Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat

On this yoga retreat, you'll love learning to redesign your life, become the person you want to be, not who others expect you to be. Make your dreams come true.

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Diana Craddock

Through Diana's wealth of life experiences, her years, and her studies and training, she is able to intuitively program coaching sessions, yoga, both of these including mindfulness techniques, and Reiki healing energy, to empower you to see your way from where you are now and to empower you to break free of the stress which is choking your potential, creativity, and progress, be it in your private life, personal affairs or business life. You will feel strong and confidently attain your goals using your tailor made workable action plans that Diana will help you to create.

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Alison Brawley United States

Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat website

As a 17-year-old that has embarked on this journey, I am utterly delighted to have completed this 3-day retreat with Diana. Through the life coaching, Diana has made me excited for the future, and has helped me realized that I have the answers to my concerns, and she has helped me find and unlock those answers.

Diana is very relatable. She has many stones and life experiences that she openly shares with her clients, making them feel comfortable and content during their stay.

I am thrilled to have worked with Diana, and now that so many others will benefit from the determined, loving, hardworking person that she is.

Duncan Harte Canada

Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat website

In my session with Diana, I felt really heard, witnessed and supported in a special way. She listens well and asks care-full questions which help you find your own answers. Wise from life experience, she is also not afraid to speak truth and has a delightful sense of humour! I would definitely go back and can confidently recommend Diana to others...

Claudette Marron Nova Scotia

Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat website

If you are ever fortunate enough to take a class from Diana Craddock, you will experience a time shared with a teacher who loves her work and her fellow man. Diana gets to know her students and takes the time to assess their personal needs. She brings a sense of home and belonging to her practice. You will always feel honored and cared for in her presence. Diana shares her knowledge of the asanas being practiced as well as the truer and deeper meaning of yoga. She will walk you through breathing and mindfulness and continue through a well developed sequence of asanas that are carefully planned and executed. Diana adds her own style that comes from her inner wisdom. She practices the true nature of yoga focusing on the asanas and pranayama sharing this with community. She is a presence you will find unique, strong and kind.

Jill Dovale United States

Mountain View Studio Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga Retreat website

Di exudes authenticity, zest for life, and deep compassion borne from the depth and breadth of her own experience. She is an intuitive listener; skilled at cutting to the heart of the matter; and excels at creating a loving and safe space in which to explore, discover, and commit to new possibilities. Di is a wonderful collaborator, guide, and coach for any traveler on a journey of transformation.

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