On this yoga retreat, you'll love learning to redesign your life, become the person you want to be, not who others expect you to be. Make your dreams come true.

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Alison Brawley United States

Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat website

As a 17-year-old that has embarked on this journey, I am utterly delighted to have completed this 3-day retreat with Diana. Through the life coaching, Diana has made me excited for the future, and has helped me realized that I have the answers to my concerns, and she has helped me find and unlock those answers.

Diana is very relatable. She has many stones and life experiences that she openly shares with her clients, making them feel comfortable and content during their stay.

I am thrilled to have worked with Diana, and now that so many others will benefit from the determined, loving, hardworking person that she is.