spiritually with each other as a result. The luxury and calmness of Hotel Parco Mancinni and their magical thermal hot springs is a perfect setting for healing, relaxation and change. Bagno Vignoni is such a cute place too to explore and enjoy local life. We ate well, slept well and had just the right amount of scheduled activities provided by Tanya and Michael to add value to our day. The morning meditation and yoga was amazing and Tanya customised it to our needs and morning preferences - sometimes in the water, sometimes in the garden. The individual float session with Michael is out of this world and the reiki session was therapeutic. Both Tanya and Michael create an immediate "safe place" where we could be honest, relax and be ourselves. The program was totally customised to what we wanted, which we also tweeked on the day of arrival and throughout our time there. We did 4 days 3 nights. They were flexible and focussed, and opened our eyes to our spiritual selves and potential. Tanya and Michael have given us the tools we can use for the rest of our lives. We can now build on this connection we have rediscovered within each other and the universe. Thank you so much Tanya & Michael! We highly recommend you and this experience. It is not just a yoga/meditation/health retreat.... It is a spiritual awakening!

    Valentina Swierczynski

    from Canada, January 2019

    "Beautiful experience"

    Tanya and Michael have so much love and healing power to give! They sepnd more time and gave us more then what we were expecting. My sister and I had their undivided and personal attention. They guided us through our emotional journey with love and deep care. I doesn't hurt that it was in the beautiful beach of Goa with tranquil view of sunset in the evening and calming sound of waves in the morning!

    Thank you so much for all the love and guidance!

    Daniela Deiosso

    from Great Britain, October 2018

    "Happiness "

    Tanya and Michael are beautiful, humble, authentic human beings who have a real purpose in life.

    The experience was life changing.

    Cristina Hanabergh

    from Italy, August 2018

    "Wonderful, Relaxing and Enligthening Experience"

    Bagno Vignoni the perfect place to be able to find some quiet and relaxing moments surrounded by the beauty and history of Tuscany. I am very greatful for the 4 days Yoga retreat with Tanya and Michael that were a very special experience at this moment of life. I arrived feeling very stressed and tired and after the days spent with Tanya and Michael I found a new peace and relaxation that I had not had for a very long time. I thank Tanya for her incredible energy, for her constant love, for hewr wisdom and for her support in this path to learn more about meditation and Yoga. Tanya and Michael thank you for this life changing experience.


    from Italy, August 2018

    "Review for the center for higher knowledge"

    The village and the hotel were very nice

    Tina Sharma

    from United States, August 2018

    "Thank you :-) "

    Thank you for an amazing experience in Posta Marucci, Bagno Vignoni.

    My Sister, Mother and I have fallen in love with this medieval village. More importantly we have found the yoga & the therapies to be spiritual, authentic and of outstanding quality. Tanya & Michael are great teachers, fun to be with and are very knowledgable.

    We have genuinely enjoyed spending our week with them.

    The three of us have left Bagno Vignoni feeling energised, inspired & with improved mental clarity.

    Thank you for this beautiful life-changing experience. We will most definitely be returning. :-)

    Regina Galhardi

    from France, July 2018

    "Thank you"

    I liked very much the location and hotel facilities. The instructors’ kindness and availability to adapt the practices according to my needs were most appreciated. Their attention throughout the days I spent there was crucial to make those days magical.

    Frankie Cansler

    from Rwanda, December 2017

    "Fabulous stay "

    Working with Michael and Tanya was a great experience. They are very caring and willing to work with and around my wishes and expectations. This was a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience for me. I would highly recommend them.both and this retreat.

    Mona Blake

    from Ireland, September 2017

    "Beginners Retreat "

    Loved the personalised nature of the retreat. Small groups makes it easy to get to know people and easier when learning something new. Tanya and Michael have great personalities warm, kind, good humoured and very knowledgeable. All activities were very enjoyable. Most enjoyable was the yoga, flotation and reiki sessions. The thermal pool in the hotel was fabulous and the small village had delicious restaurants and warm people in all the little shops. A definite to return to.


    from Romania, August 2017


    The location was spectacular and calming and soothing, much like the daily schedule and the services offered by Tanya and Michael.

    Johanna Williams

    from Great Britain, July 2017

    "Perfect retreat "

    From my first enquiry until leaving the retreat, everything was perfect.

    Tanya and Michael are very caring and want what is best for all the group.

    Have the most wonderful time, with lovely people.. feeling blessed

    Almut Und Benjamin Eberhard

    from Germany, June 2019

    Eine wunderbare spirituelle Erfahrung in sehr besonderer schöner Landschaft

    Xiaoqun Clever

    from Switzerland, April 2018

    "Eine inspirierende und aufbauende Reise zu sich selbst "

    Eine ganzheitliche Behandlung und Coaching mit individuellen Unterricht, Wissensvermittlung, praktischer Übungen und Anleitungen für zu Hause. Yoga kombiniert mit Meditation, Ernährungskurs, Reiki Behandlung, Destress Wasserkurs, eine Wohltun für den Körper und die Seele, sehr zu empfehlen, um Energie aufzutanken, den Weg zu sich selbst zu finden, und auch einfach zu relaxen.

    Joakim Buttigli

    from Switzerland, September 2017

    "5 Day Retreat"

    Great programm, stunning landscape, amazing food, very nice hotel and spa


    from Switzerland,

    Tired, stressed and in need of some serious time out, I booked a 4-day retreat in Tuscany to get away from it all. What an experience! From the wonderful setting of Bagno Vignoni, with its ancient thermal springs, to the one on one guidance and instruction, to the breath-taking scenery – it was an experience of a lifetime. Days were spent on 1:1 tuition, hiking in the hills of Tuscany, soaking in the thermal spa and reflecting on life. The guidance from Tanya and Michael was superb - encompassing yoga, meditation, reiki healing, clairvoyant healing session as well as a spot of life coaching thrown in – they intuitively knew what I needed and provided it in abundance. Bagno Vignoni is a very special place, made even more special by the wonderful presence of Tanya and Michael. I returned home, rested, inspired and filled with a renewed sense of purpose and love of life. Thank you, Tanya, and Michael for this life changing experience.


    from Denmark,

    Go to Bagno Vingoni and meet Tanya and Michael and you will never be the same again <3 The city is magical and alluring, "slow city" -really and you get the most fantasitc local sheep cheese and olievenolie. Here is simply the warmest, life-giving natural water I have ever experienced. T & M are the perfect guides to provide insight physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You have optimized your self-awareness, self-management and hence quality of life.